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Hipstamatic iPhone Photography App

Updated on March 12, 2013

Hipstamatic for iPhone

My absolute favorite iPhone photography app is the Hipstamatic App. It uses a combination of retro lenses, flashes and film to create cell phone pictures that really pop. You will be amazed at the lovely pieces of art you can print from a simple cell phone snap.

I almost always have my phone with me so taking fun pictures with Hipstamatic is super convenient. It's a lot of fun to pull out my phone at family gatherings for group snapshots. Everyone always crowds around to see how they turned out.

Synthetic, the App maker's tagline is "digital photography, never looked so analog". I couldn't agree more!

Photo used under Creative Commons from Cordey.

A little something special for cell phone pics

turning everyday life into works of art

Hipstamic works with the built in iPhone camera to create a square photo that has been processed with a combination of film, lens and optional flash filters. Think of it as some advanced Photoshop work wrapped up in a simple to use camera app.

Photos taken from the Hipstamatic app can easily be uploaded to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, sent via Email or simply saved in the phone's photo library all without ever having to leave the app.

The initial download comes with a set of standard equipment that produces plenty of impressive results. If you really get into the app though, you'll probably want to explore the in-app purchase options from their camera equipment store dubbed Hipstamart. Here you'll find a selection of booster packs to give you even more wonderful combinations to experiment with.

Getting overwhelmed with all your options, just give the phone a little shake and a random lens, film and flash will be chosen for your snapping pleasure.

Photo Credit: Nibbled.

I would love to vacation here - A grunged up hipstamatic photo

Photo used under Creative Commons from respres.

Succulent and Gorgeous - The ordinary turned extraordinary

Photo used under Creative Commons from respres.

A Demo of the Apps Workings - Easily swap lenses, film, flashes and upload pics to share

Image Quality Tip

Want to change your image size? Flip the switch that is hanging off your camera lens.

Enter the Monthly Hipstamatic Contest - with a new theme each month

This was a contest entry - Looks like it might be the Salvador 84 Lens

Photo used under Creative Commons from the cardinal de la ville.

Think Apps are for Kids? - try the real deal, or a replica at least

Digital not your thing? Here's everything you need to create your own analog photos. If you have any interest in photography, you'll really enjoy this kit. It also make a unique gift!

Diana Deluxe Kit for Camera
Diana Deluxe Kit for Camera

This kit is chocked full with:

Diana F+ camera with Diana Flash

hotshoe adaptor, cable release collar and cable release

Diana back and 4 masks for 4 kinds of film

viewfinder adapter, universal viewfinder, fisheye viewfinder, splitzer multiple exposure tool

20mm fisheye lens, 38mm super-wide lens, 55mm wide-angle and close-up lens, 110mm telephoto lens

"Diana Vignettes" hardcover photo book

instruction manual


No Need for all those Bells and Whistles? - more basic camera options

How adorable is this little guy? - I like the retro-feel this image has

Photo used under Creative Commons from durrutia10.

Growing Sunshine - flower art

Photo used under Creative Commons from bedrocan.

Right out of a Memory - nice afternoon for a bike ride

Photo used under Creative Commons from loufi.

A bunch of Silly Hipstamatic Portraits - makes for a good profile pic

Architecture or Illusion? - Pretty cool building either way

Photo used under Creative Commons from DaraKero_F.

Everyday Life looks a little more Hip - A slideshow of random prints

Show Me the Money - It's never looked so good before

Photo used under Creative Commons from EastsiderRJ.

Are those UFOs? - flying over such a quiet, sleepy looking town

Photo used under Creative Commons from ~Meret.

Fetch the Photo - simple way to capture everyday moments

Photo used under Creative Commons from _tar0_.

Cell Phone Pic Poll - Mind taking a quick survey?

Photo used under Creative Commons from Alex{G}.

Do you use your cell phone camera to capture everyday moments?

See results

What's your favorite Cell Phone Photo App? - Let me know you stopped by with a note! Thanks for visiting.

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    • profile image

      hmommers 4 years ago

      Hi, my favorite is Hipstamatic too :-)

    • Xine profile image

      Xine 5 years ago

      I love this app and use it all the time. Great lens!

    • Carterpants profile image

      Carterpants 6 years ago

      Great app to add a bit of flair to an ordinary picture. Great app, great review