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Hat and Cowl Patterns

Updated on June 2, 2011

Unique Hat and Cowl Patterns

Hats and cowls are quick to crochet or knit and they're also something that you can't have enough of! The hat and cowl patterns here are beautiful, unique, and perfect for gift-giving!

Lens Updated: 3/19/11

Deer with little antlers hat.
Deer with little antlers hat.

Deer with Little Antlers Hat- Knit Pattern

designed by tiny owl knits

From tiny owl knits:

Are you tired of trying to grow antlers with no luck?

then this little hat is for you!

Its perfect to wear when

hanging out with your

animal friends in the woods.

you will blend in like a charm!

Deer with Little Antlers Hat Pattern- $5.50

Lunacy Hat
Lunacy Hat

Lunacy- Knit Pattern

designed by Jennifer Mienko

Lunacy is based on a crossed slipped stitch pattern and is quite stretchy. The stretchiness makes this fairly forgiving, so sizing and gauge are fairly flexible. The decreases are done such that they are very nearly invisible.

This hat is a perfect lightweight yet warm beanie style hat for the fall and temperate winter days we have in Western Washington. It's just enough to cover little ears, keep the Washington drizzle off little noodles and, of course, look cute.

Free Lunacy Hat Pattern

This pattern requires a Ravelry account to view.

Chapeau Marnier Hat
Chapeau Marnier Hat

Chapeau Marnier Hat- Knit Pattern

designed by Marnie MacLean

From Marnie MacLean:

The cloches of the 1920s have always held a fascination for me and I think they adapt really well to knitting, with their tight fit and minimal or non-existent brim.

This cute little hat is really just a glorified beanie with a fun lace brim and a soft silk ribbon bow. Its knit with fingering weight yarn and meant to be worn when theres just a little chill in the air.

Free Chapeau Marnier Hat Pattern

Radial Heat Cowl
Radial Heat Cowl

Radial Heat Cowl- Knit Pattern

designed by Carol Young

From Carol Young:

This is a one-piece grafted (or seamed) construction that's knitted flat lengthwise. The sideways rib makes it wonderfully stretchy and adds some cushiness.

You can wear this cowl pulled up over your head as pictured, bunched up around your neck, or fold in half lengthwise for a double-thick radial ring of warmth. Pull up the front to protect your lower face from that cold wind!

Free Radial Heat Cowl

This pattern requires a Ravelry account for you to view it.

Cupcake Kitten Hat
Cupcake Kitten Hat

Cupcake Kitten Hat- Knitting Pattern

designed by tiny owl knits

From tiny owl knits:

a little cupcake kitten hat is the perfect thing

to wear when having tea & cakes.

and cakes..

and cakes..

and cakes..

chart included for 2 flavors:

strawberry & chocolate ♥

I got inspiration for the fabric from a little victorian puppet i found at

an antique fair. ooooh little roses and stripes :)

Cupcake Kitten Hat Pattern- $5.50

Belle Cloche
Belle Cloche

Belle Cloche- Crochet Pattern

designed by Rhonda "TurquoizBlue" Davis

From Rhonda "TurquoizBlue" Davis:

One hat, multiple looks. This asymmetrical cloche is worked in the round in single crochet. The increased length on one side is created by adding half-double crochet. Two columns of eyelets grace one side through which either the self-tie or purchased ribbon can be threaded, or wear the hat without any embellishment as a simple cloche. Weave the self-tie vertically through the eyelets, draw up the self-tie and make a bow to create "pillbox" or "turban" looks.

Belle Cloche Pattern- $3.97

Ferris Wheel Cowl/Crown
Ferris Wheel Cowl/Crown

Ferris Wheel Cowl/Crown- Crochet Pattern

designed by Akua Lezli Hope

From Akua Lezli Hope:

Lighweight neck décor, great season spanner.

For the cool nights that follow hot days at the State Fair, a layer that you can carry in your bag to ward off chills in style.

May be constructed as a scarf (flat)

Directions given for size adjustment

Fast and lovely for gift giving!

Ferris Wheel Cowl/Crown Pattern- $3.00

This pattern requires a Ravelry account for you to view it.

Sock Monkey Hat
Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkey Hat- Knit Pattern

designed by Sheryl Lange

From Sheryl Lange:

Sock monkeys. You either love 'em or hate 'em. I used to be part of the latter group, but a few years ago I had the opportunity to make about two dozen of them for a project. Since then, I've become slightly obsessed with sock monkeys.

Everyone who sees this fast and easy to knit hat, loves it. From children, to college students to older folks. Make one, wear it, and feel the sweet monkey love.

Free Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

Griffith Park
Griffith Park

Griffith Park- Knit Pattern

designed by Meghan Dougherty

From Meghan Dougherty:

Griffith Park uses basic stranded knitting techniques and traditional fair isle motifs to create an elegant and warm hat, suitable for either a man or woman. Size is adjusted by changing needle sizes.

Griffith Park Pattern- $4

This pattern requires a Ravelry account to view.

Farm Tracks Hat
Farm Tracks Hat

Farm Tractor Tracks Hat- Knit Pattern

designed by Melissa Hahn

From Melissa Hahn:

A textured hat to match the free Farm Tractor Tracks Scarf And here is the matching Half fingered, Full fingered, Mittens pattern.

Sizes range from toddler to adult.

Designed for the older boys, but with this many sizes, you can knit it for anybody!! Male or female with the switch of a color.

Farm Tractor Tracks Hat Pattern- $3

You will need a Ravelry account to view this pattern.

Reversible Cable Infinity Scarf or Cowl
Reversible Cable Infinity Scarf or Cowl

Reversible Cables Infinity Scarf or Cowl- Knit Pattern

designed by Sarah Punderson

From Sarah Punderson:

Large cables are featured in this long continuous scarf and shorter cowl.

The longer length makes an infinity scarf with many possibilities. The shorter length makes a cowl that can be worn around your neck or pulled up over your ears. The pattern itself is easy, large cables are knit in ribbing making them reversible and separated by a dropped stitch giving the scarf lots of drape. The tricky part of the scarf is the finishing, the two ends with lives stitches can be grafted together or for an easier finish you can do a three needle bind off.

Reversible Cables Infinity Scarf or Cowl Pattern- $5

Parseltongue Hat
Parseltongue Hat

Parseltongue Hat- Knit Pattern

designed by tiny owl knits

From tiny owl knits:

you know, it can get pretty cold out here at hogwarts!

i totally started speaking to snakes when i knitted this.

not in a creepy voldemort way.. more like in

the harry way. it was awesome.

gosh, snakes are nice.

i sssssssswear! :)

Parseltongue Pattern- $5.50

Blackberry Beret
Blackberry Beret

Blackberry Beret- Crochet Pattern

designed by Linda Permann

From Linda Permann:

After all of the requests for my Raspberry Beret pattern, I thought I'd design another cute lacy, quick-to work beret in worsted weight yarn. This floral beret can be worn in the traditional style or as a slouchy tam. Worked from the top down using basic stitches, the hat begins with floral lace and chain-space shaping that transitions to solid stitches and a simply textured brim. Suggestions are given for easy ways to customize the fit.

Blackberry Beret Pattern- $4

You will need a Ravelry account to view this pattern.

What's your favorite hat pattern?

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    • ScareYouDiva profile image

      ScareYouDiva 6 years ago

      Omigosh I LOVE the deer antler hat. Next on the knitting list. LOL

    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 7 years ago

      Some very nice hat patterns. thank you. this lens has been blessed by this squidoo angel.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Lovely hats I say, some say crowns! ~ Blessed ~

    • KokoTravel profile image

      KokoTravel 7 years ago

      I'd love to make the monkey hat for my grandson, or have someone else make it for me...

    • Kstewart22 profile image

      Kstewart22 7 years ago

      Thanks for listing some cute patterns!

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 7 years ago

      Cute hats!

    • HealthfulMD profile image

      Kirsti A. Dyer 7 years ago from Northern California

      Lots of great patterns. What a great idea to feature the Ravelry patterns. I wonder if there would be a way of eventually developing a module, like they've done with Etsy. I love the deer with antlers and Infinity cowl.