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★ HOW-TO Gift Wrap | Creative Packaging & DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas ★

Updated on February 16, 2016

Craft Tutorials For Making Your Presents Extra Special

If you think that just wrapping a present with regular wrapping paper looks a bit bare or boring, you've come to the right place!

Have a look at the ideas below for different embellishments you can add to gifts for all occasions, plus creative packaging ideas and some homemade gift tag inspiration.

The how-to's and ideas are mainly aimed at people wrapping personal gifts for Christmas, birthdays, mother's day etc, but if you have a business selling products (especially handmade items), then why not give your customers a special treat with a decorative bow or hand stamped wrapping paper :-)

Brown Paper Packages


Embellishments & Fun Wrapping Paper

There are plenty of products that can be used for gift wrap - from things you will probably already have at home, to unusual objects and crafty bits 'n' bobs! Any craft paper can be used effectively, and there are lots of items - especially card making and scrapbooking embellishments - that will look amazing on a wrapped present.

What Can You Use For Decoration?

Examples & Ideas Of Ways To Decorate Your Gifts

- Ribbons, including cake and curling ribbon

- Pom-poms and tassels

- Upholstery trimmings, such as twisted/braided cord and tassel trim

- Chunky and pretty yarns and fibres tied around (the yarns and fibres could be plaited/braided too)

- Sequins

- Fasten wrapping with a brooch, which can form part of the gift

- Wrap gift in a handkerchief, a dishcloth, something knitted (e.g. a scarf) or a tote bag, which would also serve as an extra gift

- Plastic rhinestones and glue-on gems

- Pretty fabrics like tulle, organza, chiffon, and netting

- Hessian and textured papers + fabrics - such as flocked paper, cosy fleece, or soft felt

- Magazine, newspaper and old book pages

- Various paints - perhaps using stencils with spray paint to decorate the wrapping, using a paintbrush to splatter paint at plain brown wrapping paper, or using linoleum printing blocks or stamps and ink to decorate

- Various wrapping paper

- Card to make gift boxes - could also use mirror card or acetate (with decorative paper underneath, or drawn on with permanent pens/paint to create a painted glass effect)

- Adding sewing or embroidery stitches to the outer wrapping

- Glue wrapped sweets and chocolates to the outside

- Polymer clay (FIMO) or plaster shapes

- Origami shapes in paper, attached to the wrapping

- Fabric flowers/corsages, or faux flowers with stems

- Buttons

- Photos of yourself, your family or of you and the gift recipient together

- Tissue paper and crepe paper

- Stickers

- Natural materials like leaves, flowers and twigs

- Brown paper

- Stamps - rubber stamped designs on the wrapping paper, or postage stamps

- Bows - pre-made or DIY

- Maps, posters, music sheets and comic book pages

- Sewing pattern paper

- Vintage ephemera

- Recycled items like food packaging (e.g. cereal boxes), cans, tins, jars and drinks bottles

- It's best to use double sided tape and/or glue dots for wrapping for a clean professional finish

- Little extras like sweets, bubble blower, confetti, cracker gifts and small kid's toys

- Lace

- Strands of cheap plastic beads/pearls

- Cellophane

- Melted wax, perhaps with a wax seal stamp

- Straws

- Foil or gold/silver leaf

- String and/or raffia

- Decorative/washi tape

- Wrapping paper you have printed yourself with repeated patterns/messages - or scan in images like maps or personal photographs and repeat those to create an all-over design

- Use a wicker basket to present your gift in

- Paper fringing

- Beads

- Feathers

- Doilies

- Small figurines and ornaments

- Seashells and other natural beach items like coral

Wrapping a Gift in a Bag

Holly Christmas Topper

Creative way to replicate Holly at Christmas - with Cedar leaves and star anise.
Creative way to replicate Holly at Christmas - with Cedar leaves and star anise. | Source

How to Make Individual Embellishments

...To add as toppers on the gift wrapping, or to wrap around the gift.

The DIY projects range from silk flowers and pom-poms to decorative ribbon bows and garlands. Have fun!

Rustic Paper Rolls & Twine

Ideal for wrapping tubes and awkward shapes at Christmas.
Ideal for wrapping tubes and awkward shapes at Christmas. | Source

How to Make a Decorative Bow

Furoshiki With Flowers


Tasteful Embellishments

Elegant and sophisticated embellishments with a great range of textures.
Elegant and sophisticated embellishments with a great range of textures. | Source

Get The Kids Involved


How to Make Bottle Top Toppers

gift topper tutorial
gift topper tutorial

(Image credit: me)

This little how-to is for making a pom-pom style paper gift topper.

You Will Need:

* Metallic foil paper, crepe paper, tissue paper or any thin paper which drapes (i.e. not stiff at all)

* A screw-on bottle top off a pop/soda bottle

* Superglue

* Double-sided tape

* Scissors

* Scrap paper (optional)

- First, cut a rectangle out of your paper. This rectangle may differ slightly depending on the paper used and the effect you would like, but I would suggest a height of between 3" and 4", and a length of approx 24". If you don't have paper that is long enough, cut rectangle shapes out of multiple pieces of paper until the total length is enough.

- Cut along one edge of the rectangle(s) in parallel lines, leaving between 1/2" and 1" uncut on the opposite side. This will make fringed paper. To make this step quicker you can fold the rectangles in half a few times before you cut the slits, so that each time you cut you go through a few layers of paper at a time rather than cutting each strip individually.

- When you've done the fringing on all of the rectangles (or just the one) then you can test to make sure that it will fit OK in the bottle top. Simply roll it up and see. If there's not enough you can cut another rectangle out, and if there's too much you can cut a section of fringing off.

- Apply double sided tape or a small amount of superglue (shown in gray on the diagram) to the non-fringed section of one rectangle. Roll it up quite tightly. Tape would be a less messy method.

- If you have other rectangles, apply tape or a thin layer of glue as before and wrap them around the previous roll of paper, carrying on from where the paper ended. There's no need to overlap.

- Put some glue around the bottom of the fringed roll and in the bottle top. Hold the fringed top of the roll together so that it doesn't get in the way, and then push the base into the bottle cap. If it's too loose to balance when you let go then you can glue a bit of scrap paper into the bottle top around the outside of the roll if you wish. Then leave it to dry.

- Simply apply double-sided tape to the bottom of the bottle top to stick it onto a wrapped present.

- That's it!

Metallic Foil Paper Pack

Aitoh Assorted Foil Origami Paper, 5.875 by 5.875-Inch, 36-Pack
Aitoh Assorted Foil Origami Paper, 5.875 by 5.875-Inch, 36-Pack

This set of foil papers contains 36 squares measuring 5 7/8" across, in 10 different metallic colors which all look beautiful. These sheets would be ideal for the project above as well as other gift wrap ideas.

The package even includes instructions for making various origami creations, which would look cute on gifts too!


Vintage Stamp Theme


Dried Oranges Topper


DIY Painted Wrapping Paper

A fun craft idea to do with your kids.
A fun craft idea to do with your kids. | Source

Gift Wrapping on YouTube

Newspaper Gift Bags


Sheet Music Wrapping Paper


Film Reel Bows


Smart & Sophisticated

This simple packaging is actually used for shipping handmade products for a small Etsy business, but the idea is great for any luxury gift giving.
This simple packaging is actually used for shipping handmade products for a small Etsy business, but the idea is great for any luxury gift giving. | Source

Unique Gift Tags


Homemade Bottle Gift Bags

If you have some sewing skills, homemade bags add a very special touch to your presents.
If you have some sewing skills, homemade bags add a very special touch to your presents. | Source

Beautiful Nature Wrap Ideas


Inspiring Gift Wrap Idea Books

For inspiring collections of ideas and examples at your fingertips, books are what you need.

Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps
Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps

Inspired by the Japanese fabric wrapping, learn how to make modern and eco-friendly wraps, even for awkward objects.

Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping
Presentations: A Passion for Gift Wrapping

Over 200 photos of stunning gift wrapping, with step-by-step guides for how to replicate them.

Furoshiki Fabric Wraps: Simple • Reusable • Beautiful
Furoshiki Fabric Wraps: Simple • Reusable • Beautiful

A very highly rated book with beautiful photos of what can be achieved with just fabric squares.


Do you put a lot of effort into your gift wrapping?

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