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How To Draw a Cat, Or Several Cats, Step By Step

Updated on August 7, 2014

Cats, There Everywhere! Why Not Draw Some

Unless you've been keeping to the shallow end of the internet, you've undoubtedly realized that cats are huge. I'm talking they've hit the big time. There's grumpy cat, angry cat, dummy cat, and so on. There's even something called Lolcats, which is a website dedicated to pictures of cats doing silly things with captions, such as "I can haz cheezburger?"

Take a trip to Youtube, and type in cats, and just wait for the funny. You'll see them fall, make funny faces, fly through the air, and attack other animals, all the while, their owners are behind the camera giggling. I have two cats, myself, and I love to laugh at how strange they are.

Anyway, so there are plenty of reasons to immortalize a cat in some way or another. The Egyptians did it, so why not you. This article highlights how to draw a variety of cat breeds. So far, I have three, a house cat, a Persian cat, and a Siamese. And I'll be updating this periodically with other cat breeds.

If you're ready to go, let's get started.

Photo Credit: Taken By Me

Tools To Get Started

Pro Art 3078 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set
Pro Art 3078 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

This is a great pencil set for the price. The graphite is tough, the wood is smooth, and for the price, you can't beat it. They draw like a dream, too.

Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad, 9"x12" Tape Bound, 20 Sheets
Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad, 9"x12" Tape Bound, 20 Sheets

When you're drawing with pencils, it's great to have some tough paper that can stand up to the pencils, erasers and scuffing. Bristol board is the way to go.

Kum AS2, Two Hole Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener, Mfg Part Number 1053021 (extra lids not included)
Kum AS2, Two Hole Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener, Mfg Part Number 1053021 (extra lids not included)

This is an amazingly powerful long point pencil sharpener. It's a manual pencil sharpener, with a perfectly set blade that will easily slice your pencils into finely sharpened tools. I have one, and I love it.

House Cat
House Cat

Step By Step Instructions To Draw a House Cat

The first cat we'll take a look at is a basic house cat, that's sitting in a face forward position. It's a generic house cat with four paws, a head, body and tail. There's not much difficulty, but it is important to get the curves right, because cats have so many bones in their bodies, to make themselves to mobile, that certain curves are absolutely mandatory.

Photo Credit: Drawn By Me in Inkscape

Time required: 20

Difficulty: easy

Cost: only time


  • pencil
  • paper
  • sharpener
  • eraser


1. Start with an oval. It's nearly a circle, but the top to bottom are squished just slightly. Then draw a plus sign through the head for lining up the features.

2. Next, draw the facial features. Cat's ears point straight up, and angle away from the face, so make sure to add the middle line, so it looks like the ears are perked up, and facing outward to hear. Notice how the eyes are one piece, but the inner nasal lines angle right into the nose, but they are not part of the nose.

The nose is a separate piece that slightly expands as it moves towards the viewer, to demonstrate that the nose juts out off of the face. The nose itself is a curved triangle.

The mouth is made up of two puffy balls, and the small curve of the chin underneath. Most of the head will go away, as the drawing progresses.

3. Next, draw just the front of the cat to lighten the load. Make sure the neck tapers into the collar, as if the collar is pinching the neck fur. You can pinch it as much as possible, if you'd like. Then make sort of a handkerchief pattern coming down the cat's chest. Now, bow out the hips, and bring them back into thin legs that each end in rounded paws. Connect the two with just a V-shape. This is fur dangling underneath.

4. Now, draw the back of the cat. This can be tricky, because it expands on both sides of the cat. Drawing it this way can create the illusion that the cat is in kind of a bending shape, which they can handle, no problem.

Draw the cat's back out to the left, and allow it to come back to the right to finish the sitting posture. Finish the butt with one line, and begin another line for the closer back leg. This separation, will demonstrate that there's a hip hinge in place. Draw the back foot from this hinge line. This foot should be completely sideways. Add a curly tail.

Finish it off by hinting at the remaining body, and last foot, with a simple line between the two front paws.

5. The final step is to clean it up. Erase any unneeded lines, and add any lines necessary for some more character, such as whiskers, fur around the face. Fringe the chest fur, and line out the toes of the paw. And there you have it. A domestic house cat.

Persian Cat
Persian Cat

Step By Step Instructions To Draw a Persian Cat

The next cat is a Persian is a sort of strut. The Persian is a great deal bulkier than the house cat, because of all the fluffy fur, and it has a face that appears to be angry, because of the brow muscles. However, they can be very friendly cats.

Photo Credit: Drawn By Me in Inkscape

Time required: 20

Difficulty: easy

Cost: only time


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser


1. Like the house cat, start with an oval, but this should be a little wider, and a little more squished form top to bottom. Then add the plus sign to line up the facial features.

2. Add the nose next. It's just a diamond in the center of the plus sign guidelines. Draw the brow from this. Persian cats usually look angry or displeased because of this hardened brow.

Persian cats ears are smaller and more curved than the house cat, so add those here, angled out and lined up with the brow lines.

Add the eyes as more oval-like, and draw the cheeks as giant balls that stretch from the outer eye tips all the way to the mouth.

The mouth is an upside-down Y-shape from the nose.

3. It's time for the front of the body. These cats are dumpy tanks, so draw a large curved rectangle from one ear to the other. Add the closer of the two front legs jutting forward with a ball like paw about to hit the ground.

The other paw is moving back behind it. Make sure that line is straight from the body, but has a hook just before it reaches the other paw, so it looks like there is a hidden paw angled back.

4. Now draw the back of the cat's body. This should begin with a curved rectangular shape that narrows as it moves back, so it appears to be moving away. Only draw the close back paw, hinting that the other paw is hidden by the bulky body. The closer back paw is longer than the front paws, more like a rabbit's foot.

Finish by drawing the tail. It's a huge fluffy tail that angles away in a triangular fashion. It can be tricky, but start from the close ear, and draw a curve to the right. Then bring it back, and connect it with the backside.

5. The final stage is the clean up stage. Don't do too much here. Erase any unneeded lines. Darken a few, and add a little more fluff under the chin. Less is more in this case.

And there you have it, a Persian cat.

Here Are the Finished Cats, Together

Cats Together
Cats Together

And there you have it. The domestic house cat with a Persian cat. Why not try drawing them together? Maybe they'll be buddies. Or maybe, they'll tear each other up. You never know with cats.

Humorous Sites About Cats

Below is a short list of some funny sites for cats. As a disclaimer, I want to emphasize that I don't own or maintain any of them, and so I can't attest to what's on them. I am certain that some of them contain language not suitable for children, or the work place, so be forewarned.

I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats
I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

These are hysterical poems written from the minds of house cats.

Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat

Step By Step Instructions To Draw a Siamese Cat

Of all the cats, the Siamese is probably one of the most difficult. Its head from chin to the tips of its ears makes almost a perfect triangle, and the thing that really sets these cats apart is the coloring around the face and the bluish rounded eyes.

So, if you want to learn to draw a Siamese cat, let's get started.

Photo Credit: Drawn By Me in Inkscape

Time required: 30

Difficulty: medium

Cost: Only Time


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser


1. Siamese cats are characterized by triangular head shape from chin to ears, so start by making a plus-sign, and from the bottom of the plus-sign, draw guidelines in the shape of a perfect triangle. This will be the sculpt of the face from chin to ear tips.

Within the triangular shape, draw an oval that stays mostly within the shape, and about 3/4 of it above the top line in the plus-sign.

2. Next, again staying within the confines of the triangle, draw another oval as the line markings that will surround the eyes. Now, close to the center, but just off from it, draw the eyes. They should have just a slight arc from the top corners of the previously drawn oval, down to near where the nose will start. Then add a deep U-shape to connect the two sides of the eyes at the bottoms. Add narrow retinas, as more like narrow spikes aiming downward.

Add the nose, and nasal area, starting just between the eyes, and moving until near the front of the triangle. This should expand along the way, to demonstrate that it's moving forward from the face, and getting bigger to the viewer. Connect the nose at the bottom with a triangle.

Add arcing lines above the forehead to complete the facial lining.

3. Draw ears. These should begin inside the scalp from just around the forehead lines and just arc enough to touch the absolute tip of the lines making the triangle. Then bring them right back to the side of the face, just beside the eyes, not too far outside the triangle. This is to preserve the triangular shape.

Add narrow inner lines to each ear to demonstrate that the ears are open and facing slightly out.

4. Now the jaw. Start from under the eye. Draw sort of a fish hook from the eye to the tip of the nose. Do the same on the other side. Then add a slight curve below the two to connect them to give it a cat mouth.

Now connect the face, with lines on both sides of the cheek. This will connect the oval you drew in step #1 to these new fish hook lines.

5. Now for the body. The head faces the viewer, but the body faces to the right. So, add a curved neck, and add a rounded body to the left. Now, start the back legs, with just an oval shape. The bottom of this should line up with the bottom of the body, while the top should be about half-way down the body.

To make the tail appear to look like it's coming at you, and then to the right, add a circle to the bum area of the body. This will demonstrate the tail, protruding towards the viewer. Now, snake the tail a bit.

6. Next, add some legs and feet. Think just lines and balls for these, but make sure you consider that there are four legs, and feet, and any that need to be visible from the back should just barely be showing.

7. The final step is the clean-up. Erase any unneeded lines. Add any that were missing. And make sure to try to give it that final popping appearance.

There it is, a Siamese cat.

Tell Me Your Thoughts On Cats. They're Crazy, Right?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      hate it JK love it!

    • boneworld profile imageAUTHOR

      Jackson Thom 

      4 years ago from West of Left South Lucky

      @Lady Lorelei Thank you, so much! I appreciate the kind words. And ya, cats are crazy. Ya gotta love me.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      From one cat lover to another I have to say that your work is amazing, fabulous, interesting, and exciting! Showing the different cat body types in step by step instruction is wonderful. Kids would so enjoy this tutorial. Welcome to Hubpages.


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