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How to tan a snake skin

Updated on November 12, 2014

What you'll need

1. Knife

2. Snake skin

3. Denatured alcohol

3. Glycerin or mineral oil

4. glass jar

Skinning and tanning your snake

First things first is you need the snake skin, rattlesnakes are the best to tan because of their skin but any snake will work. Take the snake and cut its head off, then what I've learned is to then hold it by the neck and tail and pull, this will break it's back and it wont be able to have it's very annoying muscle spasms. Next, take your knife and cut open it's gut all the way down the middle and remove its insides. Now you are going to need to remove the skin, the easiest way of doing this is by pulling it off the body. The skin is very strong so as long as you don't abuse it it won't break. Now the skin is going to have pieces of flesh stuck to it so you want to slowly remove with your knife, scraping along the inside of the skin with the blade of the knife, be careful and don't use the point on your knife because that will cut the skin and make unwanted holes.

Now comes the tanning part, take a glass jar (I used a pickle jar) and fill it with 50% denatured alcohol and 50% glycerin, only certain Walmart stores carry the glycerin but Walmart stores are everywhere so you should be able to find one with ease, you can also replace glycerin with mineral oil if you have to. Next roll up the skin, scale side out, and put it in the solution to soak for three days, after that stretch the snake skin and apply the glycerin to it, allow that to soak for a few hours.

Dry it and that's it, now you have a snake to make anything you want!

Preserving your snake skin

But if you don't have those ingredients or if you don't want to tan your snake skin then just stretch out the skin on a board, holding it down with nails with the scale side down, and put salt on the inside of the skin. Let it dry for a few days and then remove the salt with some water, the salt will have some discoloration but that' okay, then put it back on the board to finish drying. When its done it will be brittle and dry and very easy to break so be careful when handling it but you should have a decent looking snake skin to show to your friends (I personally recommend tanning the skin though)

What to do with your snake skin

there are many things you can do with your snake skin

1. you can make snake skin hats.

2. snake skin wallets.

3. belts.

4. and I've made bracelets out of them.

But what they're really good for is to be stretched around something like a knife or a gun. Or just stretch it on a board and hang it up in your room to show off your snake.

© 2014 alexanderwhite199


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