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25 Fun and Creative Santa Claus Craft Ideas

Updated on April 22, 2018
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Santa crafts are fun for the young, the old, and everyone in between. You can make Santa crafts all year long, and you'll want to do that if you are making Santas to give as gifts. A nice family tradition to start while the children are young, is to make, as a family, a new Santa ornament or decoration for each new Christmas.

I have searched the web to find Santa crafts that included a picture of the project and patterns and directions for making the project. I've found quite a few that met those criteria and have included them in this article. I also included the name and address of the site featuring the Santa craft. I hope you find a few projects that you'll want to make.

For the directions to make the Santa shown above, go to the Better Homes & Garden site.

1. Wobbling Santa

Styrofoam balls, different colors of felt, google eyes, yarn and pom poms are the basic supplies for this very cute santa. You'll find the directions for this Santa at favecrafts.

2. Playful Santas

Get the kids together, break out the craft sticks and make Santas. You'll find directions to help you make these Santas at Woman's Day. The chenille strip legs and arms let you place Santas where ever you wish.

3. Old World Santa

This is a paper mache project that, when you finish making it, will become a family heirloom. For pictured, step-by-step directions, go to Kids & Glitter. We made these during the sixth grade art class and the parents of the kids love them.

4. Paintbrush Ornaments

Even old, or probably more likely, especially old paint brushes will be perfect for making these Santa ornaments. Easy Green Mom is the site you'll find the tutorial at.

5. Bottle Cover Santas

This is the perfect wrapping for a bottled Christmas gift. A great idea for giving a bottle of wine to the host or hostess of a party you are invited to this Christmas. The tutorial for making this craft is found at favecrafts.

6. Wash Cloth Santa Ornament

The roughness of the wash cloth makes this a special Santa. You can make ornaments like this one by following the tutorial for making it at

7. 2x2 Santa

Made using pieces of 2x2 lumber, this project also includes a reindeer pattern. Find the instructions Keeping it Simple.

8. Folk Art Paper Mache Santa

9. Dancing Santa

Chenille strips help this Santa with his dance moves. To make this hanging Santa project, go to Kids & Glitter for patterns and directions.

10. Clay Pot Santa & Mrs. Claus

This would make a nice teacher's gift or a stocking stuffer. Easy and cute! Go to Kinderart for the instructions.

11. Cinnamon Stick Santa

This cinnamon stick santa ornament is easy, quick to make and only cost a few cents each. Living a Better Life is the site where you'll find the instructions for the cinnamon stick santa.

12. Cup And Ball Santa Craft

A paper cup and a Styrofoam ball are the main supplies needed for this santa. To find the directions, go to Activity village.

13. Jolly Santa Claus Pillow

It's so much fun decorating the home for the holidays and this beautiful pillow will be perfect to display during the Christmas season. The directions for this pillow is found on the Better Home and Gardens website.

14. Santa Treat Boxes

Give small treats for a classroom of kids or use as favors at a themed holiday party, either way these little Santa boxes will make you a holiday hit. Find the directions at Fabric Paper Design.

15. Merry Christmas Santa Claus

Make this cute santa to add to the decorations on a shelf or windowsill. So very nice!! Find the directions at

16. Santa Suit Bottle Holder

17. Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Cute, cute, cute. These cute Santa and Mrs. Claus clothespin ornaments will add that special touch to your holiday tree. The wooden clothespins doll ornaments are super easy to make. Go to the Factory Direct site for the directions.

18. Old World Santa Ornament

I love all Santa crafts, but I have a special love of old world Santas. Better Homes and Gardens is the site where you'll find the directions for making this old world Santa ornament. I'd love one of these!!

19. Santa Letterhead

Imagine how excited the little ones will be to see a letter to them from Santa. Go to CELEBRATIONS at home for the free download. This letterhead really looks like it could have come from the North Pole and from Santa.

20. Felt Santa Ornaments

These are some really cute felt ornaments. Consider using these little santas for ornaments or stocking stuffers. You'll find the patterns and directions at Handmade. Included with this project are directions for angels and Santa, besides the elves.

21. Creamer Bottle Santa

This is a very easy and cute Santa to make for yourself or as a gift. Find the directions at Easy Santa Craft. This Santa is made using a creamer bottle, felt and yarn.

22. Glittered Santa Treat Boxes

This project starts with egg-shaped boxes (the pressed paper kind) which come in a range of sizes. To find out how to make these boxes, go to the Martha Stewart site.

23. Santa's Belly Ornament

This would be a perfect item if you need to make a large number of Christmas ornaments. This cute and inexpensive Santa's belly ornament has instructions on the website.

24. Rustic Santa

Make this rustic Santa using a couple wire coat hangers, a Styrofoam ball, paper mache and burlap. This is actually very easy to make. Find the tutorial for making this Santa is found at Make a Rustic Santa.

25. Christmas Countdown Calendar

By making this Santa countdown calendar, you just may have to answer the question, "How many days til Christmas?" only once a day. The directions can be found on the Gerber Childrenswear site.

© 2011 Loraine Brummer

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    • ResearchAddict profile image

      ResearchAddict 5 years ago

      So many fun Santa craft ideas here. Thanks for sharing. I can't remember a best Christmas gift which just goes to show that as you get older "stuff" matters less and less.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 6 years ago

      You have some wonderful craft ideas.

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 6 years ago

      Nice lens