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How To Crochet | Learn How to Crochet for Beginners

Updated on September 28, 2014
Learn How to Crochet and start making beautiful gifts today
Learn How to Crochet and start making beautiful gifts today | Source

Teach Yourself How to Crochet

How do you crochet? Where to start when you want to learn how to Crochet especially if you are a beginner. Undoubtedly the most popular Question I get asked is "How to learn to crochet when you are a beginner." "Is it easier to learn crochet by reading crochet books, or is it better to learn crochet by watching crochet video tutorials" and in today's world you really "can learn how to crochet online". I taught myself how to crochet and indeed learned how to crochet online. I live in the UK but can confidently convert patterns easily from the US.

By the end of reading this page and watching the crochet videos, you will feel confident enough to try your own crochet projects even if you are a complete beginner!

My crochet addiction has rubbed off on my friends, and I keep getting asked How do you crochet? or can I teach people to learn how to crochet when they are beginners. So I have made this page especially for those who want to learn how to crochet, and where to start especially if you are a beginner.

Believe me you will be crocheting in no time.

Image is Authors Own And one of the first Crochet Hats and booties set I ever crocheted.

All images on this page Belong to LisaAuch and should not be used without express written permission

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Easy to crochet Baby Hat and booties set
Easy to crochet Baby Hat and booties set

Learn How To Crochet

When I was learning to crochet I found watching videos helped me learn how to crochet. It was so easy to find out how to hold the Hook and Yarn to create the basic crochet stitches. Crochet really is a series of knots and twists repeated to create the Pattern. and it is really easy to turn those stitches into beautiful crochet items.

In no time at all I was crocheting easy Baby hats and booties sets.

As I started to understand the basics I bought some (and then some more) crochet books. Like the The Crochet Bible: The Complete Handbook for Crochet which really is the ultimate guide to learning crochet and crochet techniques and stitches. I highly recommend this bible as a must read for crochet beginners.

This how to crochet book not only helped me understand easy crochet patterns, but learn the most basic crochet stitches, needed to complete simple easy crochet projects, and I was hooked!

In no time you will be crocheting little baby hats and bootie sets like the one in the picture here.

How Do You Crochet | What Do You Need to Start Crocheting - All You Need to Crochet

learn to crochet-how to crochet
learn to crochet-how to crochet

To Crochet you need: A Hook and a ball of smooth yarn. (worsted or slightly thicker, or UK baby double knit)

There are several sizes of crochet hooks available for a beginner I would recommend a medium sized hook (F,G or H | US) (4.00, 4.50, 5.00 UK) ( for an awesome conversion chart for hook sizes, as it does vary you can print this page out easily for reference later visit HERE

Learn How to Crochet NOW! - this video will show you how to crochet the 5 basic stitiches

Possibly the best ever how to crochet video made, and I guarantee you WILL be able to crochet the 5 basic crochet stitches after watching this!

If you have a basic knowledge and your hook and Yarn then watch this video and get started crocheting.

Learn How to Crochet Book - ...visually teach yourself how to Crochet

If you know of someone who also wants to learn how to crochet, then i highly recommend buying this how to crochet guide. Makes a great gift too.

If like me you are a visual learner, this is an excellent book, not only taking you from how to hold your crochet hook, but also extras like crochet communities to join, and finding crochet resources on the Internet. This Crochet book even has good clear instructions for left handed crocheters. Explains the basics of how the crochet stitch is made up of parts of the chain stitch. And learning the most important basic crochet Stitches. Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Treble Crochet. (I will demonstrate these crochet stitches below)

Great photographs to show you How to increase, decrease in crochet, and then taking you onto more advanced crochet stitches. well worth its money.

How to Start your Crochet Projects | Learn to Crochet for Beginners Slipknot

Learn How to start your crochet project

Chain Stitch is your foundation row to what you will build your crochet on. Crocheted starting chains is also called the foundation chain, and is used to begin crochet patterns.

To start the chain you need to create a simple loop with the yarn and slip the yarn onto the hook. (See Picture) tighten the loop (but not so tight you cannot work it on the hook, loose enough to slip over the hook back and forward as you work)

Learn to Crochet how to Create a Slip knot Start chain Crochet Stitch

How do I Crochet a Chain / Make a Chain Stitch - in pictures

learn how to crochet
learn how to crochet

Understanding Crochet Talk

Crochet Terminology explained usually crochet patterns will simply start with

Ch 20 (chain 20)

This means we are going to create 20 chain Stitches.

Holding the yarn in the throat of the crochet hook, draw the hook and yarn back through the slip knot. This brings a new loop with it ( you have now created your first chain) Repeat these movements.

Practice creating chains, just keep practicing until you start to get the tension - a good tip is to move your finger and thumb along the chains and nearer the hook as you work.

TOP TIP: Keep these chains, especially if they are starting to look really good! You can make easy crochet baby head bands using these foundation chains and attaching a crochet flowers to it! so pop them in a bag and keep for later.

What Does The Chain Stitch (Foundation Chain) Look Like

Basic crochet Stitches
Basic crochet Stitches

Learn How to Crochet Slip Stitch - How to crochet slip st (Sl st)

slip stitch-sl st- learn how to crochet
slip stitch-sl st- learn how to crochet

Slip stitch terminology

You will see

Sl St

slip into next stitch

you will also use a slip stitch to join. = sl st to join

This is also good for making circles to start your crochet projects usually to create a small circle to work into for the start of a crochet hat or the start of a crochet flower you will be asked to

Ch 4,

sl st into 1st chain


make a loop, chain 4 slip stitch into 1st chain you created to join in a circle. You will then work into the circle to start your crochet project.

See you are already understanding how to read crochet patterns

How Do You Crochet Slip Stitch (sl st)

The slip stitch is the shortest of the basic crochet stitches. I use it to form a firm edge, to join when working in the round (such as crochet hats) Or even as a decorative edging for an existing piece of crochet

Single Crochet

Single Crochet is the simplest and shortest of the crochet stitches. Single Crochet is a firm crochet stitch and looks the same on both sides right side (RS) or Wrong side (WS)

At this stage I also want to clarify the difference between US and UK patterns is not very much, but you do need to watch out for the terminology, and with access to millions of patterns available online, why not start learning what each term is, it saves converting patterns when you find a nice one you like you can just carry on to make it!

SC US is Double Crochet (dc) in UK

How do you Crochet Single Crochet (US) Double Crochet (UK)

Crochet for beginners How do you crochet the foundation chain, (CH) Single Crochet (SC)

This crochet tutorial video is more intensive and will take you through the basic crochet stitches to start any crochet project.

How to hold your Crochet Hook

Learn How to hold your Yarn

Learn How to make your 1st crochet loop.

Learn How to chain Stitch (CH or ch)

Learn How to Single Crochet (SC or sc)

Learn how to finish off your crochet project and you will have made a simple crochet washcloth.

The second Crochet video takes you through the Double Crochet (dc) Half Double Crochet (hdc) and Treble Crochet Stitches (trc)

Red Heart is surely the best known yarn for Quality and also for its price. I love the color selections of yarn available from

Crochet Starter Kits - A great gift idea for those who want to learn how to Crochet

A great way to get started learning how to crochet is by buying one of these easy crochet kits, with your yarn, hook, patterns and instructions included. These also make a great gift idea for those who you know want to learn how to crochet too!

Congratulations You can Now Crochet in Rows

Easy crochet headband earwarmer
Easy crochet headband earwarmer

Crocheting in rows you can make lots of crochet projects like easy crochet headbands Scarves, dishcloths baby blankets afghans and so much more

Did you learn how to Crochet on this page

See results

How to Crochet

You have now learned How to crochet in ROWS

5 basic crochet Stitches

chain Stitch (Ch)

Slip Stitch (sl st)

Single Crochet (sc)

Half double crochet (hdc)

Double Crochet (dc)

I love crocheting and I want everyone to know how easy it is please let us know you stopped by we love hearing what you have to say. What would you next like to learn how to make?

If you want to see more beginner friendly Free Crochet Patterns you can find more at

Free Crochet patterns and Designs by Lisa Auch

and if you get stuck or need help remember to leave a message

© 2012 Lisa Auch

Did you learn to Crochet? Are you a Complete Beginner at Crochet - and did you find this page helpful?

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    • profile image

      Carol 5 months ago

      I am working on the 3-layer crochet flower. In round 4 it says "bpsc." How do I do this?

    • craftdrawer profile image

      craftdrawer 2 years ago

      I have a bunch of leftover yarn purchased from an estate sale and was wondering what to make this gave me some helpful tips and great ideas! Wonderful tutorial!

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 2 years ago from California

      Such a great article! I crochet a bunch and actually like it as much or more than knitting--maybe because I learned it earlier--passing this around!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 2 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      I haven't crocheted in years but this page has just given me the incentive to give it a try again.

    • VioletteRose LM profile image

      VioletteRose LM 3 years ago

      This is something I would love to learn, thank you :)

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