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Wallpapers of Nature's Paintings of Ice on Rivers

Updated on January 22, 2015

Amazing Wallpapers of Ice on Rivers

The beauty of icy rivers in the midst of various environments and accompanying elements of nature provide some extraordinary visuals of winter scenes on the waters.

Many people take these inspirational natural paintings and use them to encourage and uplift themselves and other on their computers and other screens via wallpapers.

Some of the amazing scenery included in this article, with a gallery of wallpapers depicting rivers with various levels of ice coverage on them, has snow and/or ice covered trees and in some cases the sun providing its own set of designs to add to the spectacular landscape and scenery.

What makes these especially compelling and attractive is the ice itself, which adds the reflective and mirror-like quality which enhances the look of the already beautiful picture being viewed and enjoyed.

Icy rivers provide their own unique qualities, and because of the disparate landscapes surrounding each one, they offer up a widely different appearance from place to place. That means we can enjoy all sorts of fascinating visual delights on a consistent basis as we place them on our computers and other screens.

River Wallpaper with Snow-Covered Icy Edge

Being from northern Minnesota in my youth, this is an image that wasn't unfamiliar to me and others.

That edge of ice covered with snow in the foreground is one we all saw and learned about when growing up. While a fantastic image, it was also considered dangerous when you realize this isn't a thick stand of ice. The snow covering it creates the illusion of thickness, even while adding to the beauty of the river scene.

Really looking nice is that thin sheen of ice in the middle of the river, extending out from the snow-covered ice just mentioned. The reflective qualities enhance the surrounding trees and other foliage.

As for the trees, these are among my favorite parts of this wallpaper, with them being covered in various degrees of snow and ice, creating somewhat of a mosaic of white and color. It also differentiates between the pine trees and the other species which I can't make out.

The uncovered rock right in the right corner and the gnarled tree right above add to the wonderful quality of this magnificent natural landscape.

river ice wallpapers
river ice wallpapers | Source

River Wallpaper with Icy Banks and Edges

Many people don't take in some of the detail associated with photos, but with images of nature, there are an amazing number of things to consider.

In this photo one of those is the type of trees covered with ice and snow, which make it look unique. The next river wallpaper will show some pine trees covered in snow to show how they differentiate in appearance.

These trees look awesome because of the way the smaller branches are covered in white while the trunk of the tree and larger branches show the dark, contrasting color. That makes for an amazing look.

When taking in this fantastic river scenery, I get the sense that I'm almost looking at a road of water that extends off into the distance. If a canoe was on this river it would even add to that feel.

The sense that the journey is uncertain because of the disappearing river and land ahead as it blends all together, makes for happy uncertainty.

As for the image itself, other than the trees my favorite part is the way the reflection of the trees peek over the ice to project themselves onto the water of the river.


Frozen River and Suspended Bridge

At first glance this wallpaper of a frozen river appears to be almost a carbon copy of the above picture, as far as the the overall feel with the strong, white ice and snow powder making for a similar look when taking a cursory glance at it.

But a closer and longer look reveals a lot of difference. It was already mentioned above how the trunk of the trees in the prior photo stand out nicely and differently than those in the photo below. That's because of the types of tree featured in each picture.

The trees below include more pine, which hold snow and ice better and longer, which creates an image that isn't as dark as far as the trunk of the trees go. You see more white here than in the above photo.

But the star of this frozen river wallpaper to me is that hanging or suspended bride in the back of the scene. Not only is it awesome, but it's visually awesome because of the fact the trees behind it hold less ice and snow, offering a background that helps the bridge to stand out more.

Also interesting in contrast to the above river picture is how the ice below is more in the center of the river rather than solely on the sides of the river. That creates the darker side of the river to the right and the bluer, darker waters to the left as the river winds further down.

There isn't a loser in either of these two winter river wallpapers. Either one would look great. I just pointed out the differences to show how different a scene can really be even when the initial appearance seems to be almost the same.


Quiet, Icy River Wallpaper with Mist Covering the Waters

Here is another of the outstanding river wallpapers featuring some level of ice cover on the rivers.

Everything about this photo really works well. The calm waters of the river make it look very different than some of the above photos, even those that appear to have little or no movement. That's because of the angle this picture was taken at, where you can't see the meandering river winding down the landscape.

This river almost has a magical quality to it. The dangling foliage right in your face in the foreground looks fantastic, as if you are trying to gaze through it to get a better look at the overall view before you.

Also magnificent is the way the trees are, with the closeness making them grow uniformly in a row. The two different tree lines give the photo a very different feel.

What seems to be a setting sun makes it even more fantastic, with there being enough room on the bottom of the trees for it to poke through to cast its rays upon the water. The reason it can do that is when trees grow close together like that the branches wear off on each other creating the bare and open spaces you see.

All of that is enhanced by the gorgeous reflection on the water, which when intersected and interrupted by the ice and snow in the middle, creates a beautiful effect that can be appreciated on both sides of it.


Sun Reflecting on Frozen River

This setting sun is one of the more beautiful I've ever seen, and when it is improved by the icy conditions of the river, it adds even more stunning visual effects because of how close the real rays of the sun are and how the coincide with the reflection of them onto the river.

The result is what you see here, with the two lines of yellow light running perpendicular to one another.

Not only that, there is the additional reflection of the sun almost to the edge of the picture, almost creating the look of a cross.

While a river could produce a similar effect, the ice is what makes this such an imaginative and outstanding outcome from nature's canvass.

Also stunning are the shapes of the ice as it is revealed by the fading light of the sun.

If you choose to download this particular wallpaper for personal use on your computer, you'll see even more extraordinary detail than you see here.

sun setting on icy river wallpaper
sun setting on icy river wallpaper | Source

Frozen and Icy River Wallpapers

As far as nature photos go, I'm not sure you can get any better than these river wallpapers with frozen or icy conditions affecting their look.

Since ice has such wonderful reflective qualities to it, as do rivers, together anything that is surrounding the area changes and enhances the natural beauty beyond what it would look like if it was standing alone.

This is why using a wallpaper with these types of qualities is so uplifting and inspiring. Choosing a frozen river with the accompanying effects from nature is such a winning choice.


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