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How to Make a Dragon's Blood Apothecary Bottle - Cheap Chic Jar Craft Demo

Updated on September 10, 2014

Dragon's blood in a bottle


Apothecary bottles are so much fun at Halloween.

Would you like a DIY craft project that's a looks a little bit fancier than the little one's cut out construction paper bats and spiders but cost about the same?

You found it. This upcycle craft project is so easy the kids can do it. It's so cheap, moms won't mind a bit. It doesn't take much at all in the way of time, skill, or supplies.

This jar project was made to look like dragon's blood but the exact same directions could be used to make many things from pixie dust to unicorn blood by simply changing up the colors.

Come along with me as we see how this bottle of blood came into being. We'll scope out each step, talk about what you can use if you don't have what I had on hand and see a few tips and tricks along the way for stretching your crafty dollar.

Temporary tattoos and stickers provide instant art on the bottle


Can the apthecary bottle of dragon's blood be useful?

Or, will it just sit on the shelf and collect dust until All Hallow's Eve has passed?

Then, will it take up much needed space in storage I don't have? Nope, not a bit of it.I'm going to fill this with candy to give as a gift. The candies will have to be individually wrapped because I applied product to the inside of the jar, but no worries. Many candies come that way.

Basically, I'm getting a two for one. Décor and sugary gifting nibblets. This works for me. Further working for me is the fact that the glass bottle started its life as a salsa bottle. It was good but why be gone when the salty snack has given up the ghost?

On top of the jar with lid, I used one sticker, two temporary tattoos, paint, spray on acrylic, glitter, a permanent marker, some ribbon, one red gemstone and one flower charm in the way of supplies. Hair spray will work in a pinch as a substitute for acrylic, so would clear nail polish, anything that dries clear.

Glitter cover the inside of a glass bottle or jar.

Spray the inside of the jar.
Spray the inside of the jar. | Source

Since we are going to go a bit ga ga with the glitter here, be sure to cover up.

Or, go outside. This would be a fun project to do outdoors on the picnic table.

After washing and drying the jar really well, rub it down with a low grade rubbing alcohol just to be sure there's no sticky icky left from the label.

If working inside, be sure to lay down some newspaper or a towel or something so the glitter doesn't go everywhere. Working over a large plastic dish to catch it works good too.

Doing so allows you to save the left over glitter for future fun while avoiding the drugery that is clean up.

Spray the inside of the bottle with acrylic or hairspray. Honestly, both work. If you go with the acrylic, be sure to be outside. You don't want to spray this stinky stuff in the house, I promise you.

Next, pour in about a quarter cup of red glitter. Screw the top on really good and shake it up. After, do it again but this time just sprinkle in a bunch of sliver or gold glitter, not near as much as you did for the red. Repeat the process with the red until the inside is covered.

I hit it three times with the red glitter and once with the silver. The silver glitter I used is actually a silver mix. It's mostly silver but also has flecks of purple, gold and green.

Scroll sticker mother load.

Hot Off The Press Dazzles Stickers 6"X9" 3 Sheets-Black Swirls, Flourishes & Borders
Hot Off The Press Dazzles Stickers 6"X9" 3 Sheets-Black Swirls, Flourishes & Borders

Mega bunches bang for the buck.You could whip out many a project from this one awesome sheet.I love how they all work together. From matching sets of staggared height candle holders to glass ware tumbler sets, I could go nuts with these.


Spray and shake. Spray and shake. It's like a dance.


To stretch the crafty budget, save the glitter. Pour it all into an empty container each time you do a project with glitter. After a few, you will have a great glittery mix to add to your already existing supply and less winds up on the floor.

I used a sticker and a sharpie marker to make the capitol D for dragon's blood. You could use a whole letter sticker, free hand it with paint or decoupage.


I had this scroll looking sticker, actually two of them left over on a sheet of stickers from projects gone by. I thought it would make a good looking D with just a little help, hence the sharpie.

These add such sparkle. This is the perfect size for a medium to large glass project.

Me & My Big Ideas Rhinestone Word and Icon Stickers, Mini Scroll Ornament 2/Crystal
Me & My Big Ideas Rhinestone Word and Icon Stickers, Mini Scroll Ornament 2/Crystal

This has such versitility. It would look awesome on this project or many others.

From fairy dust to a glass tea pitcher this would be a show stopper.

I think this would look so good on a dark color glass as well as clear, but can you image like on a dark purple?


Easy as it gets instant art on glass


Bring on the temporary tattoos.

Most kids already know how to do this on their hands.

Why not on glass? They go on exactly the same just easier. Cut them out. Peel the front. Put it on the glass face down and wet it. I used a paint brush, but you could just as easily use your finger dabbed in water.

When the backing is soaked, just lift it off carefully. Viola. One instant image.

It's best to play around with it first to be sure you get it where you want it. If not, just peel it off while wet and grab another. When you get it like you want it, give it a few squirts with the acrylic or the hair spray.

When you have applied all the images you want, bring on some ribbon to trim out the bottle.


I did this step with a glue gun but it would work just as well with regular glue, Mod Podge, rubber cement or any manner of things much safer for the little ones than a hot glue gun.

Save all your ribbon scraps.Just throw them in a jar. For projects like this, it just takes a really small piece to do things like the outer rim of the lid.

Last up is the lid. A little paint, some glitter, glue and a charm gives way to one done up matching lid.

Ribbon, paint, glue, glitter and a charm.
Ribbon, paint, glue, glitter and a charm. | Source

Rate the dragon's blood upcycle project.

Cast your vote for Dragon's blood apothecary bottle

All apothecary jars need a lid.

We don't want our scary stuffs getting out and running wild do we? This was so simple.

Glue ribbon to the outer edge. Paint out the top. Sprinkle a little glitter on it while the paint is still wet. To the charm, I hot glued on red gem stone. Then, attached the charm.

You could use a bead, knob, so many things would work.

Check it out, one apothecary bottle complete with dragon's blood for the upcoming spooky time season.

Dragon's blood in a bottle on the shelf by the fairy dust


Apothecary can be so varied.

If doing an apothecary set up for the scary boo day, what kind would you like?

See results

A few minutes to let everything dry well and we have one finished bottle of dragon's blood.

You could use pink, lavender, light green, silver, white or gold glitter to get a pixie or fairy dust look.

Just change out the dragon image for a fairy, the D for an F and it's all good.

For unicorn tears, you could use blue, white, silver or a combination of the same.

Spider and snake venom would work well with blacks, grays and greens.

You get the idea.

Let your imaginations run wild and have some crafty type kooky fun for the spooky this year.

Save your money on some of the decorations so you can get more candy. Whatever you do, have some fun!

Life's short. Live it up.

© 2014 Rhonda Lytle

Do you like glass crafts? Upcycle projects? Halloween crafty type fun in general? What do you like to do for the scary season?

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    • Rhonda Lytle profile imageAUTHOR

      Rhonda Lytle 

      3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      ~poetryman6969 Right! Those confounded dragons, always causing a ruckus yet never available when you actually want one around, like politicians! ;) God bless and most happy hubbing.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      Now I have a place to store my dragon's blood. Now where is that confounded dragon! There's never a dragon around when you need one.


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