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HOW TO Make BAGS - Tote | Messenger | Laptop - Craft Tutorials & Sewing How-Tos

Updated on February 18, 2016

Learn How to Sew Your Own Bags

I have collected together all of the best and all of my favourite bag tutorials on this page, with brilliant step-by-step instructions for each.

There are all sorts of different bags you can make including the classic tote bags, messenger bags and laptop bags - but there are so many different variations of possible bag designs, that your can really let your imagination go wild!

There are also ideas on how to decorate or revamp your plain or shop-bought bags at the bottom of the page.

I hope this page gives you lots of inspiration....Have fun!

Canvas Bike Bag

I love the Hudson Bay style stripes on this bag, and it's stylish for either guys or gals.
I love the Hudson Bay style stripes on this bag, and it's stylish for either guys or gals. | Source

Top-Rated Bag Making Products

There are many varieties of bag fastenings, handles and other helpful gadgets available to help you add a professional finish to your creations, and here are just a couple:

Bag Making Introduction

Bag making is a great area to hone your sewing skills because there are so many techniques you can incorporate into a bag if you want, and you can be very creative with the design. There are quite a few different styles of bag, with the tote bag being the simplest (and best for beginners to start with), and handbags or messenger bags with many compartments usually being the most complicated.

- Fabrics used for bags usually have to be durable and the most popular choices seem to be quilting weight cotton (which is available in many different patterns and colors), and home décor/upholstery fabrics. For wipe clean bags, vinyl and leather are good choices. Other durable options are denim, canvas and some wool fabrics. If you want a bag which is not going to need to be durable and won't need to carry anything heavy like books, then you can choose lighter weight fabrics like linen or even silk. Just don't choose anything with stretch.

- Linings: Bags are usually lined, especially if the main material is on the thin side, or if interfacing or batting (see below) is used. Where a lining isn't necessary is where simple bags like tote bags are made with a sturdy enough main fabric like upholstery material. Linings are often labelled as lining materials when you buy them, however you can use most materials as linings to be honest. Just bear in mind what wear your lining will have to stand up to, and also use a lining material which is a lighter weight than the main material of your bag. Cottons and polycottons are good particularly if you want the inside of your bag to be patterned, and polyesters/satins/silks are smooth and often shiny.

- Fastenings and closures: Many to choose from but the main ones are zips, button flaps, magnetic snaps and Velcro. You'll often find bags that are simply open and don't have a closure, or just have a flap over the opening without a fastening.

- Interfacing (aka interlining or stabilizer): This is a white material used to add structure to your bag. For instance, if you make a bag in lightweight or medium weight fabric and put it down on a table it will most likely crumple up and lie almost flat. However if you insert interfacing into the walls of your bag, you will stiffen it up so it will stand much more upright when placed onto a surface because it will maintain its structure much better. If you want to make a bag that you want to roll up into a ball when not in use then obviously interfacing would not be used in that case. Interfacing allows the fabric to move in the way it normally would too, so it doesn't take away flexibility even though it adds support.

It can be a bit daunting to know what interfacing is, which type you should use and how to use it, but really all you need to know is that it adds substance, structure and strength and is available in different 'weights' where the heavier the weight, the more structured/stiff it will make your bag. Interfacing is either fusible (irons directly onto the inside of your outer fabric), or sew-in (is sewn onto the inside of your outer fabric). The sew-in kind can be a heavier weight than your outer fabric, however the fusible kind can't, therefore you may see fusible and sew-in types combined together in the same project. You may also see a few different types of interfacing (sometimes 4 or more!) used at once so don't let this alarm you! Once you get to know the different types you will see how they can be combined to get exactly the effect you want.

Click here, here and here for very useful interfacing guides.

- Wadding/batting: A padding material used to make your bag cushioned, and a vital part of quilted bags. Available as fusible or sew-in, batting is used in a similar way to interfacing - in fact think of it as the filling of a sandwich! Batting is ideal for any slouchy style bags you don't want to be too flimsy, and also is great for protecting electronics a little inside messenger bags for instance.

- Straps: You can make very simple straps like on a tote bag, you can pad straps or quilt them with batting/wadding, or you can have adjustable or detachable/removable straps. If you are not making the straps yourself, then you can buying webbing.

Embellishing Plain Bags

If you want to have a fresh looking bag but don't want to sew one from scratch, why not just decorate a plain one?
If you want to have a fresh looking bag but don't want to sew one from scratch, why not just decorate a plain one? | Source

Denim & Leather Bag


Canvas Trousers >>> Saddlebag

This utility saddlebag was created using some old canvas trousers, so you can feel good about recycling with this project too!
This utility saddlebag was created using some old canvas trousers, so you can feel good about recycling with this project too! | Source

Fun Monster Bag


How to Sew a Drawstring Bag


What You Will Need

* Fabric; the size of fabric you need depends on how big you would like the finished bag to be, but for my example I will use a 16" x 12" piece of medium-weight cotton.

* String/cord

* Sewing machine

* Sewing pins

* Iron & ironing board

* Safety pin

* Ruler

* Rotary cutter and cutting mat OR scissors

* Disappearing/washable fabric marker pen

- Cut out the 16" x 12" piece of fabric; a rotary cutter is the best tool for this job.

- Fold the two short-side edges over by 3/8" and press the folds into place with the iron.

- Pin the folds and sew them with a straight sewing stitch 1/4" in from the outer edge.

- Fold over one of the long edges by 3/8" and press into place with the iron.

- Don't sew, but instead fold this edge over again, but this time by 1 1/4", and press with the iron.

- Pin this fold in place and sew with a straight stitch, 1" from the outside edge.

- Fold the whole piece of fabric in half, with right sides together, as shown in the diagram.

- Pin the bottom edge (1) and the open side (2) so that both layers line up perfectly.

- Sew along the bottom edge, 1/4" from the edge, with a straight stitch.

- Sew along the pinned side, from the bottom to the top, stopping when you get to where the fabric has been folded over. If you sew over the fold, you won't be able to add the drawstring part :) Make sure this line of stitches is sewn further away from the edge than the previous line of stitches here.

- To reinforce and protect the seams, you can then add zig-zag stitches along the outside edge of the bottom (1) and side seam (2) if you wish.

- Turn the bag the right way out.

- To thread the drawstring through the channel at the top of the bag, attach a safety pin to one end and follow this method.

- Judge how long you want the surplus drawstring to be, cut it to the right length, and knot the ends.

- Done!

Drawstring Lunch Tote

A neat bucket lunch bag with a drawstring close top and a waterproof laminated cotton lining.

Photo and bag by Gina Pina - Click here to see the tutorial used to make it.

Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween trick or treat bags are an easy temporary bag to make as a starter project as you can get away with making the whole thing out of felt!
Halloween trick or treat bags are an easy temporary bag to make as a starter project as you can get away with making the whole thing out of felt! | Source

Paperbag-Style Tote Bags


Handwoven Ikat Fabric Bag


Bag Making Videos

Carrier Bag Holder


Buttercup Bag


Vintage Pillowcase Bags


Other Useful How-Tos

Handy techniques and tricks for use in bag making:

:P Emoticon Bag

This bag was made by recycling an old t-shirt, and then a face made of felt was sewn on.
This bag was made by recycling an old t-shirt, and then a face made of felt was sewn on. | Source

How to Decorate Bags

Decorate pre-made and plain bags with everything from applique to paint:

Handcrafting Quality Bags

Best Bag-Making Books

There is a huge number of tutorials available on the internet, but if you want everything you need in one place - including beginner's information, expert advice and tips, free patterns, and sometimes even full-size templates - then books are the best way of getting this.

Also, the books are really pretty too!

Do you ever make your own bags?

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      The key to learning how to sew is practice. Practice makes perfect. Start with small projects like pillow cases, bed sheets and other items that need simple sewing. Little did you know, these items need pattern making and measurements too. These will serve as your training ground on how to sew. It is a stepping stone that you must take in order to be successful in learning How to Sew properly.

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      My daughter made a bag out of duct tapes.. Duct tapes now come in dot designs and different colors! The only materials she used? 2 duct tape rolls, copy papers and scissors!

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