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How to create a free Website for beginners

Updated on January 3, 2017
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I am internet marketer. I is a lifelong future tech junkie investigating the latest stories from companies like Facebook, Google

Easy is Better


Creating a website or a blog for any computer novice is as daunting as driving a car without knowing where the break pad is. With so many tech words and computer languages around, for a beginner, it will be a very tough job to cope with.

One simple answer that you get to hear very often is to hire a professional to do the job and other option you have is to create one for yourself. If you are wondering how to create a free website, then you are in right place.

Our guide is perfect for you if you are one such person looking out to have a website and do not wish to spend a dime on creating your website, but would like to have a neat professionally done web page.

If you qualify for above mentioned points, then seek nowhere, Weebly is your solution.

Weebly is a boon to all who know very less about programming and wish to have a website. This platform gives an opportunity to create your own website in just a few clicks.

Weebly as a platform

Weebly allows its users to create basically 6 different types of web pages namely,

  • Online store
  • Business web page
  • Portfolio pages
  • Personal website
  • Event
  • Blog and others

Each of the above-mentioned types of web pages provides number of respective themes which can be chosen by the user accordingly. Once the theme is selected, Weebly let the user design their website according to the theme selected in an easy drag and drop format.

Easiest way to create a free website, blog
Easiest way to create a free website, blog | Source

Features of Weebly

Weebly uses “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) interface. This helps the user to know in real-time how their site looks after editing. With so many people fussing about HTML, CSS, PHP etc isn’t it very easy to just click and create a site? Yes, it’s that easy!

Weebly allows its users a ton more than just “WYSIWYG” interface. Here are some of the other features that you get from Weebly.

  • Access to more than 100 free photographs with an automated programmed photograph credit at the base of your page. This reduces tons of work if you list photos often on your site.
  • Allows you to incorporate or embed video recordings from YouTube, helping those who want to popularize their channels on Youtube.
  • Allows you to earn through Google Adsense, it is so easy that you put ad promotions where you need them on site and also you can change the color shading and size. (Weebly holds half of the advertisement income.)
  • It also has an additional feature of including a blog on your site. This helps for those who wants to release quick notes to their readers and followers.
  • Worried about SEO and website ranking? Forget it. Weebly has taken care of that too! It will assist you to make your site more compatible with current SEO trends with built-in SEO features.
  • Weebly includes a structuring section that permits you to choose the span of your segments, sections, and spacing on your website.
  • Weebly allows its users to use its proficiently built “Contact Form” for developing their business.
  • Weebly also has the option of feed Reader which allows your users to know immediately as you upload anything new on your site.

Weebly Tutorial

Usage and maintenance

Who does not want to invest on a pure professional website when the business is growing leaps and bounds? Weebly offers its users who wish to migrate to bigger platforms like WordPress with an easy site exporting facility without losing one bit of information that is already put on your existing Weebly site.

Maintaining a Weebly site is as simple as you build one! It’s easy and free of cost. For users who are comfortable with its easy interface and do not wish to move to other platforms like WordPress and yet would like to have their personal domain name Weebly offers paid services which are on par with any high-end platforms. This allows users to have their professional site in a jiffy.

Weebly also has user support which will assist its new user to get used to its WYSIWYG interface.

Why do we recommend Weebly?

With so many good things about Weebly and features it is offering, it is hard to not recommend Weebly. Apart from all the technical details on Weebly, the amount of expertise that is required for anyone to create their own website in this internet driven era is absolutely a mere idea of how they want their site to be.

Though there are many other platforms which offer similar kind of services like Wix, Yola Etc having 40 million users across the world and its minimalistic approach to the creation of website make it outstanding.

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Disadvantages with Weebly

With so many advantages and people loving the site, it might be easy for anyone to think there exist no disadvantages. But to be fair on our review, we have included some of the drawbacks which we found while using Weebly. The list goes like this,

  • Weebly do not offer site back up: For any web designers and maintainers having the site back up is crucial when the site is very big. Having a single page or double page site might be created in a moment’s time again when the data is lost but imagine creating a site with multi pages, it's time-consuming. Weebly do offer to download your site to a zip file, but you cannot upload the contents on any other platform or on Weebly back. This means you need to build your site from scratch if you lose your site or if Weebly for any reason deletes your site.
  • One theme can be used only on one site: If you want to create 2 or more identical sites with a single login then it is not possible in Weebly. Once a theme is modified in one of your sites and if you create another using the same theme and modify there, the modifications you do to the second site will be applied to first also. But with different login ID’s you can create as many sites as you want using the same theme.
  • Blog Limitations: Weebly has some blog limitations like fixed blog layouts; not displaying author name and migrating your blog is difficult.

With this detailed article on Weebly, It is for sure you take the maximum advantages of Weebly and create your dream website.


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      Phan Khoa 11 months ago from Viet Nam

      Thank Faisal Zamir...

    • profile image

      Faisal Zamir 11 months ago

      Great one article bro! and good explained for beginners guide on creating website