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How To Sew Tucks In Clothes - Tucks Sewing Methods

Updated on January 19, 2013

Sewing Tucks Instructions

Tucks are folds of fabric that are stitched on some part or all of their length. You can make a vertical or horizontal tucks. Tucks are folded on either crosswise or straight grain of fabric, and to add decoration to fabric, the folds are formed on the outside. The tucks can also be made on the inside of the fabric.

To sew tucks, choose light to medium weight fabric. Fabrics such as poplin, linen, flannel, gabardine and wool. The fabric design should also be considered if you want to get the best out of sewing tucks. You can also use prints or stripes fabric for tucks.

Types Of Tucks

There are three basic types of tucks which you should try to see how it is designed before you start to sew tuck on clothes. These tucks are:

Spaced Tucks

Spaced tucks are designs that have a space between each tuck. These tucks can be sewn close to the hem of a shirt, vertically on a bodice or on sleeves as well as yokes. You can use light to medium weight fabric to make spaced tucks.

How To Sew Spaced Tucks

  • You will use machine top-stitch foot
  • On the surface of the fabric, mark the size and positions of the tucks
  • On the marked line, fold the fabric with the wrong sides together and use iron to press the lines.
  • Sew parallel straight stitch to each folded edges to create the tucks
  • After you have stitched all the tucks, press the tucks in the same direction.


Pin Tucks

Pin tucks have narrow tucks and can be found on tailored dresses, tuxedo shirts and kid's clothes. Fabrics that are light weight such as cotton is suitable to use in making pin tucks. Pin tuck uses less fabric than the spaced tucks that use broader spaces.

How To Sew Pin Tucks

  • Use machine edge-stitch foot
  • Use tacks or any marking method to mark the tuck positions on the fabric
  • To make the tucks much easier to sew, press the wrong sides of the folds with iron
  • Sew about 2 or 21/2 mm pin tucks on the fabric's surface from the fold to make each tuck
  • To make a decorative pin tuck finish, you can use a metallic thread

Blind Tucks

Having a blind tuck dress is a great addition to your wardrobe. each tuck overlaps or touches the next. The tucks can be any width. Any light or medium weight fabric can be used.

How To Sew Blind Tucks

  • Always mark the position of the tucks on the garment you want to sew
  • Use Top-stitch foot
  • Mark the sewing lines to be parallel and sew the tucks to lie in the same direction

Whatever type of tucks you sew, always sew a piece of fabric first until you achieve the desired result and adjust the sewing machine tension if necessary.

Sewing Basic Tucks General Tips

  • Always mark where you want the tucks to be made on the fabric
  • Press tucks before stitching
  • Fold tucks before you stitch
  • Keep folds at the right-hand side or left hand-side depending on which direction you want the tucks to face.
  • Use Presser foot
  • Stitch tucks in such a way that the upper thread and not the bobbin thread is visible
  • To embed the stitch, press each tuck fold singly
  • From the wrong side, press tucks in the same direction

How To Sew Tucks Video Tutorial


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