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How To Make Quality Clothing

Updated on April 25, 2014

How To Put Quality In Your Clothes Sewing

The quality of the clothes you sew will be determine on several factors which all come down to the design and durability of the garment. The quality of clothing such as dresses, trousers, skirts or blouses will be measured by how easily the fabric can wear and how the garment fit. You can measure the quality of a garment with best, better, good or poor.

When you get a high quality garment, you will see that it has the best design, fabrics and construction in the cut line and many other sewing features that are sewn in. You can know medium quality garment by how durable it is. They are not so very expensive as compared to the high quality clothing, but the medium quality clothes may cost more than the low quality apparels.

Low quality clothing will wear easily after you wear them for a few times. This type of clothing quality is best used for a garment that is popular in a particular season and may quickly go out of vogue.

Clothing Quality And Price

Some shoppers associate garments qualities with the price. But there are times that high quality clothing are on sale and people buy them for a lower price. Likewise you may also find low quality clothes that are selling for higher prices. Do you know why some clothing are more expensive than others?

There are some unusual design items that designers make on some clothes that cause the price of such garments to be high. Most of the items may be the clothes designers' logo, unusual braids or name, fur trim or even the name of the fashion designer on the garment. You should know how much that you want to spend on your clothing, so that you do not only pay for the name, logo and other designer designs that may not really make a difference to you.

How To Sew Quality Clothing

  • The fabric you choose to sew on. The fabric weight and weave should be even and regular
  • If you are sewing clothing with cut stripes, plaids or check, make sure that the collars, seams, sleeves or closures match and they are on grain.
  • The garments you sew should have smooth seams and even widths of the seam allowances
  • Make sure you reinforce strain areas such as corners of pockets. You can make a quality clothe by reinforcing with extra bar tacks or extra stitching.
  • The stitch you use should not be broken. Stitch lines or top stitching on the garment should be neat and straight. The sewing thread should match the weight and color of the base fabric.
  • Any zipper on the garment should be sewn on the part of the garment that is easy to zip up and down. The zipper fastening should also be strong to fit the garment.
  • Hooks and eyes, buttons or loop should have colors and a suitable size that fits with the type of garment.
  • Garment lapels should always be made to lie flat and should be designed to be stiff so that it can hold the lapel in shape.
  • The buttonholes and the buttons should be placed to match each other. The holes should be sewn neat.
  • Sew the collars of the garment to lie flat, except on certain collar style such as mandarin or Chinese collar.
  • You should sew on the interfacing or linings properly. The interfacing should be invisible except a decorative interfacing. The linings should be made to fit comfortably to the garment.
  • Any ornaments you sew on the clothing should be made to attach firmly and it should fit the garment.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      It's a pleasure to learn that the explanation was helpful to you. Thanks manisekhar.

    • profile image

      manisekhar 5 years ago

      nice explanation & gud


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