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Secrets To Get Your Cardstock Organized

Updated on August 24, 2017
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Best Tips To Store Cardstock

It is a fact that if you are a scrapbook artist or a paper crafter, you are going to get a large collection of paper and paper scraps ! I know that as sure as I know the sun will rise every morning. And more than that, I know that if your stash is not organized, you will get frustrated and waste time trying to find just the right piece of paper for that special page or layout. Avoid the frustration and take a few minutes to get your paper supplies in order. I guarantee you will enjoy your craft time 100 % more after you finish this project.

There are as many ways to store craft paper as there are people who use it. There is no one right answer to your storage system, only the one that right for you. Before you get started get your paper organized, you need to determine the amount of space that you have available for these supplies. Your decision on which system to use will depend on the amount of space that you have. From a small space in a bookcase to a closet area, there is a system that's right for you, so let's get started !

Step 1- Look At Your Stash

Lay it all out and see what you have !

So you know that your scrapbook paper in really unorganized and it's a pain to find what you need. So, it's time to take action. Your first step is to gather all your paper and see exactly what you have. Separate the scraps from the whole sheets. Gather your mats and smaller sheets and pile them up by size.

The first thing to consider is where and how much space that you have available. Are you going to store your paper in a desk drawer or on a bookcase? Do you have room in a closet for a standup file system ? Or are you limited to a single file carrying case? Once you have decided where and how much space you have available, it's time to move forward.

Now you have to decide how you are going to separate them. You can decide to separate them by color or by the kind of paper you have. You should, if possible, store your scraps of paper in a separate filing area or space. You can file by color. You can file patterned paper separately. You can break patterned paper down into florals, strips, by season or holiday. Again, it's up to you , depending on your space. There is no perfect system. There is only the one that's right for you

Purging Paper

If you have been a crafter for any length of time, then you know how easy it is to collect paper. We all do it. We have pieces of paper in our stash that we save. We all say the same thing. " Some day I will use that paper". So it gets moved and left in a stack an then we forget all about it.

Or worse yet, we have little bits of printed paper that has been ripped or partially used and we justify keeping it for that one time where we say to ourselves we will need it. Well, in my book, it's just occupying space. If you haven't used a piece of paper after 2-3 years, more than likely you won't.

Purging your paper stash just means getting rid of paper that you know you will never use for anything else. For example, I don't have pets, so there is no reason for me to have any pet paper. If you haven't used it, it's time to part ways with it. It means that your craft life will be less cluttered.

Recently I spoke to a crafter who had purged her paper stash. She said that she had gotten rid of three bags of paper. It was crumpled. torn or only had bits left. She said that after she purged her paper stash, she felt like a new person . Just something to consider.

Store By Color Or Store By Size

It's Your Choice

Some people think in colors so they like to keep all their paper stored by color. Others like to sort by paper size. I would suspect that most people sort with a combination of both these . For the most part, I keep my 12 x 12 paper in one storage unit. It's filed by color and the patterned paper is all together. MY 8 x 10 paper is stored in a file box and sorted in color also. My scraps are stored in a vertical file drawer system. What choice you make for your filing is dependent on how much paper you have and what kind. And of course the amount of room you have to store it plays a big factor.

How To Make Your Own Cropper Hopper

If you have the room, store your colored paper on one shelf and your patterned paper on another. Visually pleasing and makes things easier to find

The Rainbow Color System

Most people store their cardstock and other papers on a shelf. The best way to organize your paper is to store it by color. I keep al my colors together in one location on one shelf. I keep them in paper holders by color. I also keep my scraps in the same location by color. That way when I want a specific color I only have to go to one space and one section. Keeps things tidy and simple. When I need to shop, I know exactly how much of each color I have.

Storing Patterned Paper

Store By Manufacturer, Collection, or Theme

Now we get to your patterned paper. If you are a die hard crafter as I am, you probably have a lot of different patterned paper. Usually for me, a purchase a paper stack that is either in a special color group, a theme ( like Christmas), A collection of paper that all goes together, or a special kind of paper like glitter, parchment, or burlap. Paper stacks actually give you the most for your money. So what to do with all those pretty papers?

For me, I like to keep themed papers together so that I always know where my seasons are located. Then I like to keep florals together and preformatted paper together. Then I keep anything like chevrons, checks and patterns together.

Once again, how you store these papers is dependent on the space that you have available

Sorting Patterned Paper By Theme Or Category

Sorting by theme is probably the easiest to use of all the systems. You sort by what the paper is or has the most of. You simply make a list of all the themes or categories that will work for you. You sort the paper into piles and file it away. Then when you are looking for a specific type of patterned paper, it will all be there for you in one location. Here are some themes or categories you can use.

  • Babies
  • Birthday
  • Butterflies
  • Children
  • Christmas
  • Flowers
  • Pets
  • Plaids
  • Polka Dots
  • Stripes
  • Swirls
  • Vacations
  • Weddings

Vertical Storage Systems

One option for your paper storage system is a vertical file. Lots of crafters like this option because it keeps your paper clean, tidy and organized. I also use the vertical system for storing my scraps. I file them by color and subject in vertical files in a desk drawer system. Staying organized gives me more time to craft ! This system is great for anyone who wants to store their paper on a desk top. Or if you have limited space, this option can be used in a bookcase.

Storing Your Scrap Paper

I never throw away any paper until it's down to very little tiny bits -almost like confetti. I believe in being a responsible crafter. That means for economic reasons as well as environmental reasons, I use all my paper to it's max. So I have bits that I use for borders, flowers, frames, mats, ect. The nest question is how to store them

I have a desk in my craft room that has two deep drawers that I use for paper storage. One drawer holds my paper scraps. In this case, I file by color in hanging folders. This makes my crafting so easy. I just dip into my scrap drawer and get exactly the color I need.

You might be able to find an old file drawer at a yard sale. You can find well priced plastic drawer systems at the box office supply stores that will also hold hanging folders.

If your space is limited, use a file drawer that comes with folders in them. I promise you that using this idea will save you a lot of frustration, time and money

When you get a new collection of pad paper, write on the edge of the pad the name of the collection and store your collections together

More Scrapbook Paper Storage Ideas

Cropper Hopper Hanging File Folders 6/Pkg, 13.25"X14.75" White
Cropper Hopper Hanging File Folders 6/Pkg, 13.25"X14.75" White

Hanging file folders sized to your paper size are perfect for larger desk drawers


Storing Your Scrap Paper

I never throw any paper away until it is down to just a tiny bit of scrap that can't be used for anything else. I am an avid believer of conserving trees and saving money. So every scrap of paper is saved. I use them for borders, flowers and embellishments. They get cut into frames and photo mats. Now with all these bits f paper, the question is how to store them. I have a desk in my craft room with a file draw. I use hanging folders and each folder holds a color. Viola ! When I need a bit of blue, I go to the blue folder. Not only do I save a tree or two, but I save a lot of time being organized

Seville Classics She16210 15.51-Inch By15.4-Inch by 38.2-Inch 10 Drawer Organizer
Seville Classics She16210 15.51-Inch By15.4-Inch by 38.2-Inch 10 Drawer Organizer

This is my unit of choice. It has lots of drawers and plenty of storage for all your paper storage


Horizontal Paper Filing System - Another Scrapbook Paper Storage idea

The horizontal system for storing your scrapbook paper is another option. This type of system is great for anyone who has vertical room and wants an immediate view and access to their stash. It allows a lot of storage area. The closed system will keep your papers cleaner, but the open system actually allows you to see what you have

Organizing Patterned Paper

What Is Your System For Scrapbook Paper Storage? - Do you have a system to store your paper?

We're just wondering how many people have their stash of paper organized. I know that it took me a while to get things the way that I wanted them. But what a huge difference it made in the amount of time that I had to craft. I spent less time looking for just the right paper and more time enjoying myself. So how about you? Are your papers organized?

Do you have a sytem for storing your scrapbook paper?

See results

My Craft Room Has Become Organized- My Story

It took a lot of effort, but was well worth it !

Two years ago, I married the love of my life and moved into my current house. I was very blessed to get a room just for my crafting. Now the task was to get all the stuff I had moved into some kind of order. Boxes and boxes sat in that room for a few months, while I tried to figure it all out. The first thing I actually did was to get my paper organized,

I used storage containers that I had. I decided that for me, I would organize my paper by color. Then I placed my printed paper in two containers. Eventually, I hope to get that paper even sorted out.

Next on my agenda was to sort out a box of scraps. As any papercrafter knows, we never throw out scraps. But I needed a system to sort those scraps out. So in my desk, I set up a vertical file system for my scraps by color, by season, also have a separate one for stripes, florals, dark and light prints.

I can't begin to tell you how doing this has affected my craft time ! I find exactly what I need ! I spend less time searching and more time being creative !!!!!!

Tip For Choosing A Paper Storage Unit

Always read the description of the paper storage unit that you are looking at, Make sure the storage unit you are considering will fit in the space that you have. Read the reviews, if there are any. Then make your choice !

How Do You Store Your Scrapbook Paper ? - We'd love to hear your ideas

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Sounds like you are doing well with your organization ! What I do is organize my paper by the rainbow....all colors together. Then I organize my patterned paper by theme. That way it makes it easy to locate what I need. Each theme has a divider

    • profile image

      Rachyd2854 2 years ago

      I bought racks for my 12x12 pads. i have a cube storage form my 6x6 and small pads. i bought flynt magazine holders from ikea for my 8x11 storage. for my scraps i bought a Helmer file cabinet from Ikea about 40 bucks and it has 7 drawers in it and fits perfectly under my desk for easy access.

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thank you. I am always on the lookout for new ways to store my stash

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i do not have that many stock cards or paper. But your tips are pretty useful for my other craft supplies. Thanks

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      What a great husband you have to help you with that

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @cre8ivebydesgn: I love your idea. I am going to invest in some units that make my paper a little handier in the near future. My dream.....the big unit in the armoire !

    • profile image

      cre8ivebydesgn 3 years ago

      I sort my paper by color, then I got cardboard magazine holders to hold my scraps, also by color, and then some by pattern. My husband installed cabinets so that I could "hide" all my stuff. It works great and I'm so thankful it's not out in the open anymore looking cluttery.