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High Fire Clay Recipes

Updated on September 26, 2011

High Fire Clay

Welcome to the Kiln Goddess' Clay Pit of High Fire Clay. A centralized place linking high fire clay found on the web so you don't have to spend valuable time searching. It is a small and growing lens. If you know of any sites with high fire clay recipes please suggest them in my guestbook.

High Fire Stoneware

Cone 8-10 (2315°F-2380°F)

I enjoy working in high fire. Sadly because of the financial investment high fire firing involve I rarely am able to fire to cone 10. The benefits of high fire stoneware is a stronger denser fired claybody. Excellent for ovenware, floor tiles, and everyday functional ware because of durability.

Understanding Recipes

Here are some links to give you insight into making clay for yourself.

Great High Fire Books on Amazon

I welcome your feedback. Would you like something added? Know a good link or book? Did I manage to misspell something? Did you find a dead link? Let me know, afterall this Kiln Goddess isn't all knowing ;-)

Suggestions and Feedback

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    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Cone 6-10 is a temp. range If your clay is 6-10 that means it can be fired within that temp. Ive pit fired before and had some success.... but, there is a problem with thermoshock and uneven temps throughout the trash can. my best results were firing the can with wood and letting the coals die down a bit. also in your clay body. add alot of silica/sand in. that is what halped me.... its not an exact science with it, but the most fun is trying to just go crazy with it....[in reply to julie]

    • KilnGoddess profile image

      KilnGoddess 9 years ago

      You could maybe trash can fire this clay if you were only making decorative items from it and they didn't need to hold water or food. I have never used Blackjack clay so i don't know how much grit and grog the clay has, the more tooth(grit and grog) a clay has the better change it has of surviving primitive firings. If you wanted to take it to th manufacturer suggested firing range then a electric or gas kiln will be needed. To see what temps those cones refer to please see the following linked chart. Remember tho look for cone 6-10 not cone 06-010 because cone 6-10 is much higher.

      Cone 6 -10 means it will be great at all temps in this range. But if you would like to ask the manufacturer.

      I don't know where you are but check here to see if there are any kilnshares in your area that will fire to the cone you need.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I am really just looking for expertise. I was able to acquire a bucket of blackjack clay from Craigslist. Although I have an art degree and really took to clay building in college I remember very little about the details of firing. I believe it is a 6-10 cone? What can you tell me about getting this clay fired as well as possible limitations on glazing. I would really prefer a clay I can trash can fire but I'm assuming this clay needs too high of a temperature? What is the temp for level 6 vs. level 10?? What is the best temp/level for this clay?

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      love clay!