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How To Sew Mandarin Collar - Chinese Neckline Piece On Blouse Shirt For Women

Updated on July 14, 2017

Mandarin Collar For Women Blouses

To sew a mandarin collar blouse, you will have to use a sewing pattern of your choice. Your pattern should have the following pattern pieces: front, back, sleeves and mandarin collar pieces. You will also need the front and back neck facing pattern pieces. The fabrics that are mostly used to make blouses should be firm.

These are some of the fabrics that a dressmaker can use to make blouses: wool, cotton, man-made fabrics and linen. What you will need to make this mandarin collar blouse are, the fabric of your choice, interfacing which you will use for the collar and facing, buttons depending on how many you want on your garment front or back, matching threads, sheeting piece or newspaper and others.

Mandarin collars can be sewn into blouses, tops, shirts or jackets. Get a mandarin collar pattern from a fabric shop and sew yourself a lovely and beautiful mandarin collar garment.


How To Lay out Mandarin Collar Pattern On Fabric

These are the pattern pieces that you will place on the fold of the fabric:

  • Collar pattern
  • Centre back of the back
  • Back neck facing
  • Check that there is seam allowance added in the pattern

How To Cut Out Mandarin Collar Blouse From Pattern Pieces

  • It is advisable to cut out a mock mandarin collar from sheeting or newspaper, to see how it will look on the blouse.
  • Cut out the collar from the main fabric
  • Cut out the blouse pieces
  • Make sure that the pattern details are marked carefully along the edge of the neck

How To Fit The Blouse Pieces Together

The following pieces should be pinned and tacked:

  • The front interfacing should be pinned and tacked to the centre front
  • The front facing should be pinned and tacked to the blouse inside
  • Darts, sleeves and seams should be tacked
  • Pin, tack and use as one the mock collar layers about 1/4 inch to the blouse neckline

The blouse should now be fitted and the sleeve fitting checked. check how the mandarin collar fits.

How To Stitch Mandarin Collar

  • Using small running stitches, sew in position the collar on the centre fronts
  • Stitch the darts and press
  • The back neck facing should be stitched to the front facing along the shoulder seams
  • Seam allowances should be trim and press open

How To Attach Mandarin Collar To A Blouse

  • You should tack interfacing to the collar inside
  • Tack to the blouse neck edge with right sides together the interfaced collar
  • Make sure that all the mandarin collar markings matches
  • Tack and stitch
  • Snip the centre front at full seam length on the neckline of the blouse
  • Press the seam allowance open
  • Pin and stitch the collar facing to the blouse neckline facing. This allows the collar to hide the seam edges when rolled over.

How To Finish Mandarin Collar Blouse

  • Sew the sleeves seams into the blouse
  • Press seams open
  • Stitch the blouse hem line
  • Check the pattern details on the blouse buttonholes, then mark out, make and sew on the buttons.


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