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Horse Rubber Stamp Designs

Updated on February 21, 2018

Horse Rubber Stamps

Horses are always a great addition to any type of art work, as they are loved by numerous people and they always make for terrific images in scrapbooks and other types of canvasses used for various art projects.

Rubber stamps with a horse theme are one tool that can be used to create all sorts of interesting designs, including many different scenes concerning them.

You can have a cowboy riding a horse in barrel racing or hanging on while a horse attempts to wildly buck him off. There are also scenes which include a mare and its foal, horses running together, and horses at a serene water hole taking a drink. All of those are included in this article to generate ideas on how you may want to use rubber horse stamps and the overall scenes you can create with them.

There are many more western elements you could add such as cacti, cowboys, cowgirls, fences, among many others. It's only as limited as your imagination.

So let's look at some of these amazing horse rubber stamps to get some ideas flowing.

Rubber Stamp Design of Three Horses Running

Horse are a magnificent sight to behold when they're running, and when you get several of them together like these three, it only positively multiplies the effect.

Depending on the color you want to ink them with, this would be an astounding image for any project you or a child may be doing. The shadow and markings would really stand out nicely; especially with a darker ink, which presumably most people would use with this horse design.

Looking nice is that bent over head of the horse in the back which appears to be reaching for more gusto as it runs ahead of the other two. The waving manes also look good.

horse rubber stamps
horse rubber stamps | Source

Bucking Bronco Rubber Stamp

For fans of cowboys riding a bucking bronco, the action and quality of detail couldn't get much better than this guy who is hanging on while trying to rack up some points. I like the way his right hand is balancing and going up and sideways to get more points for the ride.

It's fun to see this horse attempting to the best of its ability and strength to knock this cowboy off of him.

As mentioned, there is a ton of detail with this horse, showcasing much of the muscle as it strains to dislodge its cargo. All of that design would look awesome on whatever you decide to stamp it on.


Mare and Colt

For those wanting less action and more quiet horse scenes, this one of a mare and colt gazing out at you is a good one.

They way the mare looks out as if in a somewhat subdued caution looks nice, as does the more concerned colt, which while not looking scared, does look less sure of itself.

It's a really cute picture that could fit into a lot of scenes with additional images to enhance it.

cowgirl barrel racing stamp
cowgirl barrel racing stamp | Source

Horses Drinking in River

This is probably my favorite scene of the horse stamps. The serene feeling when you look at the horses lingering, carefree as they drink in the river is amazing.

What makes it so good in my eyes though is the dark shadow and detail of all the elements of the stamp horse design, including the two horses themselves, the rippling water, the grass along with river bank, and in case you didn't see it, the Indian tee pees behind the horses.

There is not doubt this would really show well on whatever canvas you chose to stamp this great horse image onto.


Horse Rubber Stamp Designs

Horses are a fantastic image to incorporate into any scene you wish to create with a rubber stamps, as there are many additional stamps you could use to complement the horses, as well as doing your own work, or having a child do their own are work enhancements to make it into what they want to portray.

The several horse stamps included here are only a small portion of what is available to the horse and rubber stamp fan, although they are a good representation of what is out there.

So if you're looking for a compelling theme for your scrapbook or other work, deciding on a horse rubber stamp will be something you or the child you're working with won't regret.


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      7 weeks ago from Home Sweet Home

      Where can you find these horse rubber stamps


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