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How To Make A Router Table Wooden Trivet

Updated on August 31, 2017

Wooden Table Trivets

It has always amazed me how beautiful and useful this item is. You see how intricate it looks,and how decorative it will be for your home. Trivets are great to prevent heat and moisture damage to your tables and counter-tops.Using them is a good idea when ever you need to keep your hot dishes and pans from making direct contact with vulnerable surfaces.traditionally a trivet was made of metal and mostly iron and was a stand with three legs. the TRI- in trivet means three. So it is a bit different to see trivets that are flat and are four sided. These Trivets are not traditional, but serve a use similar to the traditional 3 legged,to keep hot things elevated.

Making Router Table Trivets Videos - Please watch the follow up video to catch topics not covered in the first video

Making Trivets On A Table Saw

This is a neat idea for those that have a table saw and not a router table. These trivets are really nice and easy to make. I like this pattern of trivet it is more delicate looking sort of a lattice affect.When picking your patterns and Trivets you want to consider the d├ęcor you are going to use them in. Some trivets made of bamboo are in need of an oil that keeps them from drying out. Hard woods are probably the best choice for all around wood working projects.Choice the wood that best suits your needs.

Making Trivets On A Table Saw Video

Ceramic Trivets with Framing

This kind of Trivet Is quite elegant looking. It is not to difficult to make and the rewards are all the compliments you will get I really like this project it is not a complicated one and it requires no really hard to get items.It is a very creative and complimentary piece of wood working art. The use of Ceramic tiles in wood working projects gives it a nice change from the traditionally use all trivets I have seen in the past. The tiles could be leftovers from your tiling in your kitchen. Matching trivets would be a neat accessory to a newly remodeled kitchen.

Making A Trio Of Trivets

Wine Cork Trivets

This trivet is not only functional and nice looking it will be a real conversation piece. If you don't drink a lot of wine you might need to find someone who does and ask them to save you the corks. the framing up for the corks is similar to the frames made for the ceramic trivet. Cork trivets can be very useful for pots and pans that condensate and well as those that are in need of a hot-pad. The cork will contain the moisture and later it dries quickly. I think with is a very original idea for trivet making. Imagine the different patterns you can create with your corks.If you are not feeling creative you could always substitute the wine corks for one solid pre-cut cork board piece.

Wine Cork Trivet Video

Trash To Treasure Trivets

Do you have a lot of scrap wood laying around your workshop from past projects? This is an excellent way to use it up in a really creative way. Wood working is a great hobby,that creates wonderful useful items and when you can use up your scrap wood to free up space for more projects then it is a good thing. Trash to treasure trivets will probably be a new way to be creative as you can use more than one wood and create even more interesting trivets. just think of the possibilities.

Trash To Treasure Trivets Videos


Having A Project Plan

It is always a good rule of thumb to have a plan before going into a project.

The way I usually plan a project it to create an outline of what the project will be.

What tools I will need. What materials are required and gather all tools and materials before I start.

Set up your project so that everything is easy accesses and use your good judgement to make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment for use doing the project.

Below I have made available some good informational links as well and some links for free patterns. Some of the patterns are for download in a PDF format and use Adobe Reader.

Please feel free to look around and enjoy the informational videos.

Have a Great Day!

Your Opinion Counts

Do you feel more informed about making trivets? Was it a good experience?

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    • rebecca-mathews1 profile image

      rebecca-mathews1 4 years ago

      @Gypzeerose: thanks :) i love trivets so useful and can be so beautiful.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      Very clever craft. Pinned to my crafts board.

    • ideaman21 lm profile image

      ideaman21 lm 4 years ago

      Very cool. I had never heard of a trivet before. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.