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How To Draw a Ballerina: Step by Step Tutorial For Children

Updated on September 5, 2014

Learn how to draw a ballerina step by step with the help of this tutorial!

Though my official title is "ESL Teacher" at the nursery school where I work, my unofficial title would undoubtedly be "Artist." Every morning, the children in my class line up in front of my desk with a drawing request. Princesses, unicorns, castles, and mermaids are among some of the girly favourites, while cars, evil robots, and superheroes reign among the boys. One of the most popular requests, however, is the ballerina.On this page, you will learn how to draw a ballerina that is so simple that even your kids will be able to follow the instructions! You will also find ballerina coloring pages which you can print off and give to your kids to color.

Ballerina Drawing Heather Broster

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1. The Head

How to draw a ballerina step by step

When I draw a ballerina, I always start with the head. Begin with a three-quarter oval shape, leaving an open space in the top right hand corner. This is where the hair will go. On the right hand side, draw in a half circle for the ear. Follow up with two small round ovals for the eyes, two half moons for the eyelids with two eyelashes sprouting out of them, a pointy triangular nose and a mouth with smile lines on either side. Doing so will give your ballerina a sweet and cheerful appearance your little girls will love.

2. The Hair

How to draw a ballerina step by step

The hair of your ballerina may seem like the hardest part, but there is an easy way of achieving the effect of a ballerina's bun.Start by drawing three diagonal lines down the top right hand side of the head to create the ballerina's fringe. Then, draw a line perpendicular to these three diagonal lines to create the hairline. Draw another rounded line next to the perpendicular line to show the other half of her fringe. Follow up by drawing four or five curved lines that spring out of the fringe. These lines will form the shape of her head. You can then draw a number of half circles that run along the back of her head to form her hair scruchie. The final step is to draw a round bobble behind the elastic, which should also be lined. This bobble will represent the bun.If you found this written explanation confusing, or if you are a more visual individual, simply refer to the drawing on your right!

3. The Upper Body

How to draw a ballerina step by step

The upper body is made up of the neck, shoulders and torso. To create the neck, draw two straight lines, one coming down from the bottom of the ear, and the other from the chin. Let the neck lines curve into shoulders. The shoulders should come out just beyond the confines of the head and hair. At this point, draw in two lines coming down from each shoulder to create the thick straps of her outfit. On the left side, draw a small hump to represent the chest, while on the right side, draw a line running on a slight diagonal down towards the waist. Finally, draw a slightly u-shaped line to represent the waistline. If you want, you can draw a decorative symbol, such as a heart, onto the front of her outfit as I have done here.

4. The Arms

How to draw a ballerina step by step

The production of the arms is a critical point in drawing your ballerina. You have to make sure they are not too long or too short. As a rule of thumb, I try to make them as long as the torso of the ballerina. Remember that the upper arms should be slightly thicker than the wrists. If you are nervous about drawing fingers and thumbs, you can simply draw "glove hands" as I have done here. This type of hand is easier to draw for children, anyway!In this case, I have drawn a ballerina with her arms splayed outwards to give the impression that she is either balancing or spinning. As the artist behind the drawing, you are completely free to draw the arms in any position you please!

5. The Tutu

How to draw a ballerina step by step

Now we arrive at the easiest part of drawing a ballerina. To draw the tutu, simply draw a number zigzag layers around the waist of the ballerina. Each additional layer you draw should be slightly broader than the one that comes before. I usually stick to three layers as it is enough to achieve the effect of a tutu.

6. The Legs

How to draw a ballerina step by step

Next to the arms, the legs are the next most challenging part of the ballerina's body. Once again, you must make sure that they aren't too long or too short. Generally, her leg should be slightly shorter than the length of the rest of her body. Draw the first leg coming straight down, with the top being slightly thicker than the bottom. Draw a slight bulge at the bottom to represent her ballerina shoe. Follow up by drawing a half moon onto the shoe and two crosses around her ankle to represent the laces. Next, draw the second leg at a 45o angle to the first leg to make it look as if she is balancing on one foot, or twirling. Keep both legs as straight as possible.

The Final Product - How to draw a ballerina step by step

Here is the final product! In total, this ballerina takes me about one minute to complete. Once you draw her a number of times, you too should be able to draw her very quickly.

Books about How to Draw a Ballerina on Amazon - Great tutorials to help you and your little one improve your drawing skills

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How to Draw Princesses and Ballerinas (Usborne Activities)

A great tutorial book about how to draw princesses and ballerinas. Perfect for the little girl (or adult!) who loves to draw. Full of easy-to-follow instructions that lead to great results. Plus, it is full of stickers and other paper-cutting activities!

How to Draw Ballet Pictures (Dover How to Draw)
How to Draw Ballet Pictures (Dover How to Draw)

This is a "how to draw" book dedicated solely to ballet pictures. What more could you possibly want? With this book, you will learn how to draw 30 different ballet poses in total. A truly worthwhile buy for the ballet enthusiast.


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    • ashugaba profile image

      Ashu Gaba 6 months ago from Ludhiana

      Nice drawing

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      Amme 17 months ago

      Love all of your tutorials!! They are so easy to follow and so cute!! Please make more!! :) :)

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      Danielle 2 years ago

      Loved, loved this tutorial!! I'm going to try this ballerina with 2nd grade girls. I'm sure they will love it!

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      Parisa 2 years ago

      I absolutely love your drawing it's fantastic