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Image and Graphics Editing Software and Tips

Updated on September 15, 2012

Editing Images and Graphics

This lens will go over some tips and tricks for editing pictures online as well as some recommendations on free software for this task. I will discuss tips and tricks, then go over one of my favorite basic image editing program, and finally one of favorite image manipulation or image creation programs! I hope you enjoy and will remember to like this lens!! You will also find a link to both programs at the end of my lens. Enjoy!!

Tips and Tricks

Have you just downloaded or scanned a group of pictures with some random numbers for the names. Well you are in luck, with the Irfanview program you can batch rename or even resize a group of pictures. This will give your pictures a little bit more meaning like day trip 6-22-12#1, day trip 6-22-12#2, day trip 6-22-12#3.... you get the picture. Also say the images turned out a little too bright that day, you can do batch adjustments for brightness and contrast as well. This is a very powerful batch picture converting program. Not that it can't do all the same things to a single image. You also can crop and do many other photo editing adjustments with this program. Its ease of use and versatility make it my #1 go to program for simple edits. Now if you have to touch something up or draw new items or copy and paste items into a photo you want a full fledged image editor. I would highly recommend the Gimp software. I know the name is weird, but the results are phenomenal. It has layers and paintbrushes and pretty much anything you can ask for in an image editing software. The only trick you have to overcome is the program saving images in its own *.xcf file type. In order to get it to a more familiar image type file, you simply save the file as an xcf file, then use the file export function and just add the extension to the file type you like from jpg, gif, bmp all the way to pdf. Both of these programs combined give you a powerful arsenal for any image editing and creation needs.

Drawing and Image Manipulation Programs

Drawing Example
Drawing Example

Which Image Editing Program Do You Use?

Which of the following do you programs do you use? If Other please list.

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Irfanview is a basic software editor with lots of tools. You can pretty much edit any image in terms of size, color, contrast, brightness, and a bunch of other items. What you can't do is create or draw a new image from scratch.


Gimp on the other hand is a multifunction program that can do all that Irfanview can (except the batch file conversion/ rename), plus image creation, drawing, and editing. I recommend using both program in concert, depending on the task you are undertaking.

Do you use Irfanview and or Gimp

What Software Do You Use for Editing Images

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