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Decorating Candles Every Way You Can Imagine: See the Clips & Be Inspired

Updated on September 18, 2013

I have a pillar candle/ And it's as plain as day / I need some crafty notions / To jazz it up some way...

A plain pillar candle can be beautiful, but when it becomes 'too plain' then what? That's what I asked myself when I bought a flameless pillar candle - simple white wax that will 'last forever' because the candle 'burns' batteries rather than a wick.

I've looked at it for several weeks, knowing I wanted to do something to jazz it up. But... I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I needed some inspiration! So I went to YouTube and typed in "Candle Decorating." I was amazed by what appeared. There were ways to decorate candles with bling and with flowers, with ribbons, with transfers, with paint, with decoupage, with photographs...

I couldn't keep all this good stuff to myself; that's why I've made this lens. I want to share with you the results of my "How to Decorate a Candle" quest, and hope it will inspire you too.

Image Credit: Amazon

To decorate a candle, you need to start with a candle.

Everlasting Glow LED Wax Straight Edge Pillar Candle, White, Set of 3, 2" x 2, 3, 4" Height
Everlasting Glow LED Wax Straight Edge Pillar Candle, White, Set of 3, 2" x 2, 3, 4" Height

There's nothing 'cheap & nasty' about flameless candles. They recreate the beauty of the pure candle flame, without the fire hazard of an open flame. Nor are flameless candles 'too plasticky to look like the real thing'. Many flameless candles - like these ones - are covered in wax on the outside. They feel like the real thing, and that beautiful (plain) wax coating means you can craft with them just as you would craft with a 'regular' wax candle.

Hanna's 3-by-9-Inch Pillar Unscented Candle, Ivory
Hanna's 3-by-9-Inch Pillar Unscented Candle, Ivory

If you do want to decorate a 'regular' candle, please remember fireman's safety advice: Never leave it unattended, keep away from children (& pets), and only light it in a clear space away from curtains or anything else that may catch fire from the open flame.


Bling Candles

Decorate a Candle with Glitter

You can decorate a candle 'all over' in glitter, or make some patterns. You can use whatever colors and combinations of glitter you can imagine. Wow!

Decorate a Candle with Sequins & Rhinestones

Sequins and rhinestones will sparkle in the candle flame.

Decorate a Candle with Beads

Stamped, Decal & Decoupage Candles

Decorate a Candle Using Stamps

I love these tutorials for "how to (ink) stamp on a candle." (And, no, the image 'doesn't come out all smudgy through having to roll the candle under the stamp to get it on'). You can use any (or perhaps all!) your favourite scrapbooking and cardmaking stamps, to truly personalise your candle.

Decorate a Candle using 'Rub Ons' & Water-slide Decal Paper

Rub-ons come in all varieties, and here's how you can use them to decorate candles. In fact, you can make your own decals and affix them to your candles. Just watch the tutorials.

Decorate a Candle with Decoupage

Any picture can be decoupaged onto a candle - imagine how you could adapt this to suit any mood, any occasion... For instance, how about crafting a Christening candle with a decoupage of baby booties?

Painted Candles

Decorate a Candle with Paint

(Waterbased paints won't 'stick' on wax, so try acrylics or oils).

Decorate a Candle with a Paint-Marker & Stenciles

Everyone has a 'texta' or permanent marker at home; here's a way of using one with a stencil to create a candle masterpiece.

Decorate a Candle with Henna

Candy Candles, Beach Candles & More

Decorate a Candle with Candy

Image Credit:

Decorate a Candle with (Colored) Beeswax

Decorate a Candle with Seashells, Beach Sand & Seaglass

Candles & Flowers

Decorate a Candle with Dried Flowers

Image Credit: S.Ritchie; All Text © S. Ritchie

There's a [floral]... tradition that ferns [stand for]... mystery, quietude and lyricism. It began because ferns grow in quiet... corners, often out-of-sight but there none-the-less. There is something about a fern that makes one want to stop and stand (or sit) quietly there, just contemplating... If there were such creatures as fern-fairies, I imagine they would be like this too. Not noisy or rumbustious but quiet poetic [fairies]... who sit on a moss-couch under their favourite fern leaf and compose poetry or create [fern pictures. A fern candle would be the sort of thing they would use to light their fairy-house at night. You can press a fern leaf just as you would a flower, and attach it to a candle in the same way. It's the sort of candle you'd light when you'd like to be contemplative for a bit. It brings the quietude and beauty of a fern grotto into your 'space']...

(B. Canterville)

Decorate a Candle with Flowers and/or to Resemble a Flower

Note: Please remember that 'regular' candles can be a firehazard. Paper candle holders (or settings) can catch fire. These decorating ideas are probably best attempted with (battery powered) flameless candles - no flame, no fire risk! And flameless candles look amazing and 'last forever' - so you can enjoy your decorated candle for years to come.

Massage (Spa) Candles

I admit, these clips aren't about decorating candles, they're about making your own candles. But they were so great, I had to include them.

Decorating Candles for Holidays

Decorate a Valentine's Day Candle (& Candle Holders)

A romantic Valentines Day dinner needs romantic candlelight...

Decorate a Candle for a Mother's Day Gift

The best Mothers Day gift is a gift that suits your Mom. Now you know how to decorate your own candles, you are not 'constrained' by 'whatever Mothers Day candles the shops happen to be selling'. You can craft a candle that is just her style. Whether that's flowers or bling or the beach or anything else. These videos will give you some more ideas. (And I've included a sweet diy vintage candle idea - if you want to make a candle rather than decorate it).

Decorate a Thanksgiving/Fall Candle

Candles 'just go' with fall and harvest season. Imagine a forest of candles amongst the pumpkins (and pumpkin pies)!

Decorate a Candle for Halloween

Image Credit: IdunnGoddess @ Youtube

Decorate a Christmas Candle

Decorating Super Personalised Candles

Decorate a Candle Using a Photograph of a Friend, Pet or Family Member

This would be a fantastic gift!

Decorate a Candle with Any Image You Want - Using Your Printer, Tissue Paper & a Hairdryer

"Ho ho ho, there's no need to 'only use Santa pictures'; you can use any picture you like. If you can print it, you can 'candle' it!"

Decorate a Candle with... Everything!

Again, designs probably best attempted with flameless candles - for obvious reasons!

I'm Still Contemplating How to Decorate My Candle... How About You?

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    • Sher Ritchie profile imageAUTHOR

      Sher Ritchie 

      4 years ago

      @maree-crozier-9: Tissue paper is finer-grained, but baking paper (NOT waxed paper) probably works just as well. I've only used tissue paper so far - I love the effect it produces.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      with the tissue paper is baking paper the same or just tissue paper. in oz they are similar so I'm not sure which one would work best

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      4 years ago from New Zealand

      This is a very nice collection of ideas for decorating candle, never knew there were so many. Thanks for sharing all these ideas with us.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I would like to try some of these tips, maybe start with stamping.

    • KathyZ1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, you created so many good-quality lenses. Thanks for your liking my lens. It means a lot to me as a beginner.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      There ideas are very inspiring. I love decoupage! hadn't thought of using that technique on a candle. :)

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      You have so many great ideas here. Pinned.


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