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How To Transfer an Image

Updated on July 04, 2016

How to Transfer a Printed Inkjet Image onto a Hard Surface

There are many ways you can transfer a printed image to another surface. I had to search the web many times until I found the method that works best for me.

Transferring an image onto another surface can be a little tricky, but once you know how to do it, the possibilities of what you can craft are seemingly endless.

The method I use involves painting the surface I want to transfer onto with white acrylic paint, turning my image upside down onto the white paint, and then basically letting the image dry onto the hard flat surface.

So come on along with me as we take this cute little picture of fairies to the left and transfer it onto a garden rock using my white paint method.

How to Prepare a Hard Surface (Rock) For Image Transfer

How To Transfer an Inkjet Image To a Rock Using White Acrylic Paint

Step-by-Step Instructions for Image Transfer

Read the directions through once before actually doing them

The very first step is to find a rock with a flat surface that you would like to transfer an image onto.

Rocks and slate can be found on the sides of roads, in woods or near streams if you would like to go the inexpensive route. You can also purchase rocks at your local stone center.

Stone centers (Google one near you) usually have a discard pile of misfit rocks where you can find pieces you might like to use. More than likely, they will charge only a small fee for these rocks so it is still relatively inexpensive.

1) After you find a rock you like and bring it home and wash it, you will then paint it two or three times with white acrylic paint, letting it dry in between coats.

2) After printing an inkjet image you would like to use, paint over it (that's right, paint over the picture) with white acrylic paint as if you were trying to cover it up. Let the paint dry onto the picture. You only have to do this once.

3) Back to the rock - after it is painted and dried a few times, you will now apply a thick coat of white paint onto the rock surface - do not let it dry this time.

4) Take your inkjet image (with the dried paint on it) and place it face down onto the thick coat of wet white paint you just painted onto your rock.

5) Smooth out the picture on the dry side with your fingers and let the picture dry onto the wet paint.

6) After the picture is dried onto the white paint (let the initial drying take place for 24 hours), take a clean flat paintbrush and clean water and paint over the picture. You will see the image start to appear through the paper as it becomes moist from the water being applied.

7) Do Step 6 above at least 5 times. The paper is going to start to peel after a few times.

8) As the paper peels you can roll your fingers over it EXTREMELY LIGHTLY, and I mean barely touch it as you roll.

9) Keep doing Steps 6-8 until the paper completely comes off of the rock and your image is transferred!

10) Decorate and embellish your image with paint. You can add flowers in the background, change colors, add clouds, butterflies, ladybugs or other cute little additions that will make your rocks unique. Try stencils!

11) Have fun!!!

How To Get The Transferred Image To Show

Picture of one of my fairy rocks... - Based on a fairy drawing by Cicely Mary Barker

How to Transfer a Photo Using a Liquid Gel Transfer Medium

There are other ways to transfer images, although this method can be a little more expensive because it requires using a transfer gel medium, such as Liquitex.

Liquitex is a liquid gel medium you can purchase at a craft store in the paint section.  You use a paint brush to get Liquitex onto your transfer surface to prepare it for receiving an image.

You will get a clean crisp transfer using this method, and using a gel medium is a great choice for image transfer if you want to transfer onto fabric or wood and possibly even glass.

Please stop in and say Hello... - If you know of another way to transfer images, please feel free to share it here!

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      WinWriter 2 years ago

      Amazing! I learned something today - thank you :)

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