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The Hyperrealist Style of Alex Zonis

Updated on November 17, 2012

Exaggerated Realism in Oil

Alex Zonis is an amazing artist who taught herself to paint on a professional level practically from the first day she picked up a brush. Inspired by her father, a painter, she took up drawing in the summer of 2009. Moving from drawing to watercolor in 2010, by 2011 she had also become an oil painter. Her earliest works, often on 8 by 8 inch squares were good enough to auction. Gifted enough to not even need to be trained before turning pro, Alex Zonis is a fine artist of rare ability.



No Alex does not chew tobacco. She has a fondness for old fashioned vintage items though, which explains the spittoon. She often borrows the items that she paints and returns them to the owner afterward. What she does stylistically with her brand of hyperrealism is observe and capture the most minute details with the accuracy of a camera, except she accentuates the details beyond reality to make her works appear super sharp and crystal clear. It's incredible to think that the painter who did this is a rookie who only started using oil a year ago. I can't imagine where she will be in 5 or 10 years skill-wise, but I will certainly be watching.


Memory Blocks III

The first time I met Alex she showed me this painting, which I believe is only 6 by 6 inches. For the tiny size, it seemed as if she had just taken a photograph and sharpened it up by adding some magical touches with a little paint. One of her first oil paintings, it is so good that it literally looks like a photograph. As an artist who just didn't have the desire to pursue a realistic style (due largely to the difficulty), I am amazed by any artist who could pull off this level of detail. As amazing as this painting is to look at and consider that this is the work of a beginner, the most amazing thing about it: it has not sold yet.


Make Tea Not War

This tea pot is just unreal. It looks like a miniature sized work of renaissance mastery, only ultra-real and modern at the same time. I don't know what else I could say about this except that seeing this makes it evident that Alex Zonis' fine art is destined to end up in museums.



This is Alex's latest painting as of October 2012. I keep looking at this one thinking she must have made a mistake and uploaded the source photo instead of the photo of the painting. But she doesn't paint from photographs, she paints - reproduces real things with the skill of a human camera. I can not distinguish this picture from a photograph at all. If that is what you were trying to achieve here Alex, then you have done it. I almost think she must be cheating her pictures are so real. The images here may not do her artwork justice, but there are larger versions on her blog.


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    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 5 years ago from Canada

      I am in awe of this artist's work, and enjoyed reading her storey. Thank you for the link to her amazing online gallery. The paintings are indeed hyperreal. What a talent! Regards, snakeslane