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How to crochet a tie

Updated on June 6, 2011
Man's crochet tie
Man's crochet tie | Source

This pattern is easy to do and adaptable to any size. It can be made with any size or type of yarn. Variegated yarn allows for interesting patterns on the tie, but a tie can also be made with a solid color. It is also easy to make the same color tie for an entire family or wedding party.

A traditional tie measures about 52" in length. We have some large men in our family so the one shown here measures 70". If you choose to customize your tie, measure the length of the front from the base of the neck to where you want the tie to fall. Double this measurement, then add the neck measurement plus 4" for the knot. Otherwise, go with the 52" tie.

With size 4 yarn start with a size G hook; for size 2 yarn start with a size C hook (adjust according to personal desires.

How to increase Sc until the middle of the row. In the middle stitch put two single crochet stitches instead of one. If the row has an even number of stitches, put two single crochet stitches in either of the two middle stitches.

How to decrease a row Chain 1, insert hook into single chain and yarn over, insert hook into the next single chain and yarn over again (three loops on the hook). Now yarn over and pull the yarn through all three loops. Continue to single chain leaving the last two single chains. In the next two single chains complete a decrease again.

The Pattern:

With size G hook chain 6. With a size C hook chain 9.

row 1 sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across-5 sc (or 8 with C hook)

row 2 and each of the next rows until the you have completed half the length of the tie   chain 1 and sc in each sc across. (The tie should measure approximately 1 1/4 " wide. If using a different size hook and/or yarn; sc enough stiches to make your tie meet this measurement.)   

following rows until the tie measures approximately 1 1/2" short of the full tie length Chain 1 and continue to sc across, increasing every 5 or 6 rows

last 1 1/2" of the tie Chain 1 then  decrease one stitch on each end of the tie on each row until the last row.   Bind Off. Weave in ends.                                


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    • profile image

      ldsisney 5 years ago

      Tunisian crochet is a cross between crochet and knitting. All your stitches for a row are kept on the crochet needle until they are crocheted off. Then stitches are loaded again and crocheted off again. It causes the weave to look double layered.

    • profile image

      Maria 5 years ago

      What is a Tunisian