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Handmade Cards

Updated on April 20, 2016

Hand Crafted Cards

I love making cards. I've been making cards for many many years now. There is nothing I like better than settling down and watching movies and working on little projects. Here I will Highlight some of the cards I've been creating. Maybe it will give you some ideas for your own creations.

Many of the cards I make I give away, but I've just started selling some of of my hand-painted ones. Each one is an original piece.

I'm just putting this page together, so I will get some of my other creations on here soon.

New Images To Show

Well, I've got to tell you that I'm so excited about some of the new images that I'm putting together that are so great for beautiful cards. So many fun things to try, how do I choose.

This new style features inks that I've been moving together. The exploration of what happens when the colors move together are so very exciting. It's taken me in a complete new direction.

Hand Painted Visions

I LOVE making these cards. Before I became a serious artist and working with proper materials, I would do paintings on any kind of paper. I could not sell these pieces as artwork, so I took a leap and cut them all up. They have created all these little painterly visions that I have worked back into with my newest tools and techniques.

Each card ends up being an original piece, and I sell these cards.

$12.00 each

4" x 6" and comes in a plastic sleeve with it's own envelope.

My Christmas Cards

Christmas cards for artists don't always have to depict Christmas. I've created these smaller versions of my cards for sale and created individual ones to send off to friends and family. Each one is again an original. I came up with a tri-fold format and painted a greeting in each one.

Thread and paper

I came across some old thread and sewing bits. Some were just samples of lace and edging...little bits that are smaller than an inch. Some of these can be used to make interesting cards. I pair them up with bits of paper that I have sitting around. In this instance I used some gold thread wrapped around a piece of paper, and a bit of gold cording.

Small Handpainted

This may have started off with me using up some left over paint, cleaning my brush, or trying out a brush or tool. I work back into these little scraps to create a little painting. They are nicely off-set on card stock that I have embossed a rectangle on. These smaller cards I use for thank you's and other cards.

Using Little Bits

I am working on these new pieces of artwork for an upcoming show. And I have these little portions that have been cropped off the larger works. Small little interesting bits can be put together in unique ways to create a card.

Playing With Paint

Sometimes it's just taking some paint and feeling free about it. Making a mess and not having any limitations. It's great to teach kids these kind of lessons, to just have fun and do whatever. Maybe the bigger picture ends up being a bit of a mess, but when you crop it up they can just be fun, and don't need any further manipulation.

The First Painted Cards

Taking a larger painting and cutting it into pieces to assemble on a card can be a great way to add extra emphasis and interest to the work.

I do enjoy comments, so leave me one if you've been by for a visit.


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