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Make A Circus Mobile For Your Baby's Nursery

Updated on May 1, 2017

Make Your Baby A Sweet Circus Animal Mobile, In Seven Easy Steps

Article By Sharon Stajda

Do you enjoy crafting? I know I do, there is nothing like creating something from scratch. Especially if you are using little bits, and pieces you have on hand to create a special handmade gift. Recently my husband, and I got the wonderful news that we were going to have a new Grandchild. Naturally we are overjoyed at the prospect of having a new Grandchild. An ultrasound has confirmed that it's a boy! This great news put me into creative overdrive...I immediately crocheted a baby blanket, hopefully to be used at our new grandson's christening . My daughter-in-law "Liz", and I have been working hard on the baby's nursery d├ęcor. Which is a circus motif, with a sweet homespun flare.

On a shopping outing Liz found two sweet little small stuffed animals. Liz asked me to come up with an idea where the two stuffed animals might go in the baby's room. I got to thinking, these two stuffed animals might just need a bit of company... A mobile project came to mind. A few years ago I created a couple of very pretty Christmas mobiles out of embroidery hoops. So, why not add a few more stuffed animals with a circus design, and put together a mobile for my new grandsons nursery.

I knew it might be a little challenging, in regards to creating the stuffed animals that would fit well with the two older stuffed animals, Liz had purchased. I would have to make patterns that would complement the older designed animals.

I began my baby mobile project first by checking out what supplies I had on hand. I knew I needed fabrics that had a homespun appearance, and a set of embroidery hoops. I had the embroidery hoops, but had to visit my local fabric store for the appropriate fabric. I purchase fabric from a selection of quilting fabrics, which were 20 inches by 18 inches. Just a perfect size for my needs, and were very affordable at $1.99.

After purchasing the fabric, I really could envision what the mobile would look like. Below I have added simple instructions of how to create a baby mobile.I have provide a list of supplies you may need, and some helpful photos of how to construct the mobile. If you need a baby mobile, I hope you'll consider creating my embroidery hoop mobile, and maybe even adding your own creative touch to its design.

Things You Will Need

Hot glue gun

set of embroidery hoops

five or six complimentary fabrics



small pieces of fringes,to add personal character to animal.

Supplies Needed To Create Baby Mobile.


Step One - Making Small Stuffed Animals

You can purchase stuffed animal patterns or just make your own pattern.

I made my own little animal patterns. I used a piece of paper, and drew a one piece pattern, that showed the animal from its side. This works well when making a mobile. What ever way the animal turns you see it from its side.

After cutting fabric from patterns , I sewed the animals on the sewing machine, leaving a two inch opening at the top. This ensures a space to stuff the animal from. After stuffed, I added tails to some of my animals, this was done before I hand sewed the open area up.

It's time to add some character to the little animal. I added embroidered eye, nose, toes, and in some cases eyelashes. use your imagination.

I added a small wind musical box to the stuffed moon


Make It Musical !

I had an old musical ceramic cradle that I removed the musical apparatus from. I believe 'Hobby Lobby" carries small music boxes used in stuffed animals..

Step Two Wrapping Te Hoops

.. | Source

Wrapping Embroidery Hoops

The embroidery hoops can be wrapped with yarn or ribbon, depending on your preference. It is important to wrap the hoops evenly . I use a drop of hot glue every two inches, this seems to keep the wrapping process easier. After you have wrapped the hoops, put one inside the other as in photo, and add hot glue to secure.

As you wrap make sure your yarn or ribbon is straight. Note the photo. As you wrap hold the yarn in place with your pointer finger and your thumb. pass the ball of yarn through the middle of the hoop, and then bring it back on the out side of the hoop. This will keep the yarn from becoming tangled.

Step Three - Constructing your embroidery hoops into a frame for the mobile.

. | Source

Putting Hoops Together

Time to construct the mobile frame. Just put the one without the top screw feature inside the one with the screw. As in photo. Add a bit of hot glue at junctions.

Step Four - I like to hang a special little something middle of the embroidery mobile frame.

e... | Source

Adding A Centerpiece

When constructing this baby circus mobile I decided to hang the little dog with the balancing ball at his nose. I also added. I secured the dog with hot glue to the mobile frame. I also tacked the dog to the frame, just to make sure it was secure.

Step Five - Time to tie a ribbon or a bit of yarn to the top of the mobile frame.

This ribbon is needed to make it possible for the mobile to hang from wherever it finds it permanent home.

Covering The Hoop Joints

This is where you can add your own creative touches. You can add a large bow made of ribbon or yarn, you could add a handmade pom-pom. The idea is to hide the little unsightly ribbons that were necessary in construction.

Here Are The Stuffed Animals That I Used To Make My Mobile - I Made The Stuffed Animals.


All Finished !


Step Six - Adding Your Stuffed Animals

Each animal will need a ribbon attached to it. The ribbon should be at least 16 inches long. Keep in mind each animal will hang in a staggered manner. So, some animals will require longer length of ribbon, some shorter. I hand sewed my ribbons onto the animals

To connect your stuffed animals to the mobile frame, you can tie them in place, and add a small drop of hot glue to make sure the ribbon stays where you placed it.

Then take another piece of ribbon or yarn, and come round the back of the area you have placed, and glued your ribbon. Tie a bow to cover the unfinished look, and let the ends of the bow dangle at either side.

I hope my photos will make this step easier. It's very hard to explain.

My Festive Christmas Embroidery Hoop Mobile. - Hope you will stop in and check it out. Locate this article at my Profile page.


So, What Do You Think? Pretty Easy Wasn't it!

It would have been easier to purchase one. However, it just wouldn't come with all the love that Grandma added.

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    • profile image

      sethandressen 4 years ago

      This is so very nice. I have been thinking of creating some cool things for my kids. I have to definitely try this. Now I have got ideas running through my head. Ha ha. Thanks!!!!!

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 4 years ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      @anonymous: Thanks Sandy, This mobile will hang above the changing table. I am having fun making baby stuff again. You know how old the Grandkids are know. we are so looking forward to this baby,

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      You are so talented. Awesome idea