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How to Make a Scary Skull Stained Glass Candle Holder - Jar Craft Scrap Busting Demo

Updated on September 8, 2014

DIY stained glass skull candle holders.


Safety alert -

When using old glass containers for candle holders, be sure they are made of thicker glass. Very thin glass may crack or even shatter.

This is one of the easiest craft projects I have ever done.

I did a mason jar candle holder a little while back. It was a lot of fun, but I wasn't really happy with it and wanted to try again.

I had an old pickle jar laying around that fell victim to my crafting Halloween lust. With some paint, Mod Podge, doilies, ribbon and temporary tattoos, a haunted skull, faux stained glass candle holder was spawned.

Follow along for step by step instructions that are really a breeze to pull off. Better yet, it's super creepy on the cheap.The temporary tattoos come in a four pack for about a buck.

You can find them for pennies per picture on the kid's party favor aisle at your local super store, party store or even Wal-Mart. You would think all four sheets would be the same, but no. Go figure.

Skulls, spiders, rainbows, roses, if you can find it in a temporary tattoo, you can do this. Cover your work surface and let's get going.


To make a mess or not, that is the question.

What kind of painter are you?

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It's going to get messy.

I can't paint without getting it everywhere to save my life. So, I always cover the table where I'm working. Grab an old towel, a white board like I did, some newspaper, whatever and let's get to the crafty goodness.

You will need one glass container, some paint, ribbon, Mod Podge, water, temporary tattoos, a large and a small paint brush, a few paper doilies and a glue gun.

Step number two is to paint the inside of the jar. To get the opaque look here, use a good bit of glitter paint.


To get this see through purple, I mixed just a little purple with a lot of silver glitter craft paint. Paint it directly onto the inside of the jar.

Do you need some jars to give it a go?

Ball Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12
Ball Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12

I like to get these in bulk. You can never have enough storage and these work for just about anything, as well as for crafty goodness.

Bulk is always a better bang for the buck, assuming you will use them all.

I would love to do these for gifts. Fill with candy or a candle, bath salts or home made jelly, the options are infinite.

If you plan on using it for food, like sugary nibblet gifts, be sure to paint the outside of the jar only.

To get a color affect without using any paint at all, just line the jars with tissue paper before filling.


Step three is to apply the temporary tattoos. - You will need a small paint brush and a little water for this step.


Frugal alert:

Temporary tattoos are much more affordable purchased in large packages. You will have leftovers after any project.

After a few projects, these things can really add up to a great bank of tattoos on hand.

Cut out the tattoo you want to use. Place it face down where you want it on the outside of the jar. It helps to lay the jar on its side for this.

Take the top protective film off the tattoo. Using a small paintbrush, hold the tattoo in place face down on the jar with one finger while liberally applying water. Rub just a tad and remove the backing.

To keep it from smudging, blast it with hair spray immediately.

Step four gives us the lacy look. I kind of like the contrast of the scary skulls and a lacy look.


Cut the edges off a doily. Using just a few drops of hot glue here and there, glue a strip of the cut doily to the top and another to the bottom of the jar.

Step five trims out the top. Grab some ribbon.


Just cut to size, wrap the lid of the jar and glue it down with the glue gun.I did one strip of purple and a strip of black here.

Last step, apply a generous layer of Mod Podge to the doily parts.


Real or faux?

Which candle is the way to go?

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I also painted the inside edges with a rough coat of the same color I did the inside of the jar with. I just added some to the paint and brushed it on the paper doily.Be bored waiting for it to dry.

Ho, hum, about an hour later, you have one scary skull, faux, stained glass candle holder.

Check it out.

To do the smaller candle holder, just use a plain white doily. Color it with magic marker.


Then, paint a thin layer of water over it to bleed out the colors. Let it dry. Cut and glue on just like the larger silver doilies.


So easy, so frugal and as scary as you want it to be.


Crafty tip -

Temporary tattoos go on paper, cardboard, wood, just about any surface. The decorating options are unfathomable.

You could beatify the world and wash it off at the drop of a hat for change. Very cool.

Of course, this technique would work for any kind of decorations you want.

I can't wait to try whipping up some Christmas décor.

No matter what kind of artwork you want in a faux, stained glass candle holder, give it a crafty go with some temporary tattoos and see the cool come alive.

© 2014 Rhonda Lytle

What do you think? Would you try using temporary tattoos for crafting? Have any other spooky crafty tips or tricks to share?

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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      @Facleu: Thank you :)!

    • Facleu profile image

      Facundo 3 years ago

      Awesome! i love it!