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How To Draw A Zombie Clown Step By Step Video

Updated on May 16, 2012

Drawing Tutorial On Drawing A Clown Zombie

One of the most requested drawing video tutorials is this very one on drawing a Zombie Clown according to many email requests for me to draw this very popular undead character. Remembering the times of Day Of The Dead, a Zombie movie of the 1980's Directed by George A Romero I was always fascinated by a cameo appearance of a Coco The Clown type Zombie which also made me laugh and even to this very day I have fond memories of that scene. So here is a drawing tutorial that as you will know, the beginning video shows you how to draw this Clown Zombie in pencil first.

The idea with any drawing is to just have fun and draw these Zombie Clowns with character and personality and sketch your idea out first before committing to a thoroughly developed Zombie drawing. Once this process has been done, you can start the inking process. This is an optional step which isn't important, but I believe it adds a professional look to your drawings and a certain coherent design that helps to make your drawing look solid.

Finding the right ink pens can be put down to your own personal choice as the Artist. Usually you have to buy a few to find the best performing pens for inking. Personally I use gel ink pens and if you don't try to ink over waxy graphite they won't clog. Although some good ink techniques can be built up through trying to ink over thick graphite as it clogs the ink pen partially and can create a nice sratchy look to dark cross hatched inking areas.

Watch the video below to see the inking stage and of course it is much more than simply going over the underlying pencil lines. It's about improving the design and seeing how well you can finish the overall collection of lines that make up the Zombie Clown drawing.

Draw A Zombie Clown - Inking

A Coloring Tutorial With Crayola Pencils

Crayola is such a powerhouse for any Artist on a budget. Their range of art products is as vast as my own pencil collection (And let me tell you I have lots of pencils!) The video below I chose Crayola colored pencils for the coloring tutorial and in that art video you can see that I selected some vibrant colors for the Zombie Clown including red for some of the blood. Some people may argue that I've gone overboard with the bright colours as a Zombie would have got all of it's clothes all dirty and grafted. But I tend to think that the contrast of the bright colors with the obvious blood plastered all over the Zombie you can quickly identify that this is a Clown and plus the red round nose is a dead give away (pun intended!)

What was unexpected when I added the white pencil to smooth some of the Black pencil out it turned the light black which looked grey into a darker black which made the Zombie Clown look like a cross between Uncle Ben and Al Jolson. But experimental coloring aside the drawing as a whole turned out quite well and provides a good insight into the drawing process.

Crayola Zombie Clown Coloring Video Tutorial

Bonus- Drawing A Zombie Clown Head

As a bonus I thought I'd add a quick video which you can pause at any time which shows you how to draw a Zombie clown head. And this is a very different sketch to the undead Clown above. This silent video reveals the step by step process of drawing a Zombie Clown face.

Starting with an oval shape is always a good idea as it is the one shape that can be built upon with all of the facial features bit by bit. By Drawing lightly at first you can minimize mistakes by sketching over any at this stage and then either choose to ink or not when finished.

How To Draw A Zombie Clown Head

Draw Zombie Clowns

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