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How To Draw a Hot Hot Summer Scene

Updated on November 19, 2014

So, You Want To Draw Some Hot Beach Bodies!?!

What about summer, bro? Warm sand, cool blue water and the beach bods. It's also about time to learn to draw something new.

So, here it is. The hot hot beach folk decked out in their latest stylish swimwear, ready to look down on anyone with an ounce of cellulite, or a body that doesn't flash sparkling tan hard-body.

You know the type. Their bronze skin and smirking faces scoff at the average, knowing how much better they are than anyone else.

They're so great! Let's draw some in homage to their hotness!

Photo Credit: All images on this page were drawn by me, in Inkscape.

Beach Bods Don't Come Easy. Here's What You'll Need.

To get the best beach bods, you'll need the best stuff, and here's a few things to get you started.

Pro Art 3078 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set
Pro Art 3078 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

This is a great pencil set for the price. The graphite is tough, the wood is smooth, and they draw like a dream. You can't beat the price, either.

Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad, 9"x12" Tape Bound, 20 Sheets
Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad, 9"x12" Tape Bound, 20 Sheets

When you're drawing with pencils, it's great to have tough paper that can stand up to pencils, scuffing and erasing. Bristol board is the way to go.

Kum AS2, Two Hole Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener, Mfg Part Number 1053021 (extra lids not included)
Kum AS2, Two Hole Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener, Mfg Part Number 1053021 (extra lids not included)

This is an amazing little pencil sharpener that fits in the palm of your hand, but it's much more powerful than it may seem. It has two sides, one for the wood, one for the graphite, and they both slice like razors beautifully. It also comes with a couple of replacement blades.

Beach Scene
Beach Scene

How To Draw a Beach Scene

To get a great beach scene, you have to start by laying down the background. You're talking about sand, surf and sun, but not too much cloud. It has to look serene and clear.

Time required: 15

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Just Time


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser


1. Start with the surf, about 2/3 down on the left. Have it curve towards the lower right corner. It can arc as hard as you'd like. Make sure there's kind of a splash effect, as if the surf is hitting shells, or other obstacles as it tries to climb the beach. Draw the first line of the surf, then try to duplicate it two more times, each time getting as close as possible to the first.

2. Next, add the horizon. This should be slightly arced from left to right, to demonstrate the bending of the planet off in the distance. This is where the sky meets the sea. Now add just two smallish clouds above. They should be sparse, and both should be as random as possible, so make them ovals, but give them wavy shapes.

3. Now, put the sun on the horizon. It should hang just over the sea, so the bottom edge of the circle is cut off. Now add the bottom, as a mirrored image, on the water. The reflection should be just to the right, and stretched a little wider.

4. Finally, clean up the lines, and make sure everything looks OK. Beachy, right?

Beach Bum
Beach Bum

How To Draw a Beach Hunk

This is the muscle bound dude, in board shorts, smirking as he might. He's not afraid to show off his glistening bronzed muscles, and tossed blond hair.

Time required: 20

Difficulty: medium

Cost: Only Time


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser


1. Start by laying out the frame of the body. When drawing a body, note that the ideal body, is measured in 6 and 1/2 heads. So, draw an oval for the head, and use that to chart out 6 and 1/2 spaces down to get the ideal size of this buff dude.

Now, angle the shoulders towards the viewer, by drawing a T-shape pointed from the neck out. Draw a frame line for the chest, to bump out the pecks to the left, and draw an oval for the top of the pelvis area. Now, add a small arc to develop the groin to the left.

2. Next, continue to develop the frame of the body, by adding an half-oval for the chest to buff that out. Next, stretch lines out for the arms and legs and hips, giving circles for each of the joints. This will help map out the limbs and joints. Make sure to keep with the grid lines.

3. Next, fill out the upper body. Give him a wide neck. Use rounded lines instead of straight ones, so the muscles have definition. Make the left arm larger that the right, so it pops towards the viewer. Continue to develop the pecks, and the upper body lines.

4. Now, add the lower body. This should follow along the limb lines created earlier, but not over stretch the grid lines. Also, be sure to establish thighs, knees and calves, and as before, use curved lines to make sure there is muscle definition. Finish it off with the feet.

5. Add the facial expression, and hair. Give the hair some thought, as this hairstyle will be wind blown and longish. Surfer hair is probably the opposite of a mullet. It's long and wild in the front, and tight in the back.

The facial expression should pop, and offer a bit of a smirk, so raise the left eyebrow, and add some wrinkling lines. Then add more wrinkles to the left of the smile. This will give it that air of attitude.

6. Add the clothes. Drape the board shorts, making the right pant leg rise, while the left falls. Then draw in flip-flops.

7. Add some more muscle definition, and some other details, like the belly button and nipples.

8. Finish it off by cleaning up any excess lines you don't need, and darken any that you like. This is the chance to really bring the picture out.

Get Into the Mood

Now that I have you thinking about going there, here's what you'll need if you're going to an actual beach, and not just one meticulously drawn on paper. Good luck, though. Mine's better for your skin.

15-Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set in Zippered Bag Castle Bucket by Bo Toys
15-Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set in Zippered Bag Castle Bucket by Bo Toys

A 15-Piece sand toy set, that would make any kid jelly!

Pacific Sports Smashball Set
Pacific Sports Smashball Set

Who doesn't like a little paddle ball on the beach, brah?

LoungePac - The Complete Beach Chair -6 Products in 1 "Lounge in Luxury!" Umbrella Included - Sound System Not Included (Sold Separately)
LoungePac - The Complete Beach Chair -6 Products in 1 "Lounge in Luxury!" Umbrella Included - Sound System Not Included (Sold Separately)

This is the ultimate beach chair. It's a full reclining lounge chair, with pillow and umbrella. There's a tote bag, cooler, and it becomes a backpack for easy transport.

Beach Babe
Beach Babe

How To Draw a Beach Babe

We've all seen her. She'll spend hours laying on her back or stomach, skin glistening in the sun, just to get another degree darker. Well here she is--the beach babe.

Time required: 20

Difficulty: medium

Cost: Only Time


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser


1. Any time you begin a figure, it's important to get the proportions correct. Most times, the ideal body, is measured in 6 and 1/2 heads. So, start by drawing the head, as an oval, then chart out a grid of 6 and 1/2 spaces for the remainder of the drawing. This will offer a good starting point.

Next, note that women are usually fairly hippy, and this beach babe is no different, so I started her off with a strangely curved line to show that her vertebrae was curved wickedly to the right to demonstrate her hippyness. Add another line to demonstrate the shoulders dipping forwards, and then an oval for the top of the hips, followed by the curved line continuing to curve downwards to demonstrate the beach babes groin.

2. Now, fill in the form, by adding a half-circle for the chest, and add circles and lines to give some proportions to the limbs. Each of the limb lines should stay within the grid lines, to keep proportion, and allow for a proper human form to develop.

3. Now, fill in the upper body. Develop the breasts, arms and torso, using curvy lines to demonstrate muscles, and the curves of a woman. But don't make them too muscly, like the guy. They should remain feminine.

4. Next, fill out the lower body, making sure to allow curved lines that define the thighs, knees and calves, each as a curving portion of the body, and each maintaining proportion within the spacing lines. Finish off by adding feet.

5. Complete the face, and hair. The hairstyle I went with was a ponytail, because I was just thinking ponytail. Beach babes can obviously wear their hair long and down, but I opted for the ponytail, for some reason. Anyway, give it some strands around the ears, and always give bangs.

Next, draw the face, and make sure to give her large definitive eyelashes, but keep the nose subtle.

6. Now, add the clothes. The bikini is the staple, and it should be as sparse as possible. The top should be nothing more than cups, and straps, and the bottoms should be sort of a V-Shape around the groin. Finish it off with flip-flops.

7. Finish it off with some minor definition, like a belly button and some minor torso lines. There shouldn't be too much muscle definition in the beach babe, or she might look a little too masculine. So, just offer a few touches, and that's it.

8. Now, clean up any stray lines that you don't need, and darken any that you like. And there you go. The beach babe is done.

Don't They Make a Cute Couple?

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What Did You Think Of the Beach Bums?

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