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Henri Matisse for Kids | Biography and Lesson Plans

Updated on May 31, 2011

Art Lessons and Printable Resources for the Elementary Art Student

French artist Henri Matisse is one of the most respected artists of the twentieth century. The focus of this collection of free art lesson plans and resources is to provide elementary school students with free lesson materials to learn about and appreciate the art of this famous artist. Some of these activities are simple to prepare and enjoy. Others may require a trip to the art store.


Hey Kids, Meet Henri Matisse | Biography

Henri Matisse was born on December 31, 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambresis in northern France. His parents, Emile Matisse and Heloise Gerars, owned a general store where they sold household goods and seed. Henri was their first son. As a young man, Henri traveled to Paris to study law. In 1889 he returned home to work in a law office as a clerk. It was around this time that he had an attack of appendicitis which required surgery. To make the long recovery more enjoyable, his mother gave him a paint box. It was then, at the age of 21, that Matisse discovered painting and decided to become an artist...


Hey Kids, Meet Henri Matisse | Word Search Worksheet

This free printable Henri Matisse word search worksheet helps students to build reading skills while learning about Matisse. Tell your students how many words there are to find. Then ask them to complete the word search worksheet by identifying the keywords biography and circling them on the worksheet.

Your students will have a blast, and the homeroom teachers at your school will be thrilled that you included an activity like this one in your art lesson plans.


Free Art Lesson Plans

Painting with Scissors | Lesson Plan

In his old age, Matisse was confined to a wheelchair and was no longer able to paint. He decided to make paper cut-outs. He called this new technique "painting with scissors." This lesson plan allows children to experience the way Matisse created his art, as they recreate a Matisse masterpiece of their own.

Matisse Cookie | Lesson Plan

Create a work of art in you kitchen. Bake a batch of sugar cookies, whip up some frosting, and then turn your cookies into a Matisse masterpiece.


4" Sugar Cookies

Cookie Frosting

Food Coloring

Popsicle Sticks or Paint Brushes

Icing Bag (or sandwich bag with corner cut)

Cookie Design Worksheet


Woman with a Hat | Coloring Page

Take a moment to color a Matisse masterpiece.

This art masterpiece coloring page of Henri Matisse's Woman with a Hat, will give children an opportunity to interact with a piece of art in a way that they may have never experienced before. Not only will they look at this masterpiece, but they will interact with it. As a result, it will leave a much more lasting impression of the artwork and possibly a greater appreciation for art in general, than had they only looked at it.


Free Matisse Desktop Wallpaper

Decorate your computer desktop with an art masterpiece, and allow your children to immerse themselves in the works of Matisse.

Icarus (Cut-Out) | Desktop Wallpaper

Oceanie, Le Ciel (Cut-Out) | Desktop Wallpaper

Woman with a Hat (Painting) | Desktop Wallpaper
(Featured Image)

Watercolor Lesson
Watercolor Lesson

Beasts of the Sea | "Learn to Watercolor" Project

Print this Matisse "Learn to Watercolor" project and grab your brush. You're five steps away from a fantastic watercolor painting!

Art Supplies

Being a great artist starts by have the right supplies. Get started with art supplies from

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