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how to draw a gun drawing on video

Updated on May 10, 2012

A gun drawing with graphite pencil.

This is a quick video of a gun being drawn with graphite pencil, it shows you how to draw a gun through example and in this example, it is being drawn free hand using basic construction boxes to start with.

This enables me to lay down the very basic shape with boxes, these boxes also help to get the perspective more accurate. The drawing is then built up in stages starting with the barrel, using the construction box as a guide, to get an accurate perspective.

This then gives me something to look at, when trying to construct the rest of the drawing dimensions, in proportion with each other.

This does not show the whole gun being drawn with a construction box method, as they are only being used to draw the basic barrel area and the overall out line of the gun.

Notice how especially in the beginning, the lines I draw are very faint, you can hardly see them, this is because I work from light to dark, as it helps to hide any miss placed marks. You will see my pencil moving around making marks, that you can't see, a lot, either because they are very faint but also sometimes, I just make the mark with out putting the pencil on the paper, as I like to just practice them sometimes.

The thing with drawing is all these tiny decisions take place continually and easily, if you practice a lot. Practice helps to develop the flow of your decision making and your physical drawing actions as well as developing new ways by accident or intention.

As can be see in the video, it is drawn at a three quarter angle, so as to see the barrel opening and the bullet chamber at the same time. This is a more difficult angle to draw a gun as it is with many objects, a more easier angle would be a side view.

This used to be a drawing of a gun.


The original drawing of the above gun was enhanced using GIMP.

So I do not really consider it to be a drawing but more of a digital image taken from a drawing, these can look impressive. GIMP is a great piece of software for free, great for editing of photographic content as can be seen in the image, a valuable tool for sure. It helps you to learn about working in layers, with each layer being adjustable, in many different ways, as well as being manipulated. It is a great complimentary tool for those wanting to learn to draw, as another way of trying out ideas.

This is a 10 minuet version of a gun being drawn with graphite pencil.

The 10 minuet video above.

This how to draw a gun video has been made slower than I usually make my videos because I wanted to give the viewer more time and a better demonstration of the possibilities, and capabilities of using graphite pencils to make a drawing of a gun.

The pencils I have been using are firstly a B grade mechanical pencil, size 0.5mm and 2 graphite sticks, which are solid sticks of graphite covered with a coating, to make them more practical and less messy on your hands, they are a 4B and an 9B. All of the pencils are soft blacks, hence the letter B, which stands for black, the higher the number, the softer the graphite.

9B is a really nice pencil for obtaining the darkest blacks but is also very reflective because the natural graphite substance, is a reflective metallic looking mineral, soft with a waxy texture and smudges onto hands easily if handled.

In the gun drawing video above, you can also see me using a smudging stick and it might help and encourage those who have not tried using one. It is a home made stick as I find them better and more precise. To make one, I roll a piece of computer printing paper up into a tight cone shape, from one corner of the paper, by slightly dampening my thumb and fore finger to help get a better grip on the paper to roll. I might play with this piece of paper for a while trying to get the preferred shape and size to the cone, when I am happy I just put some tape around the middle to hold it in place.

Making these smudging sticks can take some practice, to make them well but it is worth it eventually, as they are the best tools you can get really because if you make a few, they can be cut to a desired size for variety. If you make your own smudging sticks you can get the tips very small, enabling you to get into tight corners or make fine detailed marks, bought sticks are usually fat, chunky things, that are OK for large areas but you will struggle with fine details because you cant see the very tip easily.

The tools I used to draw these guns.


How to draw a gun for Richie Doom.

More help if you want it.

For those who want to know more about how to draw a gun, they can go to my other page on HubPages, How to draw a gun picture and you can find another video about how to draw a gun at the link, this drawing is very dynamic at an unusual angle.

Thank you for taking the time to view this page and if you have any questions then please ask in the comment box below or just leave a comment anyway.



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    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 5 years ago from North Wales

      Hi ADA, thanks for the comment but I am not quite sure what you are trying to say? I draw best with my left hand so prefer to use my left hand but to be honest it doesn't really matter which hand you draw with, everything is just reversed from the way people draw with their right hand.

      Thanks again, Gareth.

    • profile image

      ADA 5 years ago

      Sir, I like the way when you drawing. However, is correct if you draw it with your left hand without problem? TY.

    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 6 years ago from North Wales

      Hi Mr.Happy, it did cross mt mind about the pins but we never had any bad accidents only lots of fun as I remember.

      I am very sure that drawing skills and archaeology go together very nicely, so perhaps a missed opportunity?

      I do paint but not much lately, I have decided to go back to basics but you can find quick a painting here with some other information about it, I am sure you will find it a little interesting.

      Thank you too, BoGareth.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Well, I was not going to be the one mentioning the pins at the end of the "cones of paper". Don't wanna get in trouble with parents ... haha ... I shot one of those things once by mistake and got a buddy in the eye - not exactly fun but he came-out in one piece ...

      Thank You for the explanation regarding drawing. My sister used to draw when we were kids - until my parents told her she was not allowed to draw because it offered no money. Then, she mentioned something about archeology ... Haha, my poor parents ... (that's another story).

      Ya, watching the pen work on the paper brought-back memories. Do You paint as well? Colours? (I love colours - white too, even though it's supposedly not a colour ...)

      All the best and thank You indeed for the conversation!

    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 6 years ago from North Wales

      Hi again Mr Happy, the fast-drawing miss interpretation is an easy one to make, I thought about it myself before I even wrote this hub or did the drawings. There is even another Hub that try's cover both angles.

      I have messed with those blow darts, even put tacking pins in the end of them when I was young trying to get them to stick in things.

      The drawings are rendered from photographs, I don't own guns, it was just a random subject I picked from keywords about drawing really. I have been drawing all my life so it is a good subject for me to pursue as a way of encouraging others to be more creative. The true talent in drawing is not the drawing, anybody can do that, it is the serious patience as you identified I think.

      Making them look real is a combination of two things really, one, making sure you get a good picture as an example and two knowing what is a good example. That is dependent on understanding how to create light and shade, also the contrast between them both is important.

      A good drawing or picture will be best defined by having a full range of tones and contrasts, from white to black and everything in between. It is more difficult than just that because you also need to be able to make you initial construction drawing accurate, if you get that wrong, it will never look good in my experience.

      Not everybody can draw but most people can see when a drawing is not right, even if they can't draw.

      All drawing is really about measurement, the right tones, angles, distances and proportions, those photographs are for advertising, so they have probably cost a lot of money to make sure they are right. The better the information to start out with, the better the end result and photographs are easier in some ways to draw from than real objects because they are already two dimensional.

      I would prefer to draw from real life myself because it gives me more control of how the subject is describe because I can change the lighting to suite, what I am trying to convey better.

      Thanks for asking good questions, that have given me more opportunity to provide more information on this, as it is difficult without some dialogue with those who don't know because I don't know what they don't know.


    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I dont know why but when I first read `how to draw a gun`, I thought about cowboys and fast-drawing. Kinda like this stuff:

      Ya, dont mind me - my mind flies.`

      When I saw your smudging stick it reminded me of how I used to make those when I was a kid but then put them in a pipe - like regular small pipes, found on construction sites and when you blow them out, they fly! It`s like a dart more or less and they go pretty far.

      Nice drawings. (You must have some serious patience.) I love your attention to detail, the guns look ... like guns, in my opinion!

      I can draw a stickman ... or a couple ... that`s about it though. I do appreciate the art of others - I enjoy looking at drawings and paintings but not in doing the work.

      When You drew those guns for example, were You looking at a photograph of a gun or a video, or do You own a gun like that ... how can You make it look so real, I guess that is what I mean ...

      Thanks for putting this together. Cheers!

    • Gareth Pritchard profile image

      Gareth Pritchard 6 years ago from North Wales

      Hi GoGreenTips,

      Thank you so much for the first comment and for making it a positive one, yes it does look so easy, even I think so and I am doing the drawing. It is I think because the videos are speeded up and happen in minuets rather than hours, the truth is drawing is not as difficult as you might think but it seems more difficult because it is time consuming, I think. To focus on a drawing for a couple of hours is a life time for most people so unless you can easily be consumed by it, then it will seem difficult, for many people as it happens too slowly. This is especially more true as our cultures progress on a diet of induced instantaneous gratification.

      Thank you for the opportunity, Gareth.

    • GoGreenTips profile image

      Greg Johnson 6 years ago from Indianapolis

      Very good hub! Great drawing wish I could draw like that. You make it look so easy!