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How to Paint and Draw Architecture: Beautiful Fantasy Ancient Citadels to Gothic Castles

Updated on November 19, 2015

Fantasy Aechitecture

How to Paint and Draw Architecture: Beautiful Fantasy Ancient Citadels to Gothic Castle

How to Paint and Draw Architecture: Beautiful Fantasy Ancient Citadels to Gothic Castle to even futuristic world is a beautiful book that is designed to help the artist realize their vision of fantasy and futuristic worlds.

Pictures by Amazon

How to Paint and Draw Architecture in Different Styles for Fantasy Art

The issues with drawing any architecture and not only related to fantasy is that there are so many kinds to choose from. There are basic drawing skills that will give you the ability to apply techniques in any style of architecture you choose however this book covers many of these from Middle Eastern architecture to amazing futuristic cities, these Asian, Roman, and Gothic style architecture and many others as well. All this from a leading fantasy illustrator who knows his stuff.

You learn why and how different cultures build giving you a much needed insight into how best to structure your own fantasy worlds. It is important that even in fantasy that the building designs are based on real principles if they too are to look real to the viewer.

If you are already proficient at painting and drawing this book will help you to add greater details to your artwork giving it depth and vibrancy that it might otherwise lack.

Fantasy Architecture Textures

Within fantasy as in reality there are many different textures that make up buildings with everything from medieval stone to futuristic metals to choose from you need to know how to create these textures. The artist of this book shows you in detail how to do this using his own unique methods and style. This will help to improve your art and save you masses of time trying to figure out how to do it yourself.

Practice Makes Perfect in Architectural Paintings

As with anything and especially in architectural paintings and drawings it is vital to practice to improve your art. Do not expect to simply read, implement these techniques the book expects that you will, and encourages you to practice.

How to Draw Architecture for the Beginner

One of the criticisms of this book is that it is not aimed at the beginner. It assumes a certain knowledge of things like perspective which is skimmed over in the book and that you already have an ability to draw and paint the basics. Therefore it is recommend that the beginner learn some of the basics in art before embarking on this adventure in fantasy architecture.

One Point Perspective

You will need to know how to draw perspective. This is one way of doing that to get you started.

Book Rating

5 stars for This book


Do you paint or draw fantasy architecture? If so how do you get on? Do you have any tips for others?

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    • profile image

      adiehltwin 4 years ago

      Thanks for the lens, my fantasy architecture could always use some work and these looke helpful,

    • CorkWay LM profile image

      CorkWay LM 5 years ago

      Amazing pictures!