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Hot Virgin Mary seen in Michigan!

Updated on November 15, 2011
Hot! | Source

Hot from the studio.

Hello, thanks for taking a moment to read another installment of the Hughes Design/Create catalog. As is always the case, these hubs showcase work that I've recently finished. The ones here are especially designed for the art trading card, or ACEO format. This is a new trend for me; just last night I prepared the graphics I've been working with for the art trading card format, basing them on a 2.5 x 3.5 inch layout. If you are interested about the details of how I'll proceed making them, you can read about it here.

The word "Hot" on fire appeals to my meta sensibilities, as well as the teenager in me. It just looks so neat! Likely I'll start on a series of these letters as individual design elements. Here's the video I watched to learn how to make them. It really is amazing all that can be accomplished with Photoshop, as Hot shows: all the elements came from the program itself; and were manipulated there with the basic tools to create the effect of burning text. Now that's hot!

Safe Driving with the Virgin Mary
Safe Driving with the Virgin Mary | Source

Photoshop with the Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is an iconic symbol for our society. Representing the divine form of the feminine, we are lucky to have her presence in our lives. The poster here is designed from a picture of a cement statue of the Virgin that I took about a week ago, combined with a photo traffic passing under a bridge near where I live today. Titled Safe Driving this picture invites the viewer to contemplate on the seen and unseen forces that help us get to and from our various destinations everyday. Much of the poster has been colorized with the aid of Photoshop, using different techniques. Additionally, I created the fine lines coming out of the Virgin Mary's hands using Photoshop tools based on the tutorial here. Once I created the starburst outlined in the tutorial, it was a simple matter to resize it, place a portion of it where I wanted on the canvas, and then make it slightly opaque, so that the traffic can be clearly seen.

With the design I wanted to evoke the kind of Virgin Mary that's often seen on candle holders at small grocery stores. I hope you enjoy this design, and like the other designs on this page, you can purchase it on clothing, posters, greeting cards and other items at CafePress.

Do you have candles like the one described in your house?

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I Heart Michigan!
I Heart Michigan! | Source


The first image that I worked on today proved to be the most difficult to get through; it went through several different incarnations before ending up in this final stage. Since Photoshop is primarily a program for manipulating photos, I'm constantly amazed at the way it can give a subtle painterly look to things. In this example, I used the glass filter from the distort subcategory over the portion in the heart. Around the edges I applied a Gaussian Blur tool, as well as the palette knife prior to that. I like the pallet knife tool, and also used it in the picture of the virgin; both on her skin tone, and the sky. I think it helps to unify that picture.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading about my design efforts at Hughes Design/Create today. The designs are meant to uplift and inspire people to feel good about their life and the lives of the people and animals around them. If you have a particular design theme or idea you'd like me to work on, please let me know.

Nameste (the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you).


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