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51 Outstanding Garland Craft Ideas

Updated on April 1, 2019
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Handcrafted garlands are a beautiful addition to holiday and other special occasion décor. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, bridal and baby showers are all times when a garland is both appropriate and space enhancing.

All of the ideas shown in this article include all the information needed to make the garland featured in the photo. I hope you find this article helpful in your search to find “just the right” project to suit your needs.

To make the beautiful Christmas garland shown above, go to the A Pinch of Joy site.

1. Stars and Buttons Garland

Make a patriotic stars garland for the 4th of July and Memorial Day celebrations this year. See how easy this garland is to make by going to THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE for the tutorial.

2. Fabric Leaf Garland

It won't take a whole lot of fabric to make this Fall leaf garland. As a matter of fact, if you have scraps of fabric left over from other fall projects, you'll have plenty. The tutorial for making this fabric leaf garland is found at Good Housekeeping.

3. Disco Ball Garland

If you can find the tiny disco balls at a dollar store, this garland could be very inexpensive. You can find the directions for this project at the SHABBY CREEK COTTAGE.

4. Lighted Rag Garland

The tutorial for making this lighted rag garland is found at Infarrantly CREATIVE.

5. Felt Doll Garland

You'll find the tutorial for making the felt dolls at CharlaAnne. For Christmas, consider making the little felt dolls and add wings and a halo. I can think of lots of ways to customize this garland.

6. Paper Fan Garland

Make a fan garland for a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower or for a wedding. You'll find the easy to follow pictured tutorial on the CRAFTAHOLICS ANONYMOUS site.

7. Tassels Garland

By just changing the colors of the tissue paper, will make each tassel garland unique. Perfect for any occasion. You'll find the instructions for making this garland at the sweetest occasion.

8. Mini Pine Cone Garland

The simplicity of this garland makes it appropriate for many occasions. Use a single strand of this mini pine cone garland to decorate a small Christmas tree, or use a multitude of strands across the mantel. The tutorial for making the mini pine garland is found at eat, knit & diy.

9. Vintage Advent Calendar Garland

The tutorial for this garland includes a tutorial on how to print vintage pictures onto linen fabric. The instructions are very easy to understand. Find the tutorial for making this Advent calendar garland at HGTV.

10. Pumpkin Garland

A pumpkin wreath can be used when decorating for any fall occasion, plus Thanksgiving and Halloween. See how easy this impressive garland is to make by going to tatertots & jello for the tutorial.

11. Lighted Flower Garland

Imagine how beautiful and elegant this garland will look decorating your bridal shower or wedding reception area. Find the tutorial for making this paper flower garland at DIY & Craft.

12. Glitter Tipped Paper Feathers Garland

The pretty glittered tips on these paper feathers really makes this garland outstanding. Making this garland is a lot easier than the photo makes it appear. The tutorial for making the glitter tipped feathers and for assembling the garland is found at lia griffith.

13. Double Heart Cards Garland

For a super attractive Valentine's Day garland, make this double row heart cards garland. You'll find the instructions for making this beautiful garland at Happiness is Homemade

14. Mini Gift Boxes Garland

Make a little garland using these mini gift boxes for that mini Christmas tree that you want to decorate. Or, use two strands of these mini gift garlands to hang from the mantel. OH HAPPY DAY is where you'll find the tutorial.

15. Witch's Shoes Garland

This photo doesn't show the witch's shoes very well, but when you go to the Nap Time Journal site for the tutorial, you'll get a better look. A really nice Halloween garland.

16. Valentine Love Garland

Be sure to make this garland early so you can display it for the whole month of February. This pretty Valentine garland can be made by following the tutorial at a pretty life.

17. Paper Heart Garland

18. Tissue Fringe Garland

There are so many beautiful themed and colored tissue papers available, that the hardest part of making this garland will be picking out the tissue paper. BRIT+CO is the site you'll go to to find the tutorial.

19. Crocheted Hearts Garland

Make a beautiful crocheted hearts garland for a special occasion for an extra special person. A bridal or baby shower come to mind. The pattern directions for making this hearts garland can be found at Craft Night Blog .

20. Winter Garland

The tutorial for this garland, found on the Crafts Unleashed blog, uses wood slices.

21. Dixie Cup Garland

This dixie cup garland would be attractive even without the string lights, but I'm sure that it is down right beautiful lit up. You'll find the tutorial for making the dixie cup garland at HEY GORGEOUS.

22. Pinwheel Garland

Imagine all the ways that this pinwheel garland could be used. There are beautiful scrapbook papers for any and all occasions. You'll find the directions for making the pinwheels and the garland at Hoosier Homemade.

23. Lighted Raffia and Hearts Garland

This raffia and hearts garland could be used for bridal and wedding decorations as well as for Valentine's Day. Find the tutorial for this garland at How to Make a Lighted Raffia Valentine Garland.

24. Cupcake Pom Poms Garland

This is a super easy-to-make garland, and the uses for it are too many to state. Be sure to go to CRAFTED BY LINDY for the tutorial.

25. Happy Halloween Garland

This is a Pottery Barn inspired garland. Jute and canvas cloth makes this Halloween garland so special. Go to Sweet Something designs to find the tutorial.

26. Vintage Lace and Fabric Hearts Garland

I love the looks of the vintage fabric hearts on the lace ribbon making up this garland. This would be perfect for a baby shower or a little girls birthday party. Find the instructions for making this garland at claireabellemakes.

27. Tissue Flowers Garland

28. Cinnamon Sticks Garland

Any occasion or décor that uses the shabby chic theme would be enhanced with this cinnamon sticks garland. And can you imagine the wonderful aroma coming from the cinnamon sticks. The tutorial is found at Ruffled .

29. Star Garland

Make a star garland for your party or for your wedding. Stars are so appropriate for so many occasions that this garland will be useful many times during the year. GREEN WEDDING SHOES is where you'll go for the tutorial.

30. Cinnamon Angel Garland

31. Crepe Bows Garland

Crepe paper is used to make the bows for this garland, so the supplies to make it are very inexpensive. And the instructions are found on the FLAIR EXCHANGE blog.

32. Doily Garland

This simply beautiful doily garland is so easy to make, but look how it adds elegance. For a Valentine decoration or add as chair garlands to enhance your bridal table. Go to Ella Claire to find the tutorial for making this doily garland.

33. Easy Christmas Trees Garland

The kids will love helping make this garland using cardstock and twine. The super easy instructions are found at Design IMPROVISED. Use a cookie cutter for your tree pattern.

34. Fall Felt Garland

Choosing felt in fall colors makes this a beautiful autumn garland. This is a garland that the kids can help make. The instructions can be found at SCOUTIEGIRL.

35. Corn Husk Pom Poms Garland

The corn husk pom poms and the autumn leaves on this garland are so attractive. I could definitely decorate with this garland The instructions for making this garland with corn husk pom poms is found at Centsational Girl.

36. All Occasions Felt Garland

The tutorial at TWINKLE AND twine explains how to make the letters for a Thanksgiving, or other occasions, garland. This would be a great garland idea for a classroom.

37. Love Garland

Make a garland for Valentine's Day with love letters to decorate the mantel. Bugaboo City shares the tutorial for this garland.

38. Circles Garland

Gather together all your old Christmas cards and make this garland for your tree. You might even consider noting on the circles, the year and who the card was from, so the garland becomes a family heirloom. Find the tutorial for this project at craftstylish.

39. Pom Pom Garland

Look at the outstanding pom pom garland that can be made using beautiful yarns. Find the tutorial for making this Pom Pom Garland at Momtastic Life.

40. I Love You More Garland

Make this special garland for your wedding reception. It expresses a real love message. Go to One Fab Day for the instructions for this beautiful garland.

41. Hearts Garland

Any occasion that has anything to do with love, will be a perfect occasion for this garland. Valentine's day, bridal and baby showers, weddings, birthdays are all those special occasions. Go to GREEN WEDDING SHOES for the hearts garland tutorial.

42. Vintage Fabrics Garland

You'll love this vintage fabrics garland for your wedding decorations. Go to INTIMATE WEDDINGS to find the tutorial for making this garland.

43. Halloween Garland

I love the raffia included in this garland. Find the instructions for making it at Holiday Crafts AND CREATIONS.

44. Flower Garland

Oh, this is so very lovely. RUSTIC WEDDING Chic shares the tutorial for making this floral garland for yourself. This garland could be used for almost any occasion where you want a garland.

45. Baby's Breath and Birds Garland

The birds added to this baby's breath garland gives this an outstanding look. I think I'd consider using music sheet paper to make the birds. The bird template and the tutorial for making this garland are found at oncewed .

46. Holiday Garlands

You'll find the instructions on how to make all four of the holiday garlands shown here. Just follow the instructions at the sweetest occasion to make your own garlands.

47. Rainbow Geo Garland

When you have a large area to decorate, then garlands like these make filling that space easier. You'll find the directions for making the geometric design garlands at OH HAPPY DAY.

48. Lighted Tulle and Lace Garlands

I love the lighted garlands, and this one using tulle and lace is especially beautiful. The tutorial at HAYSEED HOMEMAKIN tells us how we can make a garland like this lovely one.

49. Starfish Garland

Imagine a beach side wedding or party and then imagine how nice a starfish garland would look as it's décor. The tutorial at THE chickabug BLOG includes directions on making salt dough starfish.

50. Bandana Banner Garland

Another outstanding garland idea. Some occasions beg for the use of bandanas in the décor, and when that happens, go to THIRTY HANDMADE DAYS for the tutorial for making this bandana garland.

51. Bat and Ghosts Garland

I think this would be so much fun to make with a classroom of kids. They would love to make and display this work of art. Find the instructions for making this Halloween garland at EVITE BLOG.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

Do You Love Garlands for Seasonal and Holiday Decorating? or leave a comment.

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    • lbrummer profile imageAUTHOR

      Loraine Brummer 

      4 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      I love it that there is a garland for almost any occasion. And they are easy to make.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      4 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I love the garlands you showcased. I've never tried to make a garland. I think I will now.


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