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Heart Printable Coloring Pages

Updated on March 2, 2018

Heart Coloring Designs

Hearts have always been reminiscent of love expressed in a variety of ways. The most obvious of course is between a man and a woman in a committed relationship; but love extends beyond that to the love of a parent for a child; the love of a child for a grandparent; the love of a mother for everyone; and even the love of a favorite pet, among other people and things.

With that in mind, hearts have been used for a long time to express that love in many ways. Sometimes they are used as complementary images, such as in the case of some hearts surrounding Cupid as he's about to shoot his arrow.

For those that have lost loved ones they miss dearly, hearts can be used with a name written across it in some art designs, or with ancillary elements used to add even more endearment and relevance to the image.

All of that is to say that the heart is very flexible in regard to art, and when expressing it towards the living or the dead, it can be presented in numerous and compelling ways that help a person to let someone know how they feel about them, and for those gone, confirming in themselves their love for them.

The outcome of all of that as it relates to caring children, is they live to express their love toward their caretakers, and the heart is for the most part their favorite device and image to use to do that. So here are a number of printable coloring pages designed for them to do just that.

Mother's Day, birthdays, and Valentine's day are among the more important special days children like to color in hearts for, along with anniversaries, or in some cases no special occasion is needed, only the desire to show mom and dad, or some other special person, that they love them.

Bear Coloring Page Holding Heart

I'm not sure why they work so well, but hearts and bears seem made for each other, and no one could do wrong if they combined them for a unique gift for someone they loved, or as in the case of this printable, use it to color in as an expression of love and appreciation.

More than likely it comes from the Teddy bear introduced to young children so long ago, which also remained an important part of the early years of a child when they needed comfort and something to hug.

So a cute, cuddly looking bear holding a heart like the one below will always be a hit, and anyone receiving this colored in by a child in their life won't be disappointed to receive it, but rather very delighted.

Besides that, from the coloring side a child should have no problem retaining interest in this friendly and loving bear.


Strawberry Shortcake in a Heart

From the humble beginning as a character on an American Greetings card to, a tv series, and finally having her own feature film, Strawberry Shortcake continues to be a beloved character to many little girls (and a few older ones as well), and makes a terrific character to include in a coloring page art design.

The wonderfully happy and playful Strawberry Shortcake is had to resist, and from the illustration below, you can see how fun she would be for a child to color in for someone they love very much.

What I like about the one below, other than that terrifically cute face, is that pretty hat with the flowers on it, which many little girls would love to be able to try on and wear if they had one Add to that the heart, which appears to have a pretty lace look, and the small flowers scattered about and surrounding them, and you have an amazing image that will delight the little artist and the recipient of the beautiful piece of illustrative art.


Bouquet of Hearts

Even though this doesn't have the cute and dramatic designs the rest of the coloring pages do with hearts in them, this one would be especially compelling for the children, as they could take every color they have available and color in the heart-shaped balloons in a way that they wouldn't get tired of.

For the more patient and creative types a few of them could be printed out, allowing them to use several different color themes so they would get all their favorite colors as part of the look and design.

There is no doubt not long afterwards they'll have a group of printable balloon hearts to share with you or the person they're doing the work for.


Bear, Heart and Mom Coloring Page

One thing children love to have included in a page they're coloring for mom, is here name spelled out in it. For some reason they love to see that as part of their work, even if they aren't able to read but are told what it is.

It doesn't get much better when you combine a bear, heart, and mom as part of the work a child wants to complete to make mom feel loved.

As always, the more elements in an illustration to color in, the more a child will like to interact with it, and the more satisfaction they'll have when presenting their love gift to mom.

This simple design works towards that end very well, and is sure to be a hit with the giver and receiver.


Hello Kitty Printable Coloring Page

Probably even more popular than Strawberry Shortcake, especially recently, has been Hello Kitty, a phenomenon that started with the female white Japanese bobtail cat, on of all things, a coin purse.

From there the character has grown and popularity, and including all items, has become a franchise worth about $5 billion.

Hello Kitty has also made media appearances, having its own TV show and being a major character in some Japanese theme parks.

So it's not a stretch at all for those that know of Hello Kitty to be delighted to color in and receive this little kitty holding a heart, as in the illustration below. To add an even cuter look, there are a couple of bears on either side of Hello Kitty, making the overall picture look even better. Who wouldn't want to receive this from a child?


Heart Printable Coloring Page Themes

There is no doubt the heart is an important part of coloring pages when the purpose is to surprise a person in their lives that are having a special day, or need to feel special for a day.

All of those included in this article are a nice representation of what types of coloring page there are out there that feature a heart in them.

In the end, you could just about put anything with the heart and the person receiving it would feel special from the sincere effort and affection behind the work done, but when other cute characters and elements are added, they make one feel even more special and loved, and what better gift could we ask for.


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