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How to paint on fabric using acrylic colours?

Updated on April 11, 2013

Acrylic paints

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Plain satin dressAcrylic colours and brushesPainting on the neckline
Plain satin dress
Plain satin dress
Acrylic colours and brushes
Acrylic colours and brushes
Painting on the neckline
Painting on the neckline

Selecting the right paint.

When painting over a dress or a plain tee, one should always select the right paints. This is done using 'Acrylic colours'. Choosing acrylic paints depends on the colour of your dress and type. You may use golden and silver acrylic paints on satin dresses because it shines all over. On a plain tee you can use which ever colour you want according to your design. Floral designs are mostly easy to make. Choose your brushes wisely because it does a great deal of art on your fabric. Acrylic paints are available in the stationary; brush sizes are usually triple zero(000), 1 or 2, for miniature painting. You may require newspapers for painting on fabrics, so better take it along while you start to paint.

How to start?

1. While painting on satin or silk, always remember that you use golden or silver acrylic paints. One tip I may give you is that this is done if the satin fabric is dark (like maroon, black, red, navy blue,etc ). If not, then you may use combination of acrylic colours according to our design. This technique is also used for painting on cotton tees.

2. Always select right type of brush required for painting on fabrics. Mostly it is easy to use the triple zero or the number 1 brushes, because the greater the number of your brush, more the paint spreads on your cloth. Little water is required to avoid the brush from drying.

3. Use a newspaper under the painting area of your cloth. This is required so that your paint does not stick or spread over the back portion of the clothes.

4. Try to make floral pictures on dresses, while on boys tees you can paint playthings, create captions etc. It is according to what you got inside to can paint anything!

Examples using acrylic paints

(View the pictures relating the source names for easy understanding)

Paint 1: The first example I had given is an abstract art on a girls Tee. This is done using various combination of colours. This is not a real image or a photograph, instead I had used a Drawing App to show how you can create on a girls tee.

Paint 2: The second example as you see is a floral design painted on a satin dress using golden acrylic colour. It is painted along the neckline of the dress.

Paint 3: The third example is of the same satin dress using golden acrylic paint. It is done along the hem of the dress.

So have fun with acrylic!

Simply painting on dresses and tees

Painting abstract on a girls tee
Painting abstract on a girls tee | Source
Painting on the neckline of a satin dress
Painting on the neckline of a satin dress | Source
Painting on the hem of a satin dress
Painting on the hem of a satin dress | Source


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