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How to Sew a Dress for Beginners

Updated on November 17, 2015

How to Sew a Dress - Step by Step Guide

This guide will help you about how to sew a dress specially when you're a beginner. Sewing is a great way to make items of clothing and gifts, and also repair and re-purpose existing items. Hand-sewing can be time consuming on large projects, and there are many features on a sewing machine that a person will need to understand in order to operate it. Because of these factors, people who would otherwise be interested in sewing a dress may not choose to get started with it. This article will briefly explain the things needed to get past these small inconveniences and get creating!


Unless a pattern for sewing specifically calls for it, or the sewing job is to simply darn a hole or add a button, a best sewing machine should be used on all jobs. Most thrift stores will resell reliable machines such as Singer sewing machine for as low as $20, so this is always a good route for those who don’t want to spend too much money to start their new hobby on how to sew a dress. Other important materials needed include thread, a bobbin, spare machine needles and test material which will clearly show the thread. Most sewing machines should come with all the parts needed to get started, so it is worth checking these at the time of purchase a sewing machine for beginners.


Once the machine is acquired, the next step is to get it threaded and ready to sew. Sewing a dress uses two threads, one pulled from a spool on top, and a second one fed from the bobbin in a compartment underneath the needle. When getting started, or whenever the thread needs to be changed, these will need to be re-fed through the machine. Most new models have easy-to-follow instructions on the side that direct the path of the thread, but other models will have manuals available online for download on how to sew a dress. Remember to turn off the power supply or move the foot pedal that controls the operation of the machine before putting your hands near the sharp needle.

STEP#3 - How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Threading the machine and needle takes a little time at first, but after a while it becomes very easy to do. Once this has been set up, it is now time to turn the power on and do the first test! The tension, stitch length and direction will need to be adjusted before starting to get the best results. This is often the toughest part as there are many combinations that go together to make the stitching look right. A good idea on how to use a sewing machine is to take a photo of the results and post it to a sewing forum for feedback. Once the stitch is set up correctly, it’s finally time to get creating.

Sewing Machine for Beginners

What to Use of Sewing Machine for beginners?

When you're looking for how to sew a dress, a best sewing machine can make all the difference when making an item of clothing. Good sewing machine for beginners is available that can take the stress out of stitching without breaking the bank. People who are interested in creating garments of their own, or making other accessories and items will save plenty of time and increase their productivity by selecting carefully and going with the machine that offers the right features. Here is an overview of what makes a good machine for those getting started in the area of textiles.

Getting Clear Instruction

The technology may be over 200 years old, but most modern machines still require the top thread spool to be manually fed through the machine to the needle. Luckily, threading the bobbin and needle have undergone some improvements, and people buying new machines today will notice that most come with automatic threading as standard. A good sewing machine for beginners will have clear instructions on how to feed the top spool and will have an easy-to-use guide on how to get the thread set up.

Procedure to Go

Most seasoned seamstresses will be used to keeping a pad of paper and pen next to them to jot down the settings used for each stitch. Doing this has been a necessary procedure while sewing a dress as it is normal to change the thread stitch type frequently on a single item, and using a different setting later by accident could cause the piece to look mismatched or unfinished. Anyone purchasing a new model these days will no longer have to do this, as modern sewing machines now make use of a digital interface that allows users to store their stitch settings and recall them with just a few taps on the screen.

Check Out This Video About Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Anyone picking up an old Singer in a thrift store will be likely to find themselves hunched over it late at night trying to squint at poorly-lit threads. This is also something that is now changing in the world of new products, with LED lighting covering the whole system and making it easier to see small and intricate parts of the fabric. The accuracy of the sewing needle is also much better, no longer coming loose mid-sew, and using needles for longer without needing them to be replaced.

Necessity of beginner sewing machine

Getting a good entry level system for embroidery and stitching is important for anyone who wants to know how to sew a dress, make a living, or just enjoy a hobby of sewing. It's important to invest well in a machine with the right features as it is likely to be a part of the family for many years to come.

I've Used Some Top Rated Sewing Machines

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Best Sewing Machines Today

Sewing is based on a simple system of interlocking two threads around a piece of material, and this basic system is what holds clothes together, gives teddy bears their shape and gives function to many other textile products. The best sewing machines today are a world apart from the ones sold in the 19th century, but still rely on the basic function of winding one thread around the other. Here are some of the features that now come as standard with modern sewing machine brands:

Digital Sewing Machine

When you're gonna learn about how to sew a dress, you need a good sewing machine. Most sewing machine brands today are designed for the digital era. The very first models developed over 200 years ago did not even use power as a means to drive the cogs within the unit, and had to be operated by foot or water wheel in factories. These days it is standard for systems to have digital display screens that show the user details about the mode they are on. Some even incorporate touchscreen technology that allows the operator to simply touch the selections they want and the machine configures it for them.

1-Step Buttonhole

One of the things that was a feat of skill for the beginners ready to learn how to sew a dress or even to those who were proficient with sewing was creating buttonholes. On items that are to be fastened by buttons, a hole has to be stitched so that the button can be fed through and held in place without fraying or damaging the garment. This meant getting measurements right and also performing delicate stitch work so it would be both visually appealing and also functional. Modern sewing machine brands now come with 1-step buttonhole options which measure and sew the whole area in moments, taking this from a long-winded and tedious task to a simple selection on a screen.

Automatic Needle Threader

Perhaps the most long-awaited and appreciated feature that comes with these new products is the automatic needle threader. This does exactly what it says and feeds the thread through the eye of the needle without any assistance needed from the operator. Those with unsteady hands or less-than-perfect eyesight will know the frustration of trying to get the frayed end of the thread through the minute gap in the metal, so this is something that many hobbyists will be glad to adopt.

Below a Video to Let the Beginners Know How to Use Sewing Machine

Bottom Line

All in all, the top sewing machines on the market today have so many things to offer those who are interested in learning how to sew a dress, creating clothes and keepsakes of their own. The ease of use of these new machines makes it simple for anyone to get started and develop new skills in the world of textiles.

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