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How To Start Making Jewelry

Updated on May 23, 2013

This is based on my own experience of finding out how to make jewelry. Before, I learned how to make jewelry. I felt very excited about the ideas I have on my mind.

First, I don’t have any ideas how to start.

I can't hide the feeling, and the thoughts that it might not work for me due to time and experience. Nevertheless, I did not allow myself to stop thinking negative because I know it will make me happy and productive. I’m thrilled to research online. What are the things I need? I began curious on the styles and ways to make it. When I start making it, I found out it take's time to make, really time consuming! Being a beginner this is not easy to find a lot of sources that you need when you make jewelry. It will also cost you money to start like buying the beaded tools, beads, bead organizer, wax thread, yarn and other assortment of making jewelry. Of course, this is very interesting, fun, and it’s my joy to learn and develop my skills.

Second, I know this will make me happy to learn and create unique pieces of jewelry from simple ideas.

I truly learned to make jewelry by just watching the YouTube I found out there're a lot of basic styles on how to start when you make like bracelet, charm stone pendant, macrame, necklace, earring and a lot more. I also look for tips on online fashion jewelry store.

Third, How to manage your time when you make jewelry.

In my part, it’s hard because I’m a wife, I have to devote my time and effort to my husband in helping him on office staff and taking good care of household chores luckily I don’t have kids yet... I do make jewelry when I have spare time instead of doing nothing it’s better to feel busy making jewelry. If your student you can make jewelry during weekends or after homework rather than spending watching televisions if you’re hanging out with friends you can influence them to make jewelry, or maybe they can help you making it. Making jewelry is like a hobby because you feel happy with what you have accomplished and proud of yourself that you make gorgeous pieces. It’s a matter of passion in making it and balance to manage your time on making it.

Fourth, My other reason why I want to learn to make jewelry is I can give it as a personal gift to friends and relatives.

It is pressure to find gift for someone's special birthday. When birthday is comming up we usually think the better gift to give. Ofcourse, everyone wants to receive at least and its the thought that counts. I can say making something simple, special, handmade is best option. It’s very sweet, unique and gorgeous pieces that you can ever make and give to a friend or relative whom they know you gave your whole heartedly effort to make it.

Fifth, I want to make money out of it.

That's the Main thing why I love to make it. It is worth rewarding to see your pieces posted on-line and sell it on-line like Ebay, Amazon or much better have your online store like this site is good for all handcrafted jewelry so it’s perfect! You can also find other handcrafted sites if your clever to search online.

I hope to bring joy and information on this article.

Please click thumbs up and leave your comment. It is highly appreciated.

Thank you

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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      These are great reasons to make jewelry, and I have made some of my own. I made a simple but pretty freshwater pearl bracelet for my Mom last Christmas. The last several times I have seen her, she is wearing it every time. It goes with everything, and she loves it! So you are right, they make nice Christmas gifts. I have never done it with the thread or cord, but might learn some day. Thanks for sharing.