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Ribbon Tips For Scrapbook Pages

Updated on July 31, 2017
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Best Techniques For Adding Ribbon To Scrapbook Pages

Do you want to add color, texture and dimension to your scrapbook pages? Adding ribbon to your layouts will do just that. They add a little nostalgia to your pages that is a design element that will bring class and joy to each of your scrapbook pages.It's time to get out your ribbon scraps and rolls and create something unique and beautiful. With so many ribbons available, there is bound to be one that will match your colors and themes

When buying ribbon for scrapbooking you will want to consider several things.

  1. Size- do you want ribbon to be thinner or wider. You might use a wider ribbon as a title or a border. A thinner ribbon might be used as a tie for a charm. The width of the ribbon you select would depend on it's use
  2. Color-do you want a bold statement or something more subtle.
  3. Style-are you looking for a bright print or something to compliment a printed paper
  4. Fabric- Are you looking at something that might be more metallic, something that you can see through or more of a grosgrain ribbon

Types Of Ribbon Suitable For Scrapbook Pages

  • Organza Ribbon
  • Adhesive Ribbons
  • Chiffon Ribbon
  • Rick Rack
  • Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Organza Ribbon
  • Paper Ribbon

How To Attach a Ribbon Over A Photo

When placing a ribbon length over a photo, pull the ribbon taut and wrap the ends around the photo, then secure them on the back. Gluing the ribbon directly over the photo can damage the photo. Pulling your ribbon taut over your photo before securing it on the back will keep you from having to attach the ribbon directly on top of your photo.

Need More Ribbon Inspiraton?

  • Use ribbon to create a background. Instead of background paper, affix different colors and lengths of ribbon to plain paper. You can glue it on or sew it on !
  • Highlight a photo by using ribbon as a border around it Use the ribbon as you would a mat.
  • Stitch ribbon around the edges of a scrapbook page, but remember to miter the corners
  • Form shapes with ribbon scraps. Draw a shape in pencil. Then cut scraps and glue to create your shape. Great way to use leftovers
  • Use ribbon to secure tags or just tie a ribbon at the top of your tag
  • Make a ribbon flag or pendant
  • Make a ribbon flower. There are many techniques to do different flowers
  • Make a ribbon bow. Bows can be used just about anywhere on your pages
  • Make a ribbon frame
  • Place strips of ribbon behind a photo to make a mat
  • Use ribbon as a page border. You can sew it on. Or you can glue it on. You can also make holes in it and use brads to anchor it on
  • Make a ribbon weave or plaid for your pages

Order Ribbon In Bulk And Save - Never Buy in a single spool !

I like to order ribbon when I need it in bulk packs. This gives me a variety of colors and textures in a price that is well within my budget. Check out some of my favorite packs

Ribbon Scrapbook Idea

Cut each end of any ribbon that you use to control fraying

Ribbon Borders For Scrapbook Pages

How To Secure Ribbon To Scrapbook Pages

Mini Glue Dots are an excellent method of securing ribbon to paper-especially bows and knotted ribbon. The key is the size of the Glue Dot that you use. The Mini size is big enough to secure the ribbon, but small enough so that it does not seep out from behind the ribbon and stick to the sheet protector.

Mini Glue Dots are also great for adhering strips of ribbon to your paper, but so are brads and eyelets. Just pull your ribbon taut and punch a hole through your ribbon and your paper, then place a brad or eyelet in the punched hole and secure. Other adhesives that work well for ribbon strips are glue sticks and double sided mounting tabs.

Ribbon used to tie colors together as well as in the title
Ribbon used to tie colors together as well as in the title | Source

Scrapbook Ribbon Idea

Mix and match different textures and colors to create a unique one of a kind layout

Double Sided Tape-Perfect For Adding Ribbon On Paper

Even if your ribbon has adhesive on it, I often find that the adhesive the manufacturer uses is simply not strong enough to stay on the paper permanently. I always like to add some double sided tape on all my projects, just to make sure that the ribbon is permanent. The tape comes in many brands and widths depending on how thick or thin your ribbon is. I like to keep both a thick and thin roll of double sided tape in my craft room for when that inspiration hits.

Ribbon Package Layout

I designed this to look like a Christmas package but you could adapt this design to a birthday package too
I designed this to look like a Christmas package but you could adapt this design to a birthday package too

More Ways To Adhere Ribbon

  • Brads can be used to adhere ribbon on each end .
  • Staples-they come in delicious colors
  • Eyelets-they also come in colors to compliment

Make A Ribbon Flower

Storing Your Ribbon

You will want to store your ribbons so that you can see what you have and protect them from dust and dirt. There are lots of ways to store your ribbons. The right storage solution for you depends on your space and how much ribbon you have. Some people like to store them in jars, especially those pretty mason jars. You can see the amount of ribbon that you have left.

Other people like to store them In those pretty shoe boxes that are available in most craft store. You can make a storage box that will hold your ribbon and allow you to just pull out what you need.

I have some of my thinner ribbons on spool holders that stack on top of each other. Very handy when I am busy and my designs need that special touch. I also store some of my larger spools of ribbon in some designed hat boxes that sit on a book case in my craft room.

It's up to you where and how you store your ribbons. But try to stay organized so that you know exactly where your stash is.

Saving Ribbon Bits

I often have little bits of ribbon that I save to add a little bling to a project. I roll these bits and place them in a little plastic bag. The bags are then placed in a scrap rack page with like colors

Do You Use Ribbon On Your Scrapbook Pages?

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      I am so into making my pages with all kinds of embellishments and glitter. I am creating legacies for my family. Each page that I create is my art......

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      Lovely hub. I enjoy making my scrapbooks multimedia, and you provide some excellent ideas here -- some of which I have yet to use. Thanks for the ideas! Voted up and more.