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How to make a beautiful birthday card

Updated on March 31, 2010

Learn how to make this beautiful birthday-card

If you have never given much thought to making your own greetings card then..WHY NOT? Making your own cards is a lot easier than you may think, AND ANYONE CAN DO IT....yes EVEN YOU! You don't need an art degree to learn how to create a beautiful hand-made card at home, in this lens i will show you how easily it can be done and show you using step by step instructions and pictures of each step and at the end you will have made this beautiful birthday card that anyone would love to receive shown here..YOU CAN DO IT!

The right tools.

The secret to making a nice greetings card at home is having the right tools for the job.

Firstly, before starting out making your card it is a good idea to have the right tools, these tools don't have to expensive but will give your card a more professional look. I have a separate lens to this one which gives you a list of the card-makers tools which might be a good idea to look at before attempting to make any cards yourself. For those who just want to get stuck in and make the card here are the things which you will need for making the card which i have shown here.

A hard surface

A cutting mat

Pva or Gel glue.



Scissors or guillotine

Square card (any size)

Two sheets of mulberry hand-made paper, one patterned and one plain.

Two foam-backed butterflies (mine have pegs attatched to the back so the butterflies can be detattched and moved around)

I sheet matching backing paper


Flower brads

Flower embellishments.

Great Stuff on Amazon for the home card-maker - The right tools for the job makes for a professional looking card.

Card-making tools need not be expensive if you shop around. Amazon have a great selection available to buy right now.

New YouTube vids about card making

Youtube is great for people that have chosen to make their own cards at home. There are loads of short videos showing you how it is all done.

Hand-made mulbery paper can be used when building your card to give it a proffesional look.

So,you are ready to make your first greetings card.

Once you see for yourself how easy it is you will never want to buy a greetings card ever again.

First you need to make sure that you have a clean, dry surface to work on. I like to make my cards on my lap and so for this reason i always use a wooden bread-board and a self-healing cutting mat. I am using a small square card but you can use any size or shaped card-blank that you like for this card.

When making cards you will find yourself looking at everyday things n wondering if you can use them.

Backing Paper

You should have a backing paper that the rest of the card is going to be based around.

Measure the card and then trim the backing paper so that it covers the entire card, then stick the backing paper onto the card making sure it fits exactly. I use double-sided tape for this but a drop of pva glue does the job just as well. Tip: Don't apply glue to the center of the backing paper..only glue the sides, this prevents the paper from drying with creases or bubbles which will spoil the look of the card.

Building up the papers and colours.

Adding Mulberry Paper to your card and making a "feathery look" edge.

Using hand-made mulberry paper with a "feathery-look" edging really "sets off" the colours and adds a real professional look to the finished card and is really simple to achieve. First cut the mulberry paper to be used to size..smaller than the card so that the backing paper can still be seen. Wet the three outside edges of the cut to size mulberry paper with water..the wetter, the better, don't wet the edge that is to be glued to the spine of the card. Using a ruler, place it on one of the wet edges and tear it across..this will create a feathery edge, do this to all three wet edges and then glue the piece to your card. Then cut the second piece of patterned mulberry paper to fit on top of the first piece..cut it smaller so that the other paper can be seen around the edge.

A professional looking card.

Using layers of different papers makes the card look as though it has been made by a professional card-maker.

I love to use mulberry paper when making cards, when the steps above are used to create a feathery-look to the edges it gives your card that more proffesional look.

Adding brads and embellishments.

Brads are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are easy to attach.

Next, after the papers are stuck down and dry it is time to decorate the card using your chosen brads and embellishments. Brads are so easy to attach, simply make a small hole in the card using a hole punch or a brad and eyeley setting tool , insert the brad and fasten at the back...and that's it, it couldn't be easier.

A good idea is to buy a book on card-making, they teach you how to create different looks for cards.


Add diamante's to your card to "set off" the colours.

I love using diamante on my cards as they make for a professional finish, they set off the colours and make the card twinkle. I stick diamantes to the embellishments that i am going to use before sticking them onto the card..this makes everything "match" as well as making the card shine and stand-out amongst others.

The Finished Card

There you have it..a professional looking card.

Once all your embellishments are stuck on leave the glue to dry for half an hour before you stand it up to make sure nothing drops off. Once it is all dry its time to stand up your card, take a step back and smile at your handiwork..your chosen recipient will love the fact that you made the card yourself.

Links to free backing papers for your cards - Christmas backing papers, birthday backing papers and more. me you make a lot of cards at home then you probably spend money needlessly buying backing papers for your creations?..if so then you will be happy with these links. Each link provides lots and lots of totally free backing papers..either to download or to print straight off from the on-screen picture..easy!.

I made this card recently for my daughters friend ..she was 13, using the same technique as i showed you in this lens.

I made this card recently for my daughters friend ..she was 13, using the same technique as i showed you in this lens.
I made this card recently for my daughters friend ..she was 13, using the same technique as i showed you in this lens.

Another card which i made for my Neice Daisy's 21st birthday.

Another card which i made for my Neice Daisy's 21st birthday.
Another card which i made for my Neice Daisy's 21st birthday.

We are all looking for FREE card-making stuff online like those which i have already added in the links above..but i am sure there are lots more FREE card-making stuff that i haven't added..right? Please add any links which you have to FREE card-making stuff available to print or download here and i shall add them to the links list above so that every reader of this lens can find them easily...Thankyou Muchly Indeedy Tina x

If you have any links to FREE card-making stuff available online please add them here.

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    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 7 years ago

      I forgot to add a link to my lens with free sources! Here it is: Last minute greeting card ideas!

    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 7 years ago

      I love the "free" links.

      Gave you a lensroll to a few of mine about card-making.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 8 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Very informative and well done. Lensrolling to my Greeting Cards lens.