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Scrapbook Sketches

Updated on August 16, 2018
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Making A Scrapbook Page -Quick And Easy

Lots of people like to make scrapbooks but they can be time consuming. There is a way to create an almost professional scrapbook quickly and easily. Using these ideas will not only help you create your own scrapbooks, but you can create gift scrapbooks for those special occasions when you want to have something special that you made yourself. For those of us who scrapbook as a hobby, sometimes, you are in a project and your creative juices go a little dry. Following these ideas will get you on track to creating the perfect pages for your family memories. It's just a simple idea that will help you create pages for your scrapbooks that you never thought possible. It's a simple technique that anyone can learn from beginner to passionate artist. Best of all, it's free......It's simply using free scrapbook sketches that are available all over the internet. AND HERE'S HOW TO USE THEM

You cam create your own scrapbook sketches using a photo shop program right on your own computer. Use simple shapes to place the elements of your design. You can easily make a sketch using circles, boxes, triangles and rectangles

Create A Scrapbook Sketch Book

Keep Your sketches Handy In One Location

I have created a notebook where I keep my sketches handy. You can print them easy enough from your computer. You can spate them by category or by theme. I like to keep mine in page protectors to keep them handy and easy to use. When I create my own scrapbook sketch, I add the dimensions so that I have that information. If you don't want to create a notebook, you could create a separate file in my pictures on your computer. You could also keep them in an 8 x 10 scrapbook, it's up to you. Having them available makes all your pages easier and quicker than you ever thought possible

Elements Of A Scrapbook Sketch

So what's on a scrapbook page anyway? Well that is up to you. A scrapbook page can be simply a group of pages with pictures on them. But most people include a few more elements. Here are a few to consider

1. The pictures......these are the basics of your page. How you arrange them is up to you

2. Picture Mats......they are underneath the picture and act as a frame. They are especially useful with patterned paper

3. Titles......can almost be anywhere on the page

4. Journaling sections.....where you write about the events or people

5. Embellishments........those sweet little pieces of gems, paper and trinkets we all love to add

How To Create A Scrapbook Page From A Sketch

Following a scrapbook sketch is not really difficult. The best sketches have dimensions printed on them. That really makes it easy for you to cut the elements out. But if no sizing is given, you can approximate the sizes on the elements. Adapting them to your needs isn't hard to do.

Time required: 15-25 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Depends on the materials you use


  • scrapbook paper-you will need paper for your background as well as paper for your photo mats and embellishments
  • photos
  • embellishments of your choice-they can be labels, letters, titles whatever the sketch calls for


  • scissors and/or paper cutter
  • scrapbook adhesive


1. Choose the scrapbook sketch that you want to use. Chose either a single page or a double page layout

2. Choose the photos to fit the layout. decide which photos will have to be trimmed. Trim them with a scissor or a paper trimmer

3. Select the papers for your scrapbook page. I like to use paper from the same manufacturer or from one collection. That makes it easy so that they will all match.

4. Create the background. layer your paper as the sketch calls for. Cut paper to back the photos. Refer to the sketch for placement of your paper layers. Adhere the layers to the background paper

5. Add the photos with adhesive. Make sure to use enough adhesive so that they stay in place

6. Add any text or journaling as shown on your sketch. That can include any titles or other text.

7. Add any embellishments. These can be any cutouts, labels, flowers or any pieces that add to your page.

Make Your Own Scrapbook Sketch - Easily Done With Just A Few Tools

Drawing your own scrapbook sketches isn't difficult at all. There are just a few things to consider. The elements that you will need for your page would include an area to place your photos, a title, any journaling, any embellishments..It's that simple. Look through scrapbook books, magazines and on the internet to find examples of pages that you really like. On some drawing paper with a pencil, ruler and circle drawer mark off those areas. Note the measurements of the different elements that you are adding to your page. It's just that simple ! Here are some of my must have tools for drawing scrapbook sketches

Westcott LetterCraft  Large and Small Circles Template (T-831)
Westcott LetterCraft Large and Small Circles Template (T-831)
An absolute must for every scrapbook artist ! Helps you draw your sketches and creates circles for all your cards and scrapbook pages. It enables you to draw circles on both your scrapbook sketches and cards. You can also use it to create circular elements on any type of paper or material. All you need is a good sharp pair of scissors.

How To Make Your Own Scrapbook Sketch

Fiskars 8.5x11 Inch Sheet Squares Shape Template (48527097F),Orange
Fiskars 8.5x11 Inch Sheet Squares Shape Template (48527097F),Orange
Would not be without this template ! Helps you create sketch elements and other pieces for your pages and cards. Makes it easy to add elements on your scrapbook pages quickly and easily. You can also create mats for your scrapbook page. This is handy to take to classes and crops.

Preformatted pages make your design even easier. These are often found in scrapbook kits. When your creative juices are low, scrapbook kits are the answer to getting more pages done, faster. Each kit generally comes with design ideas and sketches to make it even easier

ScrapBook Galleries - Get More Inspiration

Scrapbook galleries are a great place to get sketch and design ideas. I frequently will visit several. Either I will print out the ones I like, or draw sketches of the ones that I have the features that I need. Here are several of my favorites

Resources On Scrapbook Sketches

I have several books devoted to scrapbook sketches. When my creative juices are dry, I refer to them and get some inspiration. Owning several of these books, make your scrapbooking hours a lot more enjoyable

© 2014 Linda F Correa

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