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Recycle your Paper and Save the Trees!

Updated on April 27, 2010

A green way to use paper

Newspaper can be recycled to make new paper
Newspaper can be recycled to make new paper

Paper has become inseparable with us. Almost everything in our life includes paper. From the newspaper to food wrapping, from books we read and paper bag. We take paper for granted. But, do we know how many trees are chopped down to make the paper we desire? Probably no. But, we realize that it’s not one or two trees a day to make paper that much. That is why we should save the trees that support our daily oxygen. This is because we need oxygen more than just a piece of paper. Now it’s time to recycle.

The right choice for paper recycling is newspaper because many people read newspaper everyday and the news in newspaper gets old instantly because news comes everyday. So, instead of stacking old newspaper, why not making recycled paper? It seems that recycled paper must have ugly texture and color. But, with a little touch of creativity, even the ugliest looking paper can turn into a beautiful craft. Recycled paper can be used as anything, from your own customized diary into unique invitation for an “Earth Day” party. Sometimes, it can be used as a gift wrapper too. Now, let’s cut the crap and straight to the paper recycling.

What you need are: old unused newspaper or other paper could do, old blender or food processor, insect screen or strainer, electric iron, white glue, water, big sink half or quarter-filled with water. Here's step by step to recycle your paper:

1. Make a frame from woods (or you can use some old photo frame. Make sure it’s big enough or according to the size of the paper you want to make) and stretch the insect screen on it.

2. Shred the paper into smaller pieces

3. Put the paper pieces into the blender and add some water

4. Blend the paper until it becomes pulp

5. Add some white glue to the sink and pour all of the pulp into the sink. Mix it well

6. Add something for the color or texture. For example, you can add some sort of weed, dry leaves or everything else to make it more unique. For the color, you can put some food coloring inside.

7. Scoop the pulp with the frame carefully. Lift the frame slowly and let the water drain for a while

8. Dry the frame until it dries completely, then you can pull the paper gently

9. Make some beautiful crafts with it!

Basically, every kind of paper can be used with this technique. But, newspaper gives the best result because of the color and texture.


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