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How To Make A Magnetic Clasp Bracelet

Updated on February 13, 2015
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Kick Your Jewelry Creations Up A Level!

If you've dabbled with making beaded bracelets out of stretch elastic, you might enjoy learning to make an easy elastic or wire bracelet with a gorgeous magnetic clasp! I'll show you how to do it, and where to get what you need. Just imagine what a lovely gift you could create for the girls on your holiday shopping list! You could do a special birthstone bracelet, a rainbow bracelet, or you could just do a bracelet in their favorite color.

A Surprise Benefit...

You can make multiple bracelets and wear them combined in different ways as necklaces of varying lengths just by attaching the magnetic clasps together! For example, wear four 8" bracelets as one long 32" necklace.

Crystal Encrusted Magnetic Clasps Are My Favorite...

These come in gold, silver and rhodium plated colors. You can also find them with different colors of crystals, although most are clear.

Here's One Of Those Rare Birds...

Here is a pretty silver clasp with colored crystals! One of those rarer finds I mentioned.

You Say...

What Do You Think About Magnetic Jewelry?

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Here Are The Tools You'll Need.

You'll need some simple jewelry pliers and wire cutters to accomplish making this bracelet.

Here's The Best Wire To Use!

You can buy all kinds of wire ranging from about $4 a roll to $16 a roll and up. In my opinion, the wire I've listed below is a good strong wire to use while not being cost prohibitive.

Here's A Bracelet Finished Differently...

Here is a bracelet done without crimp beads, using hand tied knots in the wire instead and hiding the knots inside beads with cement.
Here is a bracelet done without crimp beads, using hand tied knots in the wire instead and hiding the knots inside beads with cement.

How To Make The Magic!

Start by measuring your wrist - or use a bracelet that fits the way you want as a guide. Start by stringing onto the spool of wire these items in the following order:

Magnetic clasp (separated half)

Crimp bead

6mm Swarovski bicone (or another crystal with a hole large enough for two strands of the wire to fit through)

Beads in pattern of your choosing until bracelet is your desired measurement allowing for the other half of clasp

End pattern with the same type of crystal you started with. Then add another crimp bead and the other half of the magnetic clasp.

Place a clothespin clamp on free end of bracelet.

Cut wire 4-6" past end of bracelet and secure with another clothespin clamp

Make sure you scoot the beads down to allow an equal length of wire extending from each end.

Remove clamp and run free end of wire backward through the crimp bead, the next crystal, and as many other beads as it will fit through. With your pliers, smash the crimp bead to secure the bracelet. Repeat this step for the other end of the bracelet.

With your wire cutters, trim off excess wire allowing enough to tuck the end inside the nearest bead.

Place a drop of jewelry cement into bead opening of the last bead the wire went into to hold it in place.

Center crimp bead cover over crimp bead and gently close with pliers.

Enjoy your bracelet!


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