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How To Draw Cartoons

Updated on December 30, 2010

Why Learn How To Draw Cartoons?

Wanting to learn how to draw cartoons is a common interest of people of all ages. Cartoons are fun, they have their own unique style and feel to them, they pull you into a new kind of world.

Cartoons can be quite funny, make us laugh and get through hard times. Cartoons can be helpful to our everyday lives, need to work.. turn on cartoons for the kids. Waiting for the bus, turn on the morning cartoons. Need to unwind? Turn on a cartoon.

No matter how cartoons relate in your life, learning how to draw cartoons can be fun... the first step to learning how to draw cartoons is to learn how to draw characters, this lense will help you find the resources you need to learn how to.

How To Draw Cartoons Books

For some people the best way for them to learn how to draw cartoons is to learn from videos, practice in their own experiments and some people books. If you learn best from books you may want to consider buying a few helpful how to draw books for you to use.

How Do You Know How To Draw Cartoons The Right Way?

Cartoon Characters are all different, that's one of the unique things about cartoons. They are all different interpretation of the way each artist sees the world in a slightly distorted view. This is why there is no one way to learn how to draw cartoons, because there isn't only one!

There are hundreds of thousands of styles to learn, however there is only 1 style that matters, and that style is, yours.

The entire object of learning how to draw cartoons is to learn the basics. Learn ways that other artists draw cartoons. Learn the basics rules that make a cartoon a cartoon.. and learn how to incorporate these features into your own styles of cartooning. After you have learned the basics on cartooning then you can practice, practice, practice and before you know it you will be drawing cartoons like a pro!

How To Draw Cartoons: Drawing a Trench Coat

How To Draw Cartoons: Cartoon Anatomy

A common question that a lot of beginning cartoonists ask. "Do cartoon characters use human anatomy?" The answer to this is, yes. However, not completely.

A cartoon character is an over exaggerated version of something or someone. Cartoon characters, cats, cars, trees... you get the point.

Cartoon characters do follow human anatomy to make them look human, but they don't completely. Large head and eyes, big nose,spiky hair, big feet, slouched body, are just some common differences. As you watch people draw cartoons and study them for your self you will not only see the human anatomy being put into use but also be able to see where cartoon artists exaggerate and where you can and should too. The basics is, cartooning.. has it's own anatomy based off of the anatomy of a human... so if you know human anatomy your one step closer to learning how to draw cartoons.

How To Draw Cartoons: Drawing Cartoon Hips

How To Draw Cartoons: Cartoon Eyes

How To Draw Kids Cartoon Characters: The Basics

Drawing cartoons and drawing kids cartoons are two COMPLETELY different topics, however if you are wanting to learn how to draw cartoons for kids here are some commonalities kid cartoons share.

1. Kids cartoon characters always have a cheery appearance, they may not always all be smiling but they all should have a light, child like feel to them. They should never be scary.

2. Kids cartoons are always basic. They don't consist of a lot of lines, they are not complicated in shape, or detail.

3. Kids cartoon characters should have only a few colors. Kids don't need a lot of things to look at, too many colors become hard to look especially for young children. Stick to a few colors per character, and stick to basic colors, use red not maroon.

4. Practice, learning to design simple characters that resemble real things can be challenging but with practice you can learn how to draw kids cartoon characters in no time flat!

How To Draw Cartoons: Girls Face

How To Draw Cartoons: Basic Facial Exppression Styles

More Then Just Learning How To Draw Characters

Cartoons are more then just the people type characters, they are of all ages, sizes and other things. Cartoon animals for example are often something people skip over when learning how to draw cartoons. However to be able to draw cartoons and keep a broad spectrum of knowledge at your finger tips you will want to do more then just learn how to draw characters as humans but as other things li,ke animals, and even objects are different cartooned.

How To Draw Cartoons: Draw A Fish In A Cartooning Style

Cartoons are not all human characters, cartoons have animals in them to along with tons of other things. Check out this cool youtube video on how to draw cartoons fish.

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    • Swisstoons profile image

      Thomas F. Wuthrich 7 years ago from Michigan

      That's a cute little pup you've got up there at the top, Kitty! I think you should add lots more of your own original work to this lens.

    • Kit-Kitty profile image

      Kit-Kitty 8 years ago

      Cartoons is a new venture for me, I prefer to work in portraits too. :) Thanks!

    • ayngel boshemia profile image

      Ayngel Overson 8 years ago from Crestone, Co

      Very well done! I've never really been able to do cartoons, I tend to get too busy shading and shaping and coloring. I do a lot of pinup girls and portraits, but for some reason cartoons elude me lol.