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How to Make Dragon's Breath in a Bottle - Apothecary Jar Craft Demo

Updated on September 9, 2014

Dragon breath in a bottle


Dragon's breath, dragon blood, eggs, anything dragon works for me.

At Halloween, dragons fit in so well with spooky d├ęcor. Be they uber scary boo or cute as can be for the kiddies, dragons are so much fun.The mythical dragon has been around for centuries and is found in every culture in the world. From tee shirts to popular movies, books and tattoos, dragons are huge.

Let's make some cool dragon stuffs for Halloween that can hang out and still look good after All Hallow's Eve is but a memory.

The breath part of our dragon's breath apothecary bottle here is bath salts that I just whipped up. What good is a bottle with nothing in it? Come along for the easiest project ever that's really affordable to pull off.

Mix up several shades


Scoop and heap inside. Repeat around and around until the jar is full.

Be sure to get the lid on good and tight.
Be sure to get the lid on good and tight. | Source

First up, mix the dragon's breath bath salts.

You need Epsom salt, bowls, red and blue food coloring and a spoon.

Set aside one bowl to just leave plain white.In another bowl, start mixing the blue. Do just one drop and mix. Set some aside. Add another drop and mix. Set aside again, Keep repeating until you have all the shades of one color you want.

Do the same for the red. To make the silver tone, add one drop red to one drop blue and mix before adding to plain white salt. Adding more of the same mixture darkens the color.

If you want smellies, now is the time to add scented oil. I used jasmine. Just add one drop to each mixed bowl and give it a good tossing about.

To get the swirl look, just use a spoon to put the salts in the jar alternating colors after every three to seven spoonfuls heaped onto the sides of the jar.

Tall bottles, short bottles, fat and skinny alike, they are all so cute! I'm seeing tons of gift basket fillers here.

Genie Blown Glass Potion potions decorative miniature decorative Egyptian Perfume bottles Mix set of 6pc by CraftsOfEgypt
Genie Blown Glass Potion potions decorative miniature decorative Egyptian Perfume bottles Mix set of 6pc by CraftsOfEgypt

The filling options abound. I could do some with salts, some with flavored sugar, some with DIY bubble bath.

I'm going to be as busy as Santa's busiest elf.

The best thing about giving something like this filled and decorated by your own hand is after its been emptied, it still lives on long loved by the recipient.


The upcycle part of this cool craft is the jar. This humble olive jar is moving up in the world.

DIY dragon's breath in a bottle - Apothecary bottle craft
DIY dragon's breath in a bottle - Apothecary bottle craft | Source

Start the bottle with a serious scrubbing.

After a long soak and good scrubbing, we have one clean glass base with a lid to work on.

The bath salts here are so fast and easy to make. All of it is made from Epsom salts with red food coloring, blue or some combination of both colors and scented jasmine oil. Getting the layered swirl look took nothing more than a spoon. It's like sand art just with salt.

Check it out.

Tape off the jar where you want to paint the lines.


Grab the tape and the paint.

I taped off a line using a piece of tape above and below where I wanted each of two lines.

Mine didn't hold as well as I would have liked. To avoid this hassle in your project, use painter's tape or spray with acrylic after laying the tape and let dry before painting.

For the paint, I wanted a darker shade of blue than what I had. So, instead of taking off to the store, I added a few drops of black to the blue paint I had on hand and went to slinging it.

Three coats and some dry time later, I had two stripes.

Next up, stickers and temporary tattoos. Who needs to be a great artist when you can get these for under a buck?


I've so gone gaga for stickers and temporary tattoos on a my glass crafting of late. It's awesome to be able to get the most killer art so easily with zilch in the way of artistic talent.

The flourish stickers I used were Sticko brand. The temporary tattoos were Ed Hardy. A major shout out for the tattoos. I got this one pack for like a buck seventy five. It had over 30 images. Not bad at all.

The crafty options are endless.

Genie Blown Glass Potion potions decorative miniature decorative Egyptian Perfume bottles Mix set of 12pc by CraftsOfEgypt
Genie Blown Glass Potion potions decorative miniature decorative Egyptian Perfume bottles Mix set of 12pc by CraftsOfEgypt

Candles, oils, homemade vinegar, homemade brandy, you name it, you could pour it in here and have a jaw dropping gift.I would love to do sets with these.

Take two or three in the same shade and fill with related items. I could do one with vanilla sugar, one with cinnamon sugar and one with mint sugar for my gal pals. Love it!


I shall not lie. The letters were a pain in the behind.


How to make the writing on the apothecary jar.

The stickers just peel and stick which is not hard at all. Lining them up was a pain. I'm not good at getting straight lines, and I missed here but it's close enough.

For the temporary tattoos, cut, stick face down where you want it after removing the cover film and wet within an inch of its life.

Seriously, the Ed Hardy ones take more water than other brands. You really have to soak this puppy or it will tear. When it's so wet it gets slippery, gently peel it up. Spray the image with hairspray or a spray on acrylic sealant.

The lid of the dragon's breath in a bottle


A dash of ribbon here, another sticker there. You get it.

Lastly, let's do up this lid.

Paint it out with the same color used for the stripes.

I did about three coats here. Take a second to flip it over and do the edging on the bottom.

It's annoying to see it from a lower angle and see funky lid color in your jar of dragon's breath. I think not.

To the middle of the lid, one fat bead was glued. To the top of it, one dark blue gemstone got stuck.

Around that, I glued down tiny flower rosettes. The whole thing was painted with a rough coat of Mod Podge. Glitter was sprinkled atop while wet.

Make a wish and let it dry. You'll get one bottle of dragon's breath on the fly.

A view of the back of the bottle of dragon's breath.
A view of the back of the bottle of dragon's breath. | Source

I'm giving these as gifts this year. While it's full of bath salts, that's not the only way they can be used. I like to just take the lid off sometimes and let the fragrance fill the room.

As long as you reseal tightly after each airing, the fragrance stays strong for a very long time.

Dragon breath complete with dragons


Typecasting has given dragons a bad name.

A long, long time ago...

In a land probably closer than we think, the fine and noble name that was dragon became forever besmirched in the annals of history. Folks have gone off through the ages about a dragon symbolizing the first evil and other such rubbish. Hogswallow.

It all started with a bumbling youngling named Harold. For real. Would I kid you? Harold was just learning to fly and control his mojo when he hit a pocket of turbulence. He could have handled it just fine but at the exact same moment, Delia flew by.

She was the throb of every dragon's heart back in the day with her glowing purple scales, her long sinuous wings, her polished ruby red claws.

Anyway, poor Harold did what any red blooded young male would. He tried to impress the girl with flights of aerodynamic fancy. Sadly for him and all dragons hence, he failed miserably.

He took a nose dive into a local village. When he landed, he hit the ground so hard he farted much to his eternal shame. Having landed right by the smithy's fire made it even worse. The entire village burned to the ground. Every dragon since has suffered the shame and been branded through time as something to be feared.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Dragon head on the left of the bottle.The Ed Hardy dragon temporary tattoo makes killer art on glass.Flourish sticker on the back.
Dragon head on the left of the bottle.
Dragon head on the left of the bottle. | Source
The Ed Hardy dragon temporary tattoo makes killer art on glass.
The Ed Hardy dragon temporary tattoo makes killer art on glass. | Source
Flourish sticker on the back.
Flourish sticker on the back. | Source

Are dragons really evil or did they just get a bad wrap?

To save money, I only get the temporary tats in one place, the kid's party favor aisle. For the exact Ed Hardy pack I used, I did a search online to see if I could find them. I did, for over twelve dollars. That's insane! Grab on the kid's aisle for dollar store prices.

Do you like dragons? What are some of your favorite dragon things? Movies, books, crafts, decor, you name it.

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