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How to Make A Mark with Art

Updated on November 18, 2014

Makingamark's "How to" Compendium for Artists

Answers for artists wanting to know

  • how to write about their art and being an artist;
  • how to price art and market art, how to sell art online and ship art and
  • how to review and critique art.

When people start to create art, they have lots of "HOW TO" questions. However if they then want to go on to exhibit or sell their art, the "how to" questions don't go away. If anything they just mulitiply!

I have created a lot of my "how to" sites - which you can see below - as an aide memoire for myself and other artists.

I'm very happy to share the links to advice and information about "how to" make your mark on the art world and art collectors with all the artists out there!

Do let me know how you get on!

How to Make A Mark in Art!

how are you going to make a mark with your art?

If you want to exhibit or sell your art, the work doesn't stop when the paint dries!

There's an awful lot to know if you want to be professional and business-like about your art. I know I had MASSES of questions when I started.

Such as:

* How do I go about pricing my paintings?

* How should I write an artist's statement? What should it include?

* Does an artists CV include everything else I've ever done?

* What do I need to know if I want to sell my art online?

* How should I pack artwork so it gets to its destination undamaged?

* What's the best way of sending art overseas?

* How do I find out if somebody is displaying my art on their website?

* What do I need to think about when reviewing art?

If some of these questions are the ones which you've been pondering on - or you'd just like to check out whether you know everything I know - then take a look at the sites listed below.

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION - do please leave a note of it in the feedback section. I'll try and answer it and also add it to my list of questions which need a resource for artists!

How to tell people about you and your art - marketing yourself as an artist

A lot of making a mark with your art is about selling yourself as an artist. Below you'll find informative and helpful sites which help you to present yourself well to your potential customers, galleries and people giving out grants!

If you're very new to art you've probably never even heard of an artist's statement! This is where you can find out what they are and how to write one so you can use it when trying to market your art or get it into galleries, group exhibitions or art competitions

How to be professional in your art practice - top quality presentation

Presentation is very important. It's so easy to ruin a good painting by signing it in a way which detracts from the artwork - or to by sending it in packaging which won't protect it.

Promote future sales by paying attention to the quality of the presentation of your artwork

Avoid having to refund that sale you made by paying attention to the advice I've collected and included in the sites below

How to sell your art - what are the different options for pricing art?

The site "How to sell art online" is a big bookmark for all the other sites created by makingamark which are about art business and specifically relate to how to sell your art.

Pricing is probably one of those areas which more artists agonise over than any other (except maybe writing an artist's statement). There is no one right answer. However there are a number of methods which have been used over time - and this site tells you about them

How to review art - what do you think about the art you look at?

Learning about art involves looking at art - and then trying to digest what you see. When you come to write your thoughts down, you're reviewing art!

How to do a reverse image search

The extent of unauthorised copying and breaches of copyright which occur on the net makes it advisable to know how to do a reverse image search.

There are a number of tools which can help you - and this site explains how

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