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Craft Projects for Young Craftsman

Updated on July 3, 2012

Craft Projects and Ideas for The Young Craftsman

Here is a practical HOW TO MAKE IT book with simplified instructions, pictures and plans for making over 450 things. Useful articles for the home, furniture, attractive gadgets, knickknacks, kids toys, kids games, photo equipment, boat models, real boats, arts and crafts projects, and much much more, of the more simple type.

No special skill is necessary.

This Lens is a work in progress...check back often to see the new additions.

A Corner Whatnot Shelf in Maple Leaf Design

Just the thing to dress up a corner in your living room, this whatnot shelf has duplicate plywood sides that can be cut together. However, one must be 1/4 in. wider than the other at the back edge. After sanding thoroughly, the sides are assembled with glue and small brads, and the shelves are spaced as indicated on the squared drawing. Finishing the original shelf to carry out the maple effect consisted of applying maple oil stain, followed by a coat of white shellac. When the shellac was dry, the surface was sanded, dusted clean and given a coat of clear varnish.

These types of corner shelves are quick sellers and easy to make. They are also very easy to make bigger and smaller. The designs you can use are unlimited, you can make them in any theme you like and finish them in any color with paints or stains.

Video Tour Of Craft Projects for Young Craftsman - This clip shows about 90% of the book and runs 3 minutes

I didn't think a narration was necessary, so I added a peaceful and soothing soundtrack to the video.

Standing Sewing Cabinet

Here's storage space for the mending, twenty spools of thread, as many balls of yarn or darning cotton, drawers for pins, needles and buttons - all contained in a simple rectangular box hung corner wise on two turned legs. An ornate handle is mounted on the top corner of the box and the two sides, or lids, are hinged to open upward. These are framed and paneled in the same way as a small cupboard door. Or, you can use a single 3/8 in. walnut plywood panel for each door. Here the only difficulty is that of finishing the exposed edge of the plywood. A better way is to edge glue several narrow strips of 3/8 in. solid stock, selected especially for attractive grain and uniform texture. If you have power tools, the strips can be tongued and grooved. If the strips must be joined by hand, then use small dowels to give them added strength. Details on the first page give the elevations, sizes of the legs and feet, and a cross section. Most parts are of such small size that you can use either solid walnut or mahogany in the construction.

You'll save time by building the cabinet first, as the legs are more easily fitted. After the ends and two lower sides of the cabinet have been cut to exact size, they are joined with glue and small brads. Next, the legs are turned to size and the upper square sections are halved and notched as shown. Notice that the upper ends of the legs are dovetailed, the dovetails fitting in sockets cut in the ends of the top cross member. When complete, this arrangement locks the cabinet securely in place. To finish up ready for assembly, you turn out the lower stretcher and saw out the handle and two scrolled feet. Assemble these parts with glue in all joints, and use screws to fasten the handle. Now the interior fittings: In the cross section, A-B, of the cabinet, parts C and D are simply 3/8 in. lengthwise strips beveled on one edge to fit snugly against the center member. They should be fastened securely with glue and brads, the heads of the brads being sunk below the surface with a nail set. Part E is the shelf on which the drawers slide, and part F fills the opening back of the drawers. The thread and yarn trays and the drawers are made as in the details above. For the trays use pieces of white pine or basswood which are straight-grained and free of knots. To form the concaves, the width is first laid out and the lines deeply scored with a scribe.

Then the waste is removed with a quarter-round gouge and the job finished by smoothing the grooves with sandpaper wrapped about a length of 1 in. dowel. To finish walnut, sand thoroughly and rub in a walnut filler. After this dries, sand lightly and apply two coats of white shellac, smoothing the surface between coats with fine steel wool. When dry, finish with furniture wax, rubbed down to a dull gloss. Use the same procedure in finishing mahogany except that a stain is applied before filling.

With modern craft supplies and pre-made parts from the big home centers, a stand like this can be put together in no time.

Rope Walker Is made of Cardboard

Rope Walker Is made of Cardboard
Rope Walker Is made of Cardboard

This Secret Lock Is Opened With a Match Stem

Here's just the lock you have been wanting for that treasure box. It costs nothing because all you need is a spring-type clothespin, a match and an L-hook or screw. First drill a hole in one of the legs of the clothespin to take the hook. Screw the clothespin to the inner side of the front of the box and drive the hook into the underside of the lid so that the hook will slip into the hole in the leg. Drill a hole through the front of the box and through the fixed jaw of the clothespin to take the match. Several false holes drilled part way through the front will add to the deception. To operate the lock, push the match through the hole against the movable jaw of the clothespin to compress the leg and release the hook, which will permit the lid to be raised.

Tools You'll Always Be Happy To Have

You will find most Xacto Tools and a quality sander indispensable tools for any craft projects.

Xacto X75300 Precision Razor Saw Set
Xacto X75300 Precision Razor Saw Set

The X-ACTO Precision Razor Saw Set is the perfect kit for sawing a variety of medium to heavy duty materials. The set features a #5 Heavy Duty Plastic Knife and two X-ACTO quality razor saw blades - a fine saw blade for precision cutting and a medium blade for broader cuts.

Midwest Products Hobby & Craft Easy Miter Box Deluxe
Midwest Products Hobby & Craft Easy Miter Box Deluxe

Unlike other typical miter boxes, you can cut four miter angles in addition to a 90 Degree angle

Injection molded with unique CAM Clamps the hold the material firmly in place

Accepts materials up to two-inch wide and as thick as 1/2-inch

Deluxe model includes a razor saw

Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set
Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set

Set contains: #1 Knife for precision cutting and trimming of lightweight materials, #2 Knife for precision and trimming of medium to heavy weight materials, #5 Knife for precision cutting of heavy weight materials; #7, #10, #11, #16, #17, #2, #18, #19, #22, #24 precision knife blades.

Stanley 15-104 Fatmax Coping Saw
Stanley 15-104 Fatmax Coping Saw

Hardened and tempered high carbon steel blade. -Walnut-stained handle. -Blade Length: 6 3/8 in. -Blade Material: Carbon Steel. -Blade Type: Coping Saw. -Handle Material: Wood.

Bosch 1294VSK 2.3 Amp Corner Detail Sander Kit
Bosch 1294VSK 2.3 Amp Corner Detail Sander Kit

The Bosch 1294VSK is a 120-volt, 2.6 amp sander designed for precise finishing in confined areas. The sander also includes an ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfort and control, along with a three-position pad that extends paper and pad life.


Bracelets and Necklaces From Walnut Shells

Unusual and attractive pieces of costume jewelry can be made from black walnut shells, which are so hard and close grained that they take a beautiful polish, and are strong enough to withstand reasonably hard usage.

The necklace and bracelet shown are but a few of the possibilities of this material. Buttons, pins and novelty hat decorations also may be worked out. After selecting several regular shaped nuts, scrub the shells clean with soap and water, and saw off slices or disks, using any fine-tooth saw. To facilitate holding the nuts, which are placed endwise between the jaws of a vise while sawing, the ends are flattened slightly with a file.

The nut is squeezed between the jaws with just enough pressure to hold it. After sawing halfway through the nut, a spacer of cardboard is forced into the saw kerf or cut to prevent breaking or binding, and the nut is turned over to continue the cutting. The sections are placed in a vise or hand screw and holes are drilled about 1/2 in. apart through the edges for the thread or elastic. The faces of each section are smoothed with sandpaper and polished to a fine sheen with wax. Six or seven sections of uniform size are required for the bracelet. Two 1/8 in. beads, one on each elastic, are required as spacers between each disk. The elastic is drawn fairly tight and knotted so that the knots will come within one of the large openings of the shell to help conceal them.

The necklace is strung on strong linen thread and provided with a metal clasp. Here you can use pieces of the same diameter, or you can use a large one in the center and have progressively smaller ones toward the end. The quantity of beads between sections and above them will depend on size used. The number of average-size beads needed is indicated by numbers on the photo of the necklace. Brown, black or crystal beads, which are readily available at most ten-cent stores, are appropriate for this jewelry.

How To Order Online

How To Order Online
How To Order Online


Not Complete, will add to index as time allows


Airplane, Model

balanced with clay

bomb rack for

nose plugs from tube caps

rubber wheels from erasers

twin props double flight time

Ants, keeping out of lunch box


homemade bow sight

making arrows visible

making bows, arrows

sight on bow improves aim

Ash Tray

from fish head

miniature wheelbarrow


Bank, novel savings

Basketball, weighted towels tossed to players

Bean Bags, throw for fun

Belt, leather

Bench, cat


broom clamp supports

carrying rack clamps on car bumper

handlebars have reflectors in grips

jig aids in truing wheels



putting initial on

ramp swings out of way

reflectors on pedals

repairing worn chain

rubber straps on basket hold books



stoplight switch operated by chain


Billfold, leather

Bird Bath, fitted with trapeze

Bird Cutout, realistic wings for

Bird Feeders

pan nailed to tree trunk is good

pivot mounting for

split keg provides

winter snack shacks

Bird Houses

cool, of asbestos cement


keeping cats out of

span garden gate

sparrow proof

springy perch discourages intruders

wren, from auto casing

wren, six unusual

Birds, keeping at home in your garden

Blackboard, ruling lines on

Boats, Boating

anchor, homemade

canoe, carrying single handed

carrier on car, transports safely

feathercraft for swimmers

minnow trow

motor moved easily on detachable wheels

outboard, 12-ft. Plywood

rowboat, 12 ft

rowboat, sailing a

sailboat, building Biloxi dinghy

seat, detachable canvas

tanks, overflow gauge for


Book Binding

Book Ends


putting to other uses


Book Shelves, long, narrow

Bootjack, crotched stick serves as

Boot Laces, simple way of tying

Bottle Caps, screw eye removes


non-scratch feet for

padded feet for small

Bracelets, walnut shell

Brackets, strap hinges serve as shelf

Brads, small spring holds

Brazing, fixture simplifies


Brush, way to clean

Buzzer, remote clock starts

Blue Dun Publishing On Amazon

Blue Dun Publishing On Amazon
Blue Dun Publishing On Amazon

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    • Angelgirl1976 profile image


      6 years ago

      Really interesting and very handy in these tough times. It also reminds me of when I was a child and my grandparents would make things from stuff that no longer worked as it should. Those were the days :) good lens

    • CarolynPile profile image


      7 years ago

      These projects are quite interesting. Reminds me of things my dad used to do.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've seen some of these projects over the years and it sure is good to see them revived. When I was little, it seemed like all the old folks had corner whatnot shelves in their homes and I always liked them.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Excellent! I think this might be the best use of that blueprint theme that I've seen so far! Great job!

    • BlueDunDan profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @sukkran trichy: Thank you Thank You Thank you! It's a pleasure sure to check back, I will be adding the full index from this book as well as several more detailed projects!

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 

      7 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      very interesting lens. your craft ideas are great. thanks for sharing handcrafted tips. ~blessed~


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