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Updated on April 2, 2012

Learning the Art of Tattoos and How to Get Started

What a way to make a living! Doing something that you absolutly love to do and make money doing it! here are videos and pictures to get you started in the learning process. You can learn a lot from watching but even more by actually doing it! The sooner you get started the better you can get at it faster. Don't just sit on your dream! Get out and do it! Hope you enjoy what I have put together for you that was helpful for me to learn how to get started and get the basics down. Sit back and enjoy the videos and all the information you are about to learn!

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Roses tattooed on the side - Some rules to remember


A simple rule of thumb to remember is the fact that anywhere you are tattooing that is close to a bone or not a lot of fatty skin to work with will hurt the person getting it. Which means that they will move a lot more and it will also bleed more. So if you are just starting out you would want to stay away from these areas until you get better with a tattoo gun. This way both you and the customer will be happy and not upset with a line in the wrong place because they moved or in a lot of pain because it will take you longer than someone that is seasoned with experience. So just like this tattoo that is on her side along the rib cage would be a no go for you at first!


Chinese Letters


Supplies absolutly needed to get started

1. A tattoo gun, power supply, power cord, and the power cord for the gun.

The difference of 8 coils, 10 coils or more is how fast the gun gets overheated. So 8 coil is not a bad gun to have it just means you can't use it

as long as you can with the others.

2. rubbing alcohol to wipe the area that will be tattooed. Its nice to have the rubbing alcohol wipes. They make it very convenient.

3. Razor to shave the area you are going to tattoo.

4. Gloves so you can be sanitary and also keeps the ink off your hands.

5. Tattoo ink such as Intenze or star brights. They are some of the best inks to use due to none fading and great colors that are offered.

6. Grommets for your gun

7. Rubber bands to hold the needle in place better so you don't get a shaky line.

8. A variety of tattoo needles. (when you are just starting out make sure to have disposable needles) They are somewhat inexpensive.

9. Also a variety of disposable tubes. They are also somewhat inexpensive.

10. Transfer paper for your art

11. Stick deodorant. Old spice gel stick seems to work the best. (this is for you to use to transfer the art to the area you are going to tat.

Otherwise you will need to buy stencil gel which can get costly and messy. I found that the stencil tends to bleed the ink on the skin. I am

guessing because it is too wet.

12. If you want to draw directly on the skin you can always use permanent markers. Makes sure not to use black or blue. This is so you can see

what you have tattooed.

13. A&D ointment is good to have on hand to put on the finished product. It also helps to use to wipe off the extra ink that is on the skin.

There are many more things that is nice to have around to do tattoos, but these are the only things that you absolutely need to have to get started.

Faith and Trust

Faith and Trust
Faith and Trust

Stars with flower on side


Tribal tattoo


Ankle tattoo

Ankle tattoo
Ankle tattoo



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