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How to Make Your Own Kawaii (Chibi) Dolls in Polymer Clay - These Tutorials Demonstrate the Possibilities

Updated on March 16, 2014

Who doesn't love kawaii dolls (see pic)? With their 'simple' features, large eyes and amazing hair, kawaii dolls are so hot. And the great thing about them is: You can craft them yourself!

Just do what I did: Take some polymer clay, decide on your kawaii doll and start modeling. There's no need to be 'anatomically precise' in kawaii; kawaii isn't about 'photo realism'. Kawaii is about cute. For my first kawaii doll, I didn't even make any preparatory sketches. I simply took up a piece of polymer clay and started shaping a kawaii body from it. I was astonished how rapidly I had just the look I wanted. Now for the head. Another 'lump' of clay, rolled into a sphere. I used a portrait to 'get the look right', I sculpted the finer details of the face with a craft knife and a long drawing pin. Simple 'strips' of dark clay made him a beautiful head of curls. He was my first kawaii doll - and he's a masterpiece.

Want to craft your own kawaii masterpiece doll? In this lens, I've gathered together some inspirational tutorials, so you to will be inspired to make your own kawaii figurine in polymer clay.

Image Credit: LilacSprinkles @ YouTube

You Will Need

Sculpey III Oven Bake Clay Sampler 1oz, 30/pkg
Sculpey III Oven Bake Clay Sampler 1oz, 30/pkg

To make kawaii dolls from polymer clay... you must have some polymer clay. And since kawaii dolls are so colorful, only a full rainbow of colors will do them (and you) justice.


How to Make a Kawaii Doll in Polymer Clay

How to Make a Kawaii Doll in Polymer Clay

You'll be astonished how simple it is to make a kawaii doll (or chibi as they are sometimes called). The very features that make a chibi cute are the same features that make her easy to craft. Just watch these tutorials and you'll see how.

Now You Have Made Your First Kawaii Chibi Doll

Remember you can give your kawaii chibis any skin-tone you wish; just 'mix' that color of polymer clay for the face and hands. Ditto for her hair!

Not All Chibis are Girls, Here's Some Kawaii Boy Chibis You Can Create

How to Personalise Your Kawaii Chibi Doll

How to Make Great Hairstyles & Clothes for Your Kawaiis

Become a chibi hair stylist & personal shopper; design and make your own chibi 'gear' with these tutorials:

Fun Acessories for Your Chibi

Personalise your chibi one of these fun 'extra's. How about giving her/him a pair of headphones, or a camera? Or an icecream sandwich? Or a rainbow...

Japanese-style Kawaiis

How to Make Chibi Manga/Anime Girls

Kawaii comes from the Japanese word for "cute," and these 'authentic' Japanese chibis capture that spirit. Watch these tutorials to see how you can craft your very own.

How to Make Kokeshi Dolls in Polymer Clay

A more traditional type of Japanese doll, but still mega-kawaii. Watch the clips for inspiration on molding kokeshi in polymer clay.

Spooky Halloween Kawaii Chibis

"You Can't Tell Me You've Never Heard of Jack Skellington... THE Jack Skellington? - "I make a wonderful Halloween chibi..."

Kawaii + Halloween = Spooky Cute Chibi!

Why not craft your own Halloween bling from these chibis? Remember to insert an eye-screw in your masterpiece before you bake it, and you can use the result for necklaces, bracelets, phone 'bling'...

Make Some Little Kawaii Luxuries for Your Chibis

How About Some Kawaii Hot Chocolate?

And Something Good to Eat?

You will be amazed how easy it is to create this sweet (and kawaii) dessert. And to craft some some mains to go with it.

Make a Polymer Clay Louis Vuitton Handbag!

And Take Your Chibis to a Spa!

(Kawaii) Poop Time!

Character Chibis

Chibi Bride

Create a Beautiful Ballerina Chibi

Yes, You Can Make This Amazing Marie Antoinette Chibi Yourself - Just follow this great tutorial.

Marie was a Mom, So Don't Forget to Make Her Little Princesses Too.

You Can Also Make Your Own Disney Princess Chibis - Cinderella, Snow White, Alice-in-Wonderland, Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa, Bella, Merida & More



Snow White








And There's (Kawaii) Mickey Mouse & the Disney Gang Too:

Mickey Mouse


Winnie the Pooh



Don't Forget to Make a Chibi Prince!

C.S. Lewis on books and tea Mug
C.S. Lewis on books and tea Mug

Princes... What 'more' prince could you find that Prince Caspian? Surely you've heard of Prince Caspain, right (you know "Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S Lewis)... And just as C.S Lewis was a wise teacher, he gave Caspian a wise teacher too. Good ol' Dr Cornelius. Here's one of their lessons, at midnight, up on the high tower away from the evil (false) king's spies...


All Text © S. Ritchie

Said Dr Cornelius: As you will remember from your Geography (Your Highness), Narnia is bordered by Archenland, which itself (through the terrible dessert) leads unto Calormen. Archenland is a friend of Narnia (or at least it was until the Telemarines seized it) and would (I know) willingly resume friendly relations if Narnian were awakened.

Alas! Narnia remains as though in sleep, a nightmare that we look to you (sire) to awaken us from.

You should know that at the time of the Four Monarchs [of Narnia - Peter, Susan, Edmund & Lucy], the land of Archen was ruled by one King Lune whose eldest son Cor was kidnapped as a baby and raised in Calormen as a mere scullion boy. It is not time to tell of his escape and his return to his inherietance here [but you can read about it in the other book {Horse & His Boy}], save to say that he duly became King Cor of Archenland. He married his companion in his escape - Aravis, who was a Calormen noble escaping from an arranged marriage to a cruel 'grand vizer'.

You should also know that Cor had a brother, Corin Thunder-Fist who (in course of years) married and had a daughter. And it was about this time that the Four Monarchs disappeared [back past the lamppost back into England] and Narnia was without a human ruler. A wise council of the Four Monarchs closest advisors formed an {emergency}... government, and the Narnians themselves (yes sire, including the Talking Animals and Trees) were invited to Cair Parvel for a great conference as to what is to be done. For (as you know) Narnia needs a human ruler, a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve, and the Four Monarchs were the only Narnians of that race. Eventually, all the Narians agreed that (should she agree) Corin's daughter should be offered the crown of Narnia on condition (of course) that she followed Aslan and agreed that Narnia might always keep its independence.

Neither Corin, nor his wife, posed any objections to the proposal. For already they could see that their daughter, whose name was Swanwhite, "was happy in Archenland but not truly a resident of it. Yet in the air of Narnia, it was as though she had come home - and even had you offered her not the crown, well might she have asked to live in Narnia amongst you, for she has a Narnian's heart." And Swanwhite herself (when she came of age) was humbled by Narnian's confidence in her, and pledged always to uphold Aslan and thereby was crowned by the wise council at Cair Parvel, and the kingdom rejoiced.

Alas sire, I should dearly love to tell you of Swanwhite's reign, but now is not the time. But be assured she was a monarch after the heart of Queen Lucy, and Narnia never for a moment regretted her as their queen.

Thus you should not think for a moment that it was Queen Swanwhite's fault when a nuisance came into Narnia - in the form of a Fergana, daughter's daughter of Lasaraleen of Calormen. That she should be in Narnia at all was beyond ridiculous; Lasaraleen was a true daughter of Calormen (that is to say superfical, selfish, greedy) and her daughter's daughter was no different. Why (then) had she come to Narnia at all? It appeared that she was not sufficiently 'fashionable' in Calormen to suit her tastes, and therefore she sought out Narnia where she might proclaim herself society's leader. She reasoned (if one might call it such) without Swanwhite who outshone all the women of her age - it is said that if she gazed into a pool, her reflection shone forth for a year and a day afterwards as a star.

It might have been hoped that Fergana might have bored of the pointless contest and returned to Caloromen. Yet within a few years, she had gathered a 'court' (of equally wastrel Calormens) and begun insisting she (too) was a Narnian. And this might well have remained simply "a nuisance" had not, in the course of time, Swanwhite's son married one of Fergana's daughters.

It was an ill-advised match, and certainly the son (Gnailes) had no excuse. Prince Gnailes (however) was one of those young men who insist that all young women should be impossibly 'proper' (according to his own notions) whilst at the same time shunning all those heeded his advice. He was drawn (like a deer to a noose) to women who are precisely the opposite of his 'rules', and refused to see the contradiction. Hence Fergana's daughter Margilan became Queen of Narnia alongside her husband King Gnailes on the death of Queen Swanwhite.

(Here Dr Cornelius wiped his glasses and paused). I trust (sire) that when it comes your turn to wed you will not (I hope) find yourself drawn to a lady of similar character. Margilan was the ruin of Prince Gnailes, who banished even his mother's wisest councillors if they dared to raise an objection to Margilan's wild parties, or her spending, or her frivolity, or her superficiality in general. Cair Parvel became no longer a seat of government and family, but rather a den of iniquity that combined a pirate's den with a wizard's rapacity and a Calormen's notion of obedience. Then Margilan prevailed on Gnailes to move the seat of government inland,

indeed sire, to this very place.

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

Under Gnailes, the trees became sleepy and the Talking Animals (and fauns and dwarfs and the rest) found themselves less masters of their own land but rather treated as unwelcome guests endured in the country from politeness and custom rather than right-of-domain. Many of these True Narnians moved away from the 'inland' and instead took up residence at the coast near Cair Parvel - which already was abandoned for Margilan despised the Great Palace and refused to set foot in it again. (She established a guady 'Palace of the Vanities' - as she called it, that is her name not mine - further down the coast, for better holding her riotious parties, part in the water, part out of it. But she never truly liked the sea, for she could not forget that Aslan's Father is the Great Emperor-over-the-Sea).

The Old Narnians' unofficial king was Tumnus the Faun, who ad served Queen Swanwhite with all his heart (just as he had Queen Lucy), and who was barely endured by Gnailes. "I do not take it as an insult that he dislikes me," Tumnus observed, "I do not suit him because I will not flatter him, but love him instead." It is said that Tumnus is buried in Care Paravel of the Four Thrones, looking towards the Eastern-End-of-the-World.

Such records as I have are not specific as to the number of kings and queens who came from the lineage of Gnailes and Margilan; I have not had such time as I would wish to explore the subject. But the records are clear that their successors were so similar in vice and wantonness that they blurred into each other in memory, such that the kingdom of Narnia became more and more riven. The True Narnians increasingly forced into the woods and wild places, by the increasing number of spoilt selfish humans who were fully encouraged by a kingship that was falling into usury, corruption and violence.

This, then was the state of the kingdom when the last descendant of Gnaile and Magilan - Angren - committed the unthinkable and married one of the Jinn.

The one claim of the line of Gnaile and Magilan was this: That he was a son of Adam (for the Archenlanders are descended from the First King and Queen of Narnia Frank and Helen) and that his wife was (for all that) a daughter of Eve (also descended from Frank & Helen through another lineage that founded Calormen). But when Angren married a Jinn, that was the end of her one claim to the throne, that she was a full daughter of Eve and her children would be likewise. Such little legitimacy as the line possessed was shattered.

Then it came that the Telemarines invaded Narnia, and it is from this lineage (Prince Caspian) that you come.

The Telemarines, though warlike and savage, were (at least) sons of Adam and their women daughters of Eve. The Telemarines completed the ruin that Gnaile & Margilan began - I say completed because by the time of Angren the Old Narnians (as we sometimes call ourselves) had already retreated fully to the uninhabited places of Narnia from necessity. Their own land had been taken from underneath them, and they sometimes asked each other "Why has Aslan let this be so?" And there is a text in which one of their wisest centaurs - who is said to have been the last guardian of a mysterious legacy bequeathed to Narnia by Tumnus - answered "We endured Gnaile's foolish rules (thinking they made us 'better for being repressed') and when we endured his rules, we endured his rule and we - by our acquiescence - thus acquiesced to all the evil that those rules brought to the land." The Old Narnians realised this was so: Even their own retreat into the wild places was (though they thought it otherwise) "but a retreat into the rules of Gnailes."

Image Credit: S.Ritchie

Hence (your highness) we come to the present, your uncle Miraz King of Narnia and you his next heir. And (your highness) you must not fear the Old Narnians, for despite all, they keep faith with Aslan and the Four Monarchs, and trust that one day - when the rules of Gnailes are fully banished from their own lives - Aslan will send them deliverance, and a true son of Adam for the throne. And can I not but hope that this is you, sire.

Caspian [pictured right] was very quiet after hearing this history, but he was also encouraged. "At last," he said, "I understand why the Old Narnia came to be enslaved by us Telemarines. And all sorts of notions had flitted through my head about 'perhaps fauns aren't much use in battle', 'perhaps centaurs aren't ready for ruling themselves', and all the time they were all wrong! It wasn't the true Old Narnians who were defeated by the Telemarines, it was... well Angren and her Jinn and whoever they scounged together for their army. And, I'd wondered (you know) if it was really possible to have a new Narnia like the old one (or whether we'd have to be 'modern' and have 'political economy' and all the rest) but I realise now the New Narnia that I want to rule can be like the Old Narnia - because there was never anything 'failed' about it!"

"Sire," said Dr Cornelius, "All my lessons in statecraft are as nothing before your understanding tonight."

Slumber Party Chibis

When It's Nearly Bedtime, There's a Kawaii To Help You to Sleep...

... And Another One to Guard You.

Making Your Own Kawaii Chibi Dolls from Polymer Clay - What are Your Thoughts?

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    • Spirality profile image


      5 years ago

      So cute!

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Such cute designs! Thanks for this feature. - Ms. Charito from the Philippines

    • GreenfireWiseWo profile image


      5 years ago

      Great ideas and wonderful information. Thank you.

    • iwrite100 profile image

      Maribel Forayo 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      Very creative

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      These are adorable!

    • magicalfuture profile image


      6 years ago

      I have some animation (red) clay to try it out with; I wanted to make some dolls but never figured out how. I like your lens with all those different possibilties!

    • Jogalog profile image


      6 years ago

      These are so cute.

    • bornot2b1 profile image


      6 years ago

      I never heard of people making these cute dolls before, so glad that I found this lens. Wonder if I could do them... If I could, guess I would do a few hundreds (they are just so gorgeous)...

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      6 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi these cute little kawaii Chibi Dolls are new to me. Look like fun to make.

    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 

      6 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      I can't believe I have never heard of these. They are so cute. Those tiny pink cups take it to fanciful fantastic. I have to try this.


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