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Importance of a Professional Photographer

Updated on May 1, 2015

Professional Photographers make a huge difference

Professional photographers are critical if you want to keep your memories. Weddings and special events would benefit from having a professional photographer there to capture your memories.

My wife and I went a different route when we were married. We bought a digital camera and had one of my good friends take pictures while we were getting married. He did a really great job, and I will be forever grateful for his work. His shots are the only surviving visual record of my marriage to my wife.

However, it now occurs to me that he was invited to attend a wedding, not take pictures. Photography should be something attendees can do if they like, but should be able to otherwise enjoy the wedding. I really wish I had hired a professional photographer.

Photos: Affordable Photography by Royce

Author 	RX-Guru
Author RX-Guru

Disposable Cameras

NOT your primary source for photographs

It has become commonplace for weddings to include disposable cameras for their guests, either at the wedding, or at the reception at tables. Do not rely on these alone to capture your memories!

I use to work as a photo tech at a developing lab. Frequently, a couple would walk in with a bag of disposable cameras from their wedding and have them developed. Most of the time, these photographs weren't worth the time. They were almost always grainy, with a white sheen or fog making the photo worthless.

With the advent of consumer-grade digital cameras, and at a much lower price point, I really hope this trend comes to an end.

Affordable Photography by Royce
Affordable Photography by Royce


Professional photographers are more adept at posing people. Simply put, they do it professionally. It's their job to take good photographs, and good photographers quickly become great Photographers.

Anyone can snap a photo, but it takes a professional photographer to make it great.

Think of it this way, a large number of people are able to drive cars, but that doesn't mean they can race cars at the Daytona 500.

Affordable Photography by Royce
Affordable Photography by Royce

Special Shots

Professional photographers are more adept at taking dramatic shots, like the shot shown here. They have more than 1 trick up their sleeves to make you look your best.

Additionally they have filters, multiple lenses, and specialty flashes and lighting effects. They have been trained to use this special equipment, and frequently have taken classes on photography.

Do you know what aperture is? Exposure? Shutter speed? ISO? Can you make a lens flare look just right to improve a picture?

Some of you might be able to do these things, or even be familiar with them, but most people aren't any more adept at taking photos further than "point and shoot."

How did your photos come out? Did you hire a professional?

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    • profile image

      KTPT13 4 years ago

      I agree. Too many people think it's all about the camera. I'm definitely getting a pro for my wedding.